The Hutter are a race of noble and fierce insect/plant warriors. They prefer honoring battles and glorious fights and hate races that lack that kind of prinicple. When the Hutters achieved space travel, they formed the Hutter Kingdom, known for their dark green colored ships and their cloacking devices. During their rise to power they became the sworn enemies of the Rambulan Star Empire and had frequent encounters with them. They later became an important ally of Rambo Nation and began playing an important role in the Quadrant Galaxies, though saw their chance to become the dominant power after the Rambo were defeated by the Galactic Empire of Cyrannus.


Early History (1.000.000 BQF - 2000 BQF)[]

The Hutter Kingdom Flag, designed over 20.000 years ago

The earliest records of a Hutter specimen, whether is was in it's ealier evolution stage dates back 1 million years ago. The fossils were discovered by Hutter scientist. Further known is that they entered the civilization stage around 100.000 BQF, and entered their modern civilization era around 25.000 BQF.

It soon was made clear the Hutters cities soon unitied under one King to express unity and global power. This alliance was made around 20.000 BQF and was known as the Hutter Kingdom, the organisation which still excits into current days. The civilization era was soon filled with technology wonders, like cars, skyscrapers and airplanes. The technology advancement reached a highpoint when the Hutters launched their first space shuttle into space to explore their moon. A few years later the Hutters launched their first intergalactic space ship, designed for travel. This event was recorded at 2000 BQF, the same year the Rambulan Star Empire also reached their space stage.

Hutter-Rambulan War

Hutter - Rambulan War

In 1200 BQF the Hutter and Rambulan tensions reached a breaking point when a new border conflict arose. In respons the Hutters attacked a Rambulan outpost as a warning. In return the Rambulans destroyed a nearby colonie and advanced into Hutter space. Not much is known of the battles in the war only that the was was pretty devasting and costed a lot of casualties.

Eventually the war stopped after over 80 years by a peace threaty. The period after the war was used to rebuild the Hutter Kingdom, the Rambulans however went in complet isolation.

Threaty of Quadrant 89 (49 BQF)

When the Lizardian Empire emerged and the Xiaan Alliance expanded, the Empires of Quadrant 89 signed a threaty of peace to not attack eachother, all races, except the Xiaans signed it, the Rambulans also came out of isolation for this, but went back into isolation shortly afterwards. Year later, when Rambo Nation began exploring Quadrant 89, the first nation they encountered with the Noble and powerfull Hutter Kingdom. Although the first contact resulted in a battle, and Rambo Nation settled themselves at there new colonie, Deep Space Colonie 01, they re-established communications and signed a threaty of no violence.

After that, Rambo Nation and the Hutter Kingdom began working together in trade and sharing information about threats. The Hutters were especialley happy with any information about the mostly unknown, but very powerfull Lizardian Empire. As the political relations were going well, misunderstandings were happening and resulted in battles, but the politics mostly kept the peace between the two nations. Even though Rambo Nation consideres the Hutter as allies, and the Hutters see that way too, they do not see the Noble Alliance as an ally and refuse to interact with the Alliance. And they also didn't want to join it. Recently, Rambo Nation and the Hutter Kingdom are working together sometimes with the military to spy on the Lizardian Empire and Rambulan Star Empire. The Hutters are enemies of the Lizardians and the Rambulans and they are also not very fond of Pirates or the Grox.

Rise of enemies

When the Imperial Alliance revealed itself after the bombing of the Rambo High Council the Hutter Kingdom allied with Rambo Nation and vowed to defeat the Imperial Alliance and aid Rambo Nation. As of speaking the Hutter Kingdom have no recorded battles with the Imperial Alliance yet.

Defeat of the Hutter Kingdom

However this changed when the Imperial Alliance invaded the Hutter Kingdom together with the Ruin Sector Alliance during the Second Galactic War. The battle was fierce but short. Due to the massive fleets and the knowledge that there allies of Rambo Nation had already fallen the Hutter forces were soon defeated. After the defeat the Hutter Kingdom surrended and joined the Imperial Alliance under the same conditions as Rambo Nation. They were allowed to keep there own manners and ways, including there space ship. However, the Senator of the Hutters and leaders now had to obey the Imperial Alliance.

However, during the further course of the war the Hutter signed a special threaty in secret with the Xiaan Alliance and Rambo Nation to rebel against the Imperial Alliance and regain there freedom.

The deal with the director of the Cooperation

Shortly after there liberation, the Hutter Kingdom joined the Quadrantia Federation. They were later allowed by the Federation to join an Universal Alliance, and as such the Hutter Kingdom became a member of the Universal Alliance of Nations.

The various ships of the V2 Fleet

But when the Intergalactic War and the March of the Apacolypse were reigning on, the Hutters crew tired and a bit of angry at the Rambo, with the Imperial withdrawn so shorlty ago. The Hutters saw that the Rambo were plunging the Quadrant again in a massive war. And when the Rambo upgraded there fleet to the V2 status, the Hutter Ambassador went to Rambo Prime, and made a deal with the director of the Cooperation, a Rambo Trade organisation.

It later turned out this were designs of V2 standard ships of Rambo Nation, and the Hutters decided that it was also time to expand her fleet and upgrade them to a V2 status. Surprised Rambo Nation was when she learned of the upgraded fleet of the Hutter Kingdom, there ships now rivaled that of there own, if not surpassing them on some classes. The Rambo wondered how they got that technology, but the Hutters didn't want to comment on this. It somewhat raised tensions between the Hutter and Rambo Shipyards, but not between the Hutter and Rambo citizens. With there new and own V2 fleet, the Hutters were prepared to talk about a Cyrandia Alliance, since not there most powerfull ship, the D-7 Class V2 could rival URC ships, it was easier for the Hutters to open negotiations. Another ship class, the Raptor Class was soon introduced, small yet powerfull the Hutter Fleet became more deadlier than before and more dangerous. The Hutters then prepared themselves to engage the Trivoid together with Rambo Nation, but was not needed as the Fordanta actions caused the Trivoid to stop hostilities against Rambo Nation. Later on, the Hutter Kingdom and Rambo Nation were talking about a new joint deparment, while they already had a Krakana Class for diplomatic uses the two were now discussing the possibilty of a Joint Starfighter Command, integrating the various technology to make the best starfighter that would protect the Cyrandia Alliance territory against all treats.

Hutter ships aid the USS Venture of Captain Rambam

They later joined the Seven Starr Alliance though were growing wary and suspicious of Rambo Nation due to there massive expension and the recent fall of the Imperial Alliance. They did manage to expand there territory too. At 04 AQF during the Quadrantia Disorder the Hutters aided Captain Rambam during a conflict though one of there ships was destroyed in the process. When at 04 AQF the Great Cyrannus War broke out, the Hutters feared this war would devastate the Qaudrant Galaxies and the Cyrannus Galaxy once again. As such they refused to aid the URC or the Rambo in the war, much at the dismay of the two. In fact, Rambo Nation believes the Hutters are willing to ally the Confederacy in return for peace.

Hutters plan to ally the Confederacy is exposed

When the URC and the Confederacy clashed with eachother it resulted in the Great Cyrannus War in the year 04 AQF. Though the Hutters were sad to learn that the Insectors and the Rambulans were destroyed in the same year, the Confederate threat proved that Rambo Nation and the URC were losing control of themselves. In the sixth month the Hutters contacted the Confederacy and the two talked for a possible alliance, meaning the Hutters wouldn't be involved in the war. However, the USS Ashanti intercepted the transmission and when it was aided by the USS Enterprise-A, under command of Captain J. Rambo they wer forced to withdraw and the news was given to both the URC and Rambo Senate.

For the remaining of the war they remained silent and ignorant of the war and conflicts. However in the last year they aided the Cyrandia Alliance in the Battle of Muunivelle, finally pushing back the Confederacy to Yudumarth. Sadly, shortly after the URC and CAS were reformed into the Galactic Empire of Cyrannus and declared the Rambo, Cognatus Alliance and the remaining of the Cyrandia Alliance as traitors. When Empress Ramashe informed the Hutters of the news they grew furious and stopped the transmission.

Cold War with the rest of the Quadrants

Treaty of Rambo Prime

With the declaration a new time date was introduced, the year 05 AQF stopped and the 01 NE prefix was used. The Hutters observed the various movements of the Rambo and Xiaans, the Hutters refused to aid them, believing them to bring only war to the Quadrants. Instead they closed their borders against the Cyrandia and began discussing the possibilty to leave the Cyrandia Alliance. However the Hutters decided to particiapte in the Battle of Angforst when the Cyrannian Empire tried to invade the Quadrants.

To their surprise the Hutter Ambassador to Quadrant 82 was summoned to the Rambo colony Rambo Prime by Grand Mandator Garlboz to discuss a possible truce. The meeting lasted a long time, together with various other representatives it eventually ended with a weapon truce between the Empire and the Hutters. Though both sides made no illusions, the moment the Empire crossed the Rambo "protectrate" borders in Quadrant 89 the Hutters and the Empire would be at war. None the less the Hutters decided to honor this so called Treaty of Rambo Prime for now.

Losing the blockade over the wormhole

Yet the Hutters grew extremely disatisfied with the Empire and their ways and the Hutters decided to test out the Empire her resolve and power over Rambo Nation, who they still wanted to safe from the Empire her hands. The Hutters began blockading the Quadrantia 82-89 wormhole on their side (Q89) and refused any ship to enter and those who did exit the wormhole were taken under fire or robbed of their supplies. Eventually the new Rambo Marscalcus, Kya allowed the newly promoted vice-admiral, Ramtainus to break the blockade using his new ship, the Tormentor. After a short fire fight the Hutter captains decided to return as the Empire vessels were far more poweful than the older classes like the D-5 and D-7 classes.

Hutters engage the K-7 station

None the less the Hutters learned a lesson and pressed their own shipyards for completion of their newest ship class that could combat a star destroyer on equal terms.

Their newest ship, the Veno'Cha was launched in the second month of 02 NE. With approval of the Chancellor and the Hutter Ambassador the Hutter Defense Fleet launched an attack at the Rambo K-7 station in Q89, with one purpose only!- to drive out all Empire presence from Quadrant 89.

The battle came as a complete surprise for the USS Cybele and a Constellation-class. While D-5 and D-7 classes fired more and more Hutter ships dropped out of warp, together with a Veno-Cha class which jammed all signals from the K-7 station. Though the Hutters won the battle easily, they took care of the wounded and told the Rambo citizens their occupation was only temporarily- they will be given their freedom again after the Hutters had driven the Empire out of Quadrant 89.

Destruction of Tigma IV

Before the Hutters could launch an invasion of the Rambo Colonial Sector of Q-89 the Empire made her move first. Under command of Supreme Commander Zillum onboard his flagship, the Executor engaged the Hutter planet Tigma IV.

The resulting battle was fierce, and the Hutter D-5 and D-7 classes fought bravely but were no match to the superior firepower of the Executor and were obliberated. Without protection the Empire managed to bombard the planet from orbit, killing billions of Hutter citizens in the resulting carnage. As a warning Zillum carved the Imperial Insigna at the crust of the planet, which outraged the Hutters even more. The Hutter posponed their invasion plans and first began seeking out potential allies against the Empire- though with little results as most other empires of Quadrant 89 wanted to know what Rambo Nation would do if they started to act against the Empire. To this the Hutters had no answer.

Empire takes back the K-7 station from the Hutters

In the second month of 02 NE a Hutter captain, commanding a D-5 class intercepted a message send to Rambo Command- and as such the Hutters were informed of the Hunt for the Zevian Skull. As a response they send the captain who intercepted the message to investigate the matter.

Sadly, later on near the end of month 3 the Empire attacked the Hutter fleet at the conquered Rambo K-7 station. Under command of Garlboz and Mortikran the Hutter fleet was defeated and forced to retreat. Afterwards the Hutter remained within their own borders, not risking the wrath of the Empire.

Apollo travels onboard the USS Excelsior to Hutter Space

In the third month of 03 NE/06 AQF, Apollo travelled onboard the USS Excelsior, a ship under command of Apanoida towards the Hutter borders. Two Hutter raptor class ships decloacked both at port and starboard side and cornered the USS Excelsior, while a massive Veno'Cha decloacked in front of the Rambo vessel. Locking on weapon the timely transmission of peace send by Apollo saved the Rambo vessel from destruction. While the Hutter ambassador and Apollo were in negotiations, the ambassador agreed to meet Apollo at a future meeting- but did not made any promises to join an organisation of accept peace at all. With it the Hutter ships cloacked again and allowed the USS Excelsior to leave unharmed.

The new Bird of Prey class gets stolen by bounty hunters

Shortly after, in the fourth month of 03 NE/06 AQF the Hutter agreed to attend the Cyrandia Conference. During the conference, the Hutter displayed their dismay over the Empire's attack at Tigma IV and vowed to let Grand Mandator Garlboz pay for it. They also expressed theri concerns to Empress Ramashe of Rambo Nation over the newly formed New Cyrannian Republic as they feared someone might want to hurt Ramashe to draw Rambo Nation into a new conflict within the Quadrants. Concurrent to the conference the Hutters completed their tests on their new ship class, the Hutter Bird of Prey was a small yet agile ship, capable of firing while under cloack. This new and experimental ship was docked above one of the main shipyards of the Hutters, in orbit of Tigma III. Sadly, two bounty hunters- Zevracence and Uruviel managed to steal the ship and on the way also disabled a D-5 cruiser under command of Hut'Kraang. The Hutters tried to capture the vessel but in vain, as the Bounty (-name given by Zevracence) crossed the Rambo-Hutter border and headed for the Quadrant 82-89 wormhole. At once, the Hutters send a task force under cloack to pass the border as well and to intercept and capture the vessel.

The stolen ship was later used to attack a vessel from the Regellis Star Empire- raising tensions between the two empires. It was later used to attack a Rambo freighter and a Ca'Leon passenger liner- setting making relations between the Hutters and other Q-89 empires quite tense. A few weeks later the stolen Bird of Prey was spotted in Quadrant 82 where it damaged a New Cyrannian Republic star destroyer and managed to free a prisoner named Adelheidis. The event raised tensions between the Hutters and the New Republic even more as both sides claimed to innocent.

Hutters aid Ramcard against a Congregation cruiser!

The Hutters later recieved information that the Rambo Monarch, Empress Ramashe allowed the Draconid Imperium to expand their colonial presence within Quadrant 82. On top of that, she also allowed the Imperium their navy to patrol Draconid colonial space as well as to aid the Rambo Navy in patrolling Rambo space. This so called Draconid Act was met with great disgust by the Hutters, who were developing a dislike for all those not native to the Quadrants.

When a lone cruiser of the Congregation appeared at the NX-Region in Quadrant 82, the Hutter Defense Force dispatched general Hut'Pmec to aid Rambo vice-admiral Ramcard in attacking the vessel when it moved towards the borders of the New Cyrannian Republic. Within seconds of the battle the Congregation ship overpowered the Rambo and Hutter ships, leaving general Hut'Pmec and his two D-5 cruiser crippled. A timely arrival of Onuris ships managed to prevent destruction of the Hutter ships.

Due to a virus released by Mandator Camron Dar, the race went extinct in a matter of weeks- soon followed with the fall of the Hutter Kingdom.


Venocios, The Hutter God

Venocios, the Hutter God

The Hutters believe in the God Venocios, one of the ancient Atlantica. Venocios is a huge and menacing God who can be pleased by the music the Hutters make, that is why music is such an important factor in the Hutter Kingdom.

As Venocios is the God of the Hutter Kingdom, the entity represents evil and joy at the same time. The Hutters believe that when Venocios is pleased he can be graceful when music is being sung en made by the Hutters. When angered, the Hutters believe Venocios will let it rain or bad things happen.

That's why music is one of the prime directives in the lives of the Hutter Kingdom Citizens.

It is said that Venocios created the Hutters because he felt lonely and sad, this indicated that Venocios was seeking for friendship and honor. All this, he recieved when he created the Hutters, since they saw him as there only God and build there society based upon his ideals.

When the Hutters met the Rambo, the Hutters believe that this was destiny and that Vencios and the Rambo Gods must have met sometime during the early years of creations.

The Hutters believe that Venocios awaits them in the afer life, in a place called the Paradise where they can live in peace and happiness.

Hutter Race[]

A Hutter

The Hutter are insect like creaters with wings that gives them the abilty to fly. The Hutters are slightly larger than the Serindia, measering 2 meters in lenght. The Hutters also have a natural physical strenght though seem to lack any magical abilities or capabilities for it. The Hutters have a lot of sense of honour and pride and despise races who don't have that traits. A bad trait aobut the Hutters is their change of mood, they are quick to anger and ans such are difficult to work with.

The Hutters enjoy music and places with a lot of green and flora. As such their architecture and culture is quite diverse, one side praises the way of the warrior while the other says the Hutters should also follow the way of music and joy.

The Hutter grew over the years as one of the major powers within Quadrant 89.

Hutter Ship Classes[]


The Hutter fighter sqaudrons are small space ships who are only found in the vicinity of colonies and planets of the Hutter Kingdom. They are crewed by a pilot and can fire missles, phasers and sometimes also ram ships to destroy the enemy ships. A sqaudron always excist out of minimal 3 fighters. They are sometimes also send on explorations of intercepting unknown vessels who are entering Hutter Space. Captain Huttelett III preffers to use the fighters in his fleet and in battles, seeing them as support, and they can inflict heavy damage.

Upon the Hutter V2 fleet, the fighters were upgraded and changed appearance, with new weapons, capable of firing photonic torpedo's and a stealth mode, the fighters became a deadly and powerfull addition to the Hutter Space Navy.

The Fighters can also travel long distances due to there Warp Coils.

Size: 11 meters.

Bird of Prey

The experimental Hutter Bird of Prey is build in consideration what once the Rambulans and now the Regellis use.

Small, fast and agile it is said it can fire while under cloack. The ship is equipped with their new disrupters and photon torpedoes. The class is the only build around the time of it's completion in 03 NE/06 AQF. Some within the Kingdom believe this experimental class will become common, while other theorise it was salvaged from the future of the Hutter Kingdom.

Length: 110 meters


The D-5 Class is a cruiser, and are relativity small but very fast and medium armed. The ships are often used for ambushes and hit and run attacks, although they also back up the fleets. The D-5 Class are mostly commanded by Captain who preffer to hunt there enemies. A notable ship is the RHS Huttlerias, which is commanded by Captain Huttlet and is mostly doing missions for the Hutter Kingdom.

Upon the V2 Fleet of the Hutter Kingdom, the old and reliable D-5 Class also recieved her V2 status and upgrades, making the D-5 Class even more powerfulller than before. Equipped with powerfull shield platings, a cloacking device and upgraded phasers the D-5 Class V2 became the backbone of the Hutter Space Navy and is often seen escorting the larger D-7 Class V2 and is a common sight in the Hutter Battlefleets.

The D-5 Class V2 is a combination of a cruiser and exploration vessel, because of this fact the ships are constructed at the Shipyards of Rowar.

Size: 220 meters.


The D-7 Class is an old design of the Hutters, but one still a lot in use and is updated frequently. Most are now equipped with the modern weapons and shield systems. The D-7 Class was already in use during the Rambulan War and was one of the earlier space ships of the Hutter Kingdom.

Even though old, the Hutters still see it as a honour to command such a ship, and take great pride in it. The HRS Huttlangia is commanded by Captain Huttelett III and is one of the most famour D-7 Classes in the Hutter Fleet. The D-7 class is often send in battles or te be part in fleets, and they do not go on explorations.

Upon the introduction of the V2 Fleet for the Hutter Kingdom, using classiefied and stolen information of Rambo Nation the D-7 Class also recieved her V2 status, chanching appearance and becoming even larger than before, the D-7 Class became the most powerfull battle ship in the Hutter Navy. Equipped with upgraded phasers, photon torpedo's and cloacking devices these ships can strike from ambushes and surprise enemy ships. However due to there size, when coming close to ships with powerfull sensors, the D-7 Class can easily detected.

A common sight in the battle fleets, the D-7 Class V2 is often escorted by the D-5 Class V2 and many prominent captains hope to one day command a D-7 V2 Class and see this as a great honor.

Size: 228 meters.


Upon the introduction of the V2 Fleet for the Hutter Kingdom, a new ship was constructed. This turned out to be the Raptor Class, a rather small ship yet very agile and capable of using cloacking, the Raptor Class is, as her name suggest, a ship that intercepts and hunt down enemy ships. Although it is also used to spy on allies or potential enemies. Since her small size, sensors cannot easily detect her when she is in cloack, but when approaching orbit, it seems the ships are easilier detected.

With her powerfull and upgraded phasers the Raptor Class strikes out of cloack, since it is a class specialised as hit and run tactics, and is for that reason rarely seen in battle fleets.

The ship is also used to tranport high officials in secret to certain locations and is also used for exploration.

Size: 145 meters.


The Hutter Veno'Cha class is a strong and large battle ship build by the Hutters around 05 AQF. The battle ships is the most advanced ship of the entire Hutter fleet and is one of the stronger vessels found in the Quadrants. The class is equipped with phasers, torpedo's, shields and a cloacking device.

It often strikes from cloack, yet due to her massive size she is far less agile than a D-5 or D-7 class, making her vulnrable without escorts.

Size: 956 meters

Below are the V1 versions of the various classes, used during the Second Galactic War.

Notable Individuals[]

Huttelet III2.png

Huttelett is a noble Hutter, hailing from the royal bloodline. He is a Hutter with a great sense of honour and was the first to discover the Rambo Nation Q89 colonial sector- and was involved in the threaty that was made shortly after the discoery. When he joined the Hutter Defense Force (HDT) he took command of the HRS Huttlangia (-named in honor of the Hutter capital), a D-7 class and soon became a hero within the Hutter Kingdom.


Not much is known of the history of Huttelett III, although it is known he is 225 years old (he told this once to Rambas). Upon the discovery of the Rambo, he was was first sceptical of them, as they resembled their enemies, the Rambulan. During his Rambo encounters (how he likes to refer to them) he gained respect for them and even for certain individuals, like Rambas and the then captain Ramashe. Within the first years he worked hard to keep the treaties of peace between the Hutters and Rambo, as some incidents and accidents occured, threatening the fragile peace.

Last defense of the Hutters

Among the Rambulans and the Lizardians, he gained the title of Destroyer of Life"- though the reasons for this remained unknown and Huttelett refuses to talk about it. When the Imperial Alliance rose to power, he aided the Rambo to combat the Imperials during the First Galactic War- though was helpless and unable to defend Hutlangia when the Imperials invaded it during the Second Galactic War. He fougt in the last defense above the Hutter capital, though was unable to beat back the Imperial forces.

Quadrantia Fleet whom comes to aid the DCP

Upon the liberating of the Capitals and the founding of the Quadrantia Federation- his pride grow as a unification was at last reached. Tough he still remained distrustful of the Xiaans. After the Second Galactic War the DCP fell into a Civil War, and as such convinced his father to lend some help to them. Huttelett led the Hutter fleet during the Revolution of the Warlordswhere he aided both Emperor Wormulus II and Bo-Ramik. He saw action during the Defense of Mirenton and afterwards even aided the Sylit Republic against the Trilx.

Around 03 AQF he became the new King of the Hutter Kingdom after his father perished. He led his people against the Galactic Empire of Cyrannus, though it led to the destruction of Tigma IV. This act made his position unsure and he fell out of favor with many of the militairy leaders. When the Cyrandia Conference was held, he saw chance for a temporarily peace with the Empire and the New Cyrannian Republic. He wants to use this time to rebuild his fleet and to invade Imperial Protectrate of Rambo Nation with the largest navy ever seen in Hutter History.

HRS Huttlangia
The HRS Huttlangia is an older class Battle Cruiser which has been frequently updated with newer technology. It is currently as strong as a Ambassador Class.

HRS Huttlangia

HRS Huttlangia Below view

The ship cannot cloack and is the flagship of the 8th Fleet of the Hutter Kingdom.

The ship was commanded by Captain Huttelett III from the moment it was launched and has seen many action against the Rambulans. Some years ago it recieved massive damage by a Lizardian Cruiser, and had to be repaired. It was later retired upon the introduction of there own V2 fleet.

Hutter AmbassadorII.png
Hutter Ambassador.png

The Hutter Ambassador is a mysterious Hutter, who hold a great deal of influance within the Hutter Kingdom. The ambassador, whose name is lost in history is an older (and perhaps ancient) Hutter who is the long time ambassador of the Kingdom. The Ambassador is a wise and cunning person, yet holds a short temperament and doesn't wish to waste time with to much talking.

During his carreer he gained a reputation during his visits to Rambo Nation, whereas he was once shot, responsible for signing the Treaty Ramaprica and the Treaty of Rambo Prime. In more recent time, in 06 AQF/03 NE he had a short discussion by viewscreen with Apollo, who was onboard the USS Excelsior and promised the former president to meet him at the time and coordinates given.


Hut'Pmec is a Hutter captain in service of the Hutter Kingdom. Slowly rising to his rank, this experient commander is cunning and dangerous, not to mention ruthless towards his enemies. He is a proud believer in Venocios, the Atlantica who made the Hutter's melody, a strict code of honor and pride. He is loyal towards his ruler, King Huttelett III and is often seen as his unofficial front line advisor. He commands a D7-cruiser, the Huttlet.

For more information see: Hut'Pmec.

A captain of the Hutter Kingdom, Huttlet was one the better hunter Captains of the Hutter Kingdom.

Captain Huttlet

He specialises in swift hit and run attacks or ambushes, something he really enjoys. He is also the Captain that is sent to complete missions which are found around the Galaxy.


Not much of his history is known to Rambo Nation but it is known that he raised fairly quickly threw the ranks to become a Captain. When he assumed command of the RHS Huttlerias, a D5 Cruiser Class. They are smaller than most of the Hutter Ships, but more manouverable and perfectly for hit and run tactics, or ambushes, which Huttlet preffers to do.

He met a Rambo Ship for the first time in a nebula, were he attacked the USS Bellerophon, damaging her lightly, but they lost the ship when it went further into the Nebula. After 28 days they found the ship again, but when he prepared to attack the Seleya, an Insector Eldarion ship tracked the USS Bellerophon out of the Nebula. He was later withdrawn back to Quadrant 89 where he engaged Captain El'd'Shell, were he was forced to withthreat.

Although Rambo Nation and the Hutter Kingdom have trading and friendly relationships with eachother, he dislikes the Rambo, seeing them as nothing then Flying Birds, with to many notes in there sings. None the less, he accepts the treathy that has been made between them, but when that threaty gets broken, he is the first to attack the Rambo. He has recenlty been send to find Captain Ramcard and the USS Dallas, he has to team up with Captain Ramcard to complete a mission given by the High Council of the Hutters. He recenlty enterend Quadrant 82 to find him.

He later perished during the Second Galactic War when is ship was blown up by Imperial fire.

RHS Huttlerias
The Royal Hutter Ship Huttlerias is a D5 Cruiser Class which are perfectly for hit and run tactics and ambushes. The ship only has a crew of 40 and can reach speeds of Warp 8.

HRS Huttlerias

HRS Huttlerias Below view

The ship was given to Captain Huttlet when he became a Captain, and has since seen action against 1 Rambo Ship, multiply Rambulan Ships and even against Lizardians.

It once recieved heavy damage by a Rambulan Ship, but was later repaired. It later was destroyed during the Second Galactic War.

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