The Hogomoth's are an intelligent species, native to Polix. They are nomadic, after they lost their colonies and homeworld. However, they have no intention of returning.

Biology and evolution Edit

The Hogomoths are strange creatures that are more like amphibians with requirments to keep fairly moist. Yet they fill the niche of roaming herds, and through similar evolution, they look similar to Earth's Deer. Even now, they have an instinctive drive to keep roaming. But in the space stage, they would soon again. They have three eyes, and are powerfully built with four legs, two arms, Strike and Charge abilities. Hogomoths are great singers, and throughout there history, they have composed many songs.

Culture and technology Edit

Hogomoths are largely peaceful and have had very few wars. They are a spiritual people, personel items and money has little importance to them. There technology is highly innovative, they have developed a space faring civilisation with wormhole travel and gigantic space habitats. Their technological glory days are now gone and they specialise in hiding signatures of their technology and maintaining comfortable internal habitation in their city ships.

History Edit

  • Tribal stage

They befriended all their related species, and absorbed their genomes through breeding (like the way, some scientists believe Humans and Neanderthals may have interbred).

  • Civilisation stage

Very few wars occurred. Mostly diplomacy and scientific discovery.

  • Space stage

For several hundred years they were a major empire, called the Hogomoth Grand Alliance and had many allies, but this would, ironically be there downfall؟ They were forced to live a nomadic life once more, inside giant city ships. In more detail - The Hogomoth Refuge.

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