The Hasac is a species which founded the United Federation of Species, it is considerate the most powerfull in economic issues. The Hasac devolped an eficient storage and administration system.



  • The Hasac are a sentient species from the polar lands of the ice planet of Hasc Polaris, located in the galaxy called "Origin Galaxy", site destroyed along with the complete annihilation of the universe. Currently located on the planet Hasc 5, a planet terraformed to be identical to Hasc Polaris.
  • Their chemical make up is a mixture of DNA and RNA and they are carbon based lifeforms. They evolved to the sapience 4 millions of years ago, after 3 thousand millions years of evolution in their home planet.
  • A modern space-faring Hasac's lifespan can be at least 120 years, however, through nanotechnology, they can live far longer.
  • Physically, Hasac, are strong, being hard and tough beings covered by a thick skin and a sort of natural shield. They are much tougher than other species in the Federation.
  • Hasac beings are bipedal beings, with hard, squamous skin, large feet to support their weight. This creature has both powerful upper limbs and tough and short legs, and a head with two eyes. The Hasac most known feature is their natural shield that cover their back, that they use to body temperature equilibration.






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