The Gykar are a race that evolved in the dystopian Ottzello Galaxy (now Ottzello Sector). Having been brought close to extinction and forced to take refuge in other empires many times, they have been members first of the Galot Republic and later the United Veatrex Federation.


Pre-Space Stage[]

Prior to the space stage, the Gykar were mere tribesmen. They expanded far across their planet, and evolved in many different ways; some moved to the Plains and developed living techniques, some to the Jungle and became hunters, and others in many different climates. The Gykar soon expanded across the planet, and allied with each other in the Civilization Stage. They quickly developed space technology, and began wandering the galaxy.

Space Stage[]

In the Space Stage, the Gykar expanded gradually, taking territory for their empire slowly. They met many other races such as the Galot and Ottzel, and continued to progress further, gaining new allies and defeating many enemies. Soon, the Gykar rose to become a super power, being the youngest species to reach this.


The Gykar fell early to Da Propa Big Loron Empire during the First Ottzello Galactic War. Its government leaders, and its space captain leaders, were mostly killed. As such, the Gykar took refuge within the Galot Republic.

During the DCP/Loron War, when Zargoth searched for the Taldar Artefacts, Warlord Titanozor and Valzo tracked a Taldar Elder to a Gykar world. The Gykar initially denied his existence, but then the colony was attacked by the Loron Sneaky Boyz, who wished to assassinate Titanozor. They were nearly all desttroyed, then the Elder elimated the thret totally using Chronoscopic powers.

Second Ottzello Galactic War[]

The Gykar were the second to be hit by the Kralgon Invasion Force during the Second Ottzello Galactic War. They were totally obliterated; even their extremely powerful defences could not stop the Kralgon March. The Gykar took refuge in another part of the galaxy, which the Kralgons attacked once again, obliterating them.

The Gykar were then thought extinct.


Wondering how they could help the poor nations of Ottzello, the United Veatrex Federation sent a transmission to the UNO. The Gykar, with less than 50,000, pleaded for their help, as they knew they would soon become an extinct species. The UVF offered them membership into the Federation, which the Gykar accepted. They moved to theRamvelkys Galaxy to escape the control of the Kralgons. Since then, the Gykar population has increased, and exists purely within Ramvelkys.


With Heeyorian joined UNO and now designing new starship technology and improving UNO's fleet, UNO realised one thing that their domestic technology was drastically behind their military, a result of the Galot Republic's influence. The Galot and Telzoc alone couldn't solve this problem, so UNO came to the conclusion that they needed the Gykar back.

The Gykar, who had mostly now joined the UVF, were now capable of using a new power source; Syplasma, from the UVF. The substance would also help UNO out. The Gykar knew the formula, although with the departure of half of the Gykar to join UNO which the UVF agreed, the Sylits' memories of Syplasma were erased. The Telzoc had to convert the Gykar religion, who had turned to Eterfiammatheism. These two factors are now what separates the UNO Gykar from the UVF gykar. However, like with the DCP, sharing the same species as members improved relations.

With half the Gykar returned to UNO with their old technology, UNO's domestic life was greatly improved, raising their morale largely. It is unknown where they currently reside. It was not long, however, before they once again mysteriously died out, and left to the UVF.



Gykar physique is varied. Gykar have adapted to different climates more than others. for example, those who evolved in he jungle are muscular, agile and fast, whereas those who evolved in the plains are adaptable to little food, and good at working in different groups. Similarly, those who evolved in high land are excellent climbers.


The Gykar are not an openly hostile race, but are rather protective. They are mostly friendly, but can also be very protective of their own territory.

Gykar society is very controlled and relaxed, and contains highly powerful living technology. Gykar's best interests are in the form of music and films.

Gykar live in very advanced environments; their technology can master even the harshest of climates due to their evolution on a harsh planet. Gykar society is similar to what is known of the Taldar's, they use drones and robots to keep the place clean and tidy.


Being Chronoscopic organisms, Gykar can use some Chronoscopic powers, although few have discovered how to use these.


Gykar use their own weapons, which are similar to standard captain weaponry as well as to the UVF and UNO's weapons. The Gykar also use the weapons that belong to the faction they're in.




Now reformed as the Union Republic of Ottzello
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