The Hseraelna (Hseric: Black Lords) are a race of serpentine reptilian sapients native to the Carvious Sector of the Borealis Galaxy and are the founders of the Sable Host, a Regional Power that resides primarily within the southern region of Carvious which consists of various courts and provincial kingdoms unified beneath a single monarch known as the High Count. Largely distrusted by other galactic societies and cultures due to their otherwise selfish and vampiric nature, alongside a history of raiding committed by non-aligned groups and an affiliation for more controversial religious practices and traditions, the Hseraelna are dictated by archaic laws and pacts and, while seemingly emotionally and politically introverted, strive to uphold ethics of loyalty, honesty, and order. The Hseraelna are somewhat infamous due to the prominence of Essence within the workings and mechanisms of their technology, with themselves possessing much versatile potential to master it, and are deemed otherwise notorious for their soul-afflicting venom.

Engineered and brought to sapience by ancient extraterrestrials, the Hseraelna have almost entirely forgotten the details of their past of servitude to their dark gods beyond the remnant technologies and artefacts left throughout the Arm of Wilderness, which they have garnered to found and advance their spacefaring society. While many Hseraelna display varying degrees of large passive reverence - and in cases outside of the Sable Host outright fanaticism - towards their old lords, the Hseraelna are largely interested in pursuits that benefit them as people and individuals rather than on any religious behalf, leading them to be difficult to approach in most circumstances but not entirely outright unwavering.





The Hseraelna are, by nature, orderly and disciplined while possessing an almost patriotic affiliation towards their heritage and ancestry, leading to familial ties to be greatly significant within Hseraelna society in the form of the Major and Minor Courts, which encompass extensive families and the many other lesser families and bloodlines that serve underneath them. As a result of their inclinations towards ordered lifestyles and regard for reputation, many Hseraelna are emotionally solitary and reclusive, reluctant to display both positive and negative emotions to one another and express these feelings when in intimate and personal company, otherwise remaining quiet and formal at all times. A majority of Hseraelna are driven by inherent self-interest which extends to their bloodlines although are inclined towards the upholding of law, loyalty, and honesty; deception, trickery, and betrayal are otherwise immoral and undesirable aspects for the Hseraelna contrary to common belief, with many Hseraelna undertaking and swearing to a great number of familial and traditional oaths and vows throughout their lifetimes while promoting themselves and those close to them - even those Hseraelna that find themselves commanding or serving within mercenary groups.

Hseraelna are often vain and arrogant, viewing themselves highly by comparison to their views towards aliens, which leads to many holding little regard for extraterrestrial life and utilising such as slaves and servants, alongside occasionally raiding for additional assets and resources, although there are those certain few sophisticated civilisations that the Hseraelna respect and value, with a number of Hseraelna disregarding race entirely in regards to individuals that are close and comparitively intimate with them. Regarding Essence, Hseraelna society implements its capacity in medical, military, and engineering practices, with a great number of Hseraelna possessing the potential to utilise to varying extents, although there are a number of Hseraelna, known as Nulls, which are born with the capability of warding away the influence of Essence to a degree and are generally regarded as being almost "soulless" as a result, which in terms renders them unpleasant to Essence-sensitive species and individuals.

A sizeable number of Hseraelna are known to passively revere and tribute towards the Kondrakar - those extraterrestrials that engineered their physiology and uplifted them to sapience - and, to a lesser degree, the dark gods of the Corruptus, with those Hseraelna that secede or are exiled from the Sable Host often founding cults and churches promoting outright fanaticism towards their deities, even extending towards serving within establishments such as the defunct Devourer's Chosen and the many daemonic legions of the Corruptus. This controversial aspect makes other societies and races distrustful of the Hseraelna, yet many modern Hseraelna regard their old lords in a similar manner to how children regard their parents; grateful for their upbringing yet not entirely in full agreement with all of the edicts proposed, with many Hseraelna opting to serve themselves in self-interest or serve the people as a matured, independent species rather than one subservient to others. The Hseraelna are often regarded as unpredictable due to uncertainty as to where their allegiances reside.