Just doin' what we doin'.

- Heeyorian

The Heeyorian are an engineering and smuggler race in Ottzello, and are a minor member of the Union Republic of Ottzello. They were also as a major member of the Borealis Consortium Network (and now merely another criminal race). Within URO, they serve a variety of roles though mostly the engineer roles, mostly within the starship industry and other forms of trade. However, the race is more often associated with the criminal underworld than not; Falrik Zaarkhun, one of the most infamous and feared criminals in the entire universe, was himself a Heeyorian.


Early historyEdit

The Heeyorian evolved through designing vehicles, which they used for war. The designing of vehicles led the Heeyorian from the Tribal Stage to the Civilization Stage. In the Civilisation stage, several Heeyorian nations had a space race, to see who could colonize the planets' moon first; anyone who could do so had a tactical advantage over the others, in economy and in military. One nation worked on designing faster and better craft, which they could use to reach the moon before the others. The other designed life support, so they could grow vegetation on the moon easily. The last worked on military weapons so they could strike fear into the hearts of the others. However, the fourht quietly slipped by and did nothing.

This was because the fourth nation was building up their economy through mostly dishonest ways, as well as slowing down the others and stealing designs. As a result of this, it was the fourth nation who gained control of the moon, nd then quickly took the planets' second moon. From this advantage, they could obliterate 3 nations with ease, who were forced to give in. Acting in similar ways, the Heeyorian spread around the galaxy, but not as an empire, as an underground group, as well as traders.

Heeyorian Ships IncEdit

Heeyorian, being such efficient designers and engineers, began a group- Heeyorian Ships Inc. Specializing in engines, they sold the galaxy's most advanced starships, and were unrivalled. Several groups went out of business and were purchased by the company, making them more rich. However, Heeyorian were also involved in the underground criminal groups, such as the Zaarkhun Consortium. This was until the Second Ottzello Galactic War.

Perils of OttzelloEdit

The company had to shut down and become underground traders, smugglers and criminals when the Kralgon Invasion Force arrived. Tearing apart all in their path, the Heeyorian built their economy through dishonest ways. They were also an important component in Zaarkhun.

What happened to Zaarkhun was unknown. However, the United Nations of Ottzello, in a deseperate situation, needed more members. Having just acquired the Ioketa, they needed an engineer race, far beyond the skills of their own, and someone with better engines than the Grox. The Heeyorian were the only Ottzelloan species capable of this, and were sought out and assimilated into the alliance. This helped UNO's resources as well as their starships and vehicles.

Later, the Heeyorian joined the Unified Nation of Ottzello. while some in the Zaarkhun Consortium joined the Borealis Consortium Network. These translated into memberships of the Union Republic of Ottzello and the Oltauris Consortium respectively.



Heeyorian are brown, humanoid creatures with shark-like mouths.


Heeyorian society is a fairly underground sector of URO. Due to their working with criminals, criminal activities is seen as normal to them. They are often scavenging, gambling and dealing items. The rest are typically found as starship engineers, and they are more experienced with the craft than even the Kralgon. The Heeyorian live often within the suburbs of major cities.


The Heeyorian design excellent engines and reactors which are unrivalled, helping URO largely. They improved all of URO's ship designs, making them faster and more powerful. Their land vehicles are similarly sufficient, in that they're fast don't consume too much power or rely on Chronoscopic or Dark Chronoscopic.

Heeyorian do create some devices, such as navigation units, as well as devices to help out with scavenging.

Heeyorian use URO's weapons. Their weapon of choice is a pistol; this is because they're more useful in criminal/smuggler situations due to their size. However, their soldiers use the same weapons and equipments as all URO soldiers.


Heeyorian, due to their history working with criminals are generally very tough and strong, capable of handling themselves well in combat. Due to their species' history of spending time in multiple environments, they are easily adaptable and survive in varied environments easily. Heeyorian's physique is among strongest in URO, although not as strong as the Inalton.

Heeyorian, being an Ottzelloan species, have some Chronoscopic ablities. However, the real quality of the Heeyorian is their excellent engineering capabilities. They can create excellent starships and vehicles, and make UNO's fleet, as well as designing.



  • They were orignally planned to be similar to Lombaxes from Ratchet and Clank
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