The HarbronrSauriens are dinosaur/reptillian creatures, native from the Tigris Galaxy where they ruled the Saurien Sector Coalition of Allies, with them as the most prominent and influential. Forced to leave their homegalaxy in the aftermath of the Tigris War due to its destruction by the Xhodocto. Finding refuge in Quadrant 89, they were absorbed into the Imperial Alliance, aiding them in waging war against Rambo Nation whom they believed were responsible for the destruction of Tigris. Realising they were wrong, and were used by the other members, the HarbronrSauriens revolted. In the aftermath of the Second Galactic War in 0 BQF, with aid of Aur'Lodin dispatched Morgandaûr, the Imperial Emperor; his fall resulted in the fall of the Imperial Alliance. Aiding in the conquering of Impaerusqiantia, last of the major Imperial bastion in Quadrant 82, Empress Ramashe gave it to the HarbronrSaurien as recognition of their bravery and courage, as well allowing them to become members of Rambo Nation. They now fall under the juristiction of Chancellor Jiaon of the Venatioa, becoming part of the Saurien Sector.

A proud race and skilled warriors, they can be very agressive and hostile but are adapting to fit into the Rambo Nation society. They are clever, very agile, quick to anger and resourceful, a dangerous and unpredictable ally and foe.



The HarbronrSaurien, as a dinosaur/reptillian species prefer warm and hot climates to live in. Their biology is differant due to their reptillian origins and being not native to the Quadrant Galaxies. The HarbronrSaurien have a three-chambered heart, consisting of two artria, one variably partitioned ventricle, and two aortas that lead to the systemic circulation. Being of cold-bloodedness, the HarbronrSaurien require sun light to heat up their body, if getting too cold the HarbronrSaurien would be rendered into a comatose state.

Their body is made for the kill and to survive battle, with sharp teeth, claws on each figer and enchanced smell, the HarbronrSaurien are excellent trackers and hunters. By nature, they are agressive and quick to anger, though recent years within Rambo Nation saw a change into this behavior as some seek their inner spirits for peace. The HarbronrSaurien have an average height between 1.60 - 180 meter.

The HarbronrSaurien are warriors as well, most are trained at a young age in the use of weaponry, to defend and attack. The best warriors are given the chance to join the Preatorian, those that protect the leaders of the HarbronrSauriens. The Preatorian are given decorated armor and use axes instead of swords.

They use VeldronSauriens as mounts, a race once native to their homeworld.

Their military has the following ranks:

  • legionnaires= ordinary soldiers
  • Accensus= platoon commanders (equal to sergeants)
  • Aquilifer= platoon officer also carries the banners
  • Centurion= starship commander (captains)
  • Tesserarius= senior starship commanders (commodore, brigadier)
  • Legatus= top rank officers (generals)
  • Saurgusti Nostri= chief in command, highest rank


Early HistoryEdit


The HarbronrSaurien homeworld explodes

The HarbronrSaurien evolved at an unnamed planet in the Tigris Galaxy, as carnivores the HarbonrSaurien were an agressive species, always fighting for survival and to feed their children. Upon their further development, the HarbronrSaurien history has been plagued by civil wars and large scale battles until a Global War almost destroyed all of the HarbronrSaurien after a thousand year of battle in 7500 BQF. With their cities and villages reduced to dust, great damage done to the tectonic plates the planet was dying. With diplomatic talks, the Saurien Sector Coalition of Allies was formed and space ship arcs were build, though their race survived, billions still died when the planet broke apart and exploded.

Soon after, their joined efforts resulted in the discovery of planets fit for settlements and colonization. Over the years, the HarbronrSaurien and fragile Saurien Sector Coalition of Allies used their remaining civilization to rebuild and to survive. Decades after the destruction of their homeworld the HarbronrSaurien had rebuild their civilization and began expanding beyond their borders. Instead of waging war upon each ochter, they now sought new species to conquer, eventually the Saurien Sector Coalition of Allies became a regocnized force in the Tigris Galaxy. At their height again, the Sauriens encountered species like the Civatron, Muunilar and the Thellirian, with the latter they grew hostile and border conflicts were frequent.

Tigris WarEdit

Main article: Tigris War


The Fall of Ramirith meant the end for the Saurien Coalition in the Tigris Galaxy

Unknown to them, south of Saurien space a space faring empire from the Quadrant Galaxies, Rambo Nation had colonized a large portion of space, with their main bastion Ramirith. They made first contact upon the outbreak of the Tigris War i 21 BQF, when the Congregation under orders of the demonic god like beings; the Xhodocto sought to destroy all. The HarbronrSaurien allied themselves for the first time in their history with the Rambo, in return for their resources the Rambo would help fight the Congregation and save HarbronrSaurien space. Sadly, the destruction of Ramirith meant a decline of Rambo influance and the noble forces were overrun, allowing the Congregation to destroy large portions of Saurien Coalition space. Furious the Sauriens gave into their rage and declared war against the Cianju Alliance and Rambo Nation. The Saurien leadership hoped to conquer all of Tigris now that the Congregation had weakened and almost overrun almost all of the major Tigris powers, though the Congregation attention was drawn to the Sauriens as well. Within months Coalition space was overrun and the Sauriens faced extinction. In 16 BQF, mere days before total extinction an unknown entity, Morgandaûr in disguise convinced the Sauriens to flee to Quadrant 89 and join the Imperial Alliance.

Members of the Imperial AllianceEdit

Fall of Noble Alliance 03

a battle during the Second Galactic War

The entire remaining population of the Saurien Sector Coalition of Allies migrated to the Quadrant 89, a second mass migration in their Saurien history. As tension in the Quadrant Galaxies were high, the new arrival of the Sauriens complicated matters even further though none dared to intervere as the Saurien Sector Coalition of Allies became members of the large and powerful Imperial Alliance. Over the years, the Sauriens aided the other members in building up a massive force, weapons and inforcing their planetary defenses, not realising they were simply used as labor forces. Before things got out of hands, the Emperor had asked for twelve years of work before glory was promised to all races of the Alliance. In 04 BQF the First Galactic War began, the Emperor knowing that the Rambo forces were obliberated by the end of the Tigris War saw his chance and invaded. Sadly they lost the war, as well as the Second Galactic War in 0 BQF, even while they had succes in the war with the destruction of the Noble Alliance and temporarily control over the Rambo Capital and Xiaan space.

Members of Rambo NationEdit


HarbronrSaurien and a VeldronSaurien by a tent before the rebuilding of Impaerusqiantia

Furious by the defeats and the realization they were used as labour forces, the HarbronrSauriens revolted in 02 AQF and plotted with Regent Lady Aur'Lodin to end the Emperor's rule. Succeeding in their plot by luring the Emperor in a trap, the HarbronrSauriens contacted Rambo Nation and aided them in conquering Impaerusqiantia, the last of the major strongholds of the Imperial Alliance in Quadrant 82. Though wary, Empress Ramashe gave them the bastion as their new adopted homeworld with the promise of loyalty. The HarbronrSauriens became full members after they signed the Treaty of Fornaeria in 02 AQF as well and became the founders of the Saurien Sector Corporation.


HarbronrSaurien architecture and buildings found at Impaerusqiantia

Placed under Senatorial juristiction of Chancellor Jiaon of the Venatioa, the HarbronrSaurien became a respected and vital member of Rambo Nation. Though living in tents at first with their mounts, under guidance of elected ruler, Lord Asparex the Sauriens rebuild Impaerusqiantia with architecture and buildings once found in Tigris. With their hold over the ShadowForge, togeth with Lady Aur'Shivania, the HarbronrSaurien stood at the foundation of the creation and production of the Rambo Nation Clone Trooper Army (RNCTA), a massive ground force of clone soldiers in service of Rambo Command.

The HarbronrSauriens themselves began adjusting to living in Rambo Nation as well, eventually loving to live under the wings of the Rambo Serindia. Sadly, not all as there were always Imperial-loyalist remaining among the ranks of the HarbronrSauriens.



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  • The HarbronrSauriens were revamped and expanded upon with the creation of Impaerusqiantia.
  • The Harbrons can be very annoying and are very active?
  • The Veldrons mostly keep themselves busy with eating grass and leaves, though are excellent mounts?

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