Finally an sapient species that does not trap me in a jar!

- Jai Darwin

Sometimes called The Lightning Jay or The Fairy Humming Bird, This species is one of the newest space faring species.


Due to being specialize to living in jungles, they have a very wide range of abilities

Their main ability is flight capabilities. Having similar wings to humming bird allows them to fly in all directions and fly at high speed. Also like humming birds they have a fast metabolism and heart beat but it is a lot slower because the nectar on their planet contain a lot of sugar and calories so they need less energy to fuel it wings and, the gravity is a lot lower then earth's (their planet is about the size of the moon) so it is easy to fly.

They are also one of the smartest species in the Milky Way who have not alter they're brain. They're large IQ is do to their impressive memory, they're memory is so good in fact they have no word in their dictionary for forget. And due to they're large brain (It takes up 7.9 percent of they're body weight) they have extremly fast reflexes.

One of their most important presetient abilities is the ability to spit a highly toxic chemical worse then a cobra's poison.

In addition to speaking normally, they use bioluminescence to show emotion and to speak as well. They mostly speak using UV light and show emotion using other types of light (yellow is content, red is angry etc.).

They're last ability is the three feather on the side of her head that act a lot like a cat's whiskers.