The Gudrafnar are the 3rd mayor power in the New Universe, just behind the others, the Gudrafnar themselves don't go into battle that often, instead they send in there warrior clones.

There home system is the Ageastillia Galaxy, and then mostly in the Nothern Parts.


Early History[]

Not much is known of the early history of the Gudrafnar, only that they have been in space for over 250.000 years.

Gudrafnar of the Ageastillia Order of Light

Most record of the early ages have been destroyed during the event the Gudrafnar call, the EDDARFNAR DISTURBIONILAS, which is translated as the Gudrafnar Civil War in the normal language.

Conquering of Ageastillia[]

After the Civil War the Gudrafnar reformed themselves into the organisation called, the Ageastillia Order of Light.

But there name is decieving, the Gudrafnar are ancient, but not on the Light side. Instead, they started conquering the Ageastillia nothern parts, although they never conquered Diona IV, claiming that Tribals have no use for there Empire.

During there conquering of Ageastillia, they almost took complete control of the Galaxy, until the coming of others........

Reign of the Ash Nazgkr[]

When the Evil and mysterious Ash Nazgkr, also called by the Order the 'Hunger of Darkness' arrived and within a few days they conquered most of the Ageastillia Galaxy.

The Order kept low, and faced heavy casualties. During the reign of the Ash Nazgkr they mostly kept in hiding and managed to live in relative peace.

After the reign of the Ash Nazkr they began expanding again. During this they also found the Sigurfa and cloned them and gave them armor to function as there warriors.

They originated from Agealistillia, but expanded soon to other Galaxies.

Arriving of the Rambo[]

When the Rambo of the 25th Fleet arrived near Devion IV and settled themselves there as the Rambo Coalition of Allies the Gudrafnar were surprised by this new arrival. Especialley since the Rambo had powerfull ships and began expanding in there territory.

Angered by this they made plans to engage the new arrivals.

This plans were halted by the Emerging of the Inferno Realm and that of the New Galaxy. Angered by this assault, they sended explorers among there territory to know who is responsible. They survived this unslaught because of the protective magical shields around there planets.

They wish to ally with Khazurhal Draguros, but Draguros wishes to destroy them instead.

Battle above Ramgotheria, where several Sylit Republic Ship engage Order Space Ships

However, due to the constand hammering and attacks and a strange event the Gudrafnar and the Order was near extinction and when they wittnessed the leaving of the Remant the Order secretly followed them with what remained of the once great Order. There they met with a strange being who called himself the Galactic Emperor and after a long time thinking the Order joined the Imperial Alliance and came under rule of the Emperor.

During the Second Galactic War the Order was mostly kept in secret as part of the Imperial Alliance, but there alligiance was revealed when the Sylit Republic attacked a small convoy of them near Ramgotheria's borders and they were forced to retreat due to the massive fleet of the Sylit Republic.

Later on the Order became full members of the Imperial Alliance and were used in secret and surprise attacks on the various enemies of the Imperial Alliance.

For there further history see: Imperial Alliance Page

After the fall of the Imperial Alliance the Gudrafnar joined the Lizardians into a mass migration away from Quadrant 89 and the Quadrant Galaxies. They are now searching for a new place to settle themselves and rebuild there lives, as the Fall of the Imperial Alliance also meant the end of the Lizardian influance in the Quadrant Galaxies.

Gudrafnar Species[]

The Gudrafnar species are lizard/dinosaur like creatures. They are incredible strong and fight with light swords.

A Gudrafnar

They Gudrafnar are an ancient species and managed to live through the Reign of the Ash Nazkgr, whom they despise.

The Gudrafnar glad themselves in white armor and claim they are serving an Entity known as Gudrafnarius Primerias, but not many records have been known of this entity, whom the Gudrafnar consider there God.

The Gudrafnar armor are also very strong and they can became older than 10.000 years. They are very intelligent.

They know of many things in the Galaxy, and even are capable of opening small wormholes to lay contact with races in other Galaxies far away. The species who are conquered are absorbed into there Empire and most are just left alone and live there lives under the tyranic rule of the Gudrafnar.

Sigurfa Clones[]

A Sigurfa Clone in service of the Ageastillia Order of Light

The Sigurfa Clones are a sub species of the Gudrafnar and they are very small worm like creatures whom are easily cloned.

They are given an armour to control and they levitate above the ground. They also have powerfull weapons and there armour is totally white, since the Gudrafnar see themselves as a noble species.

The Sigurfa Clones are cloned at special facilities and the Order has countless of this clones, who obey any order of the Gudrafnar. The Sigurfa have a will of there own, but somehow they always obey the Gudrafnar, since they can't remember a live before that.

Ageastillia Order of Light Ships[]

The Order has many ships, but only 2 have been sighted by the Sartarnias and the Coalition.


Gudrafnar Cruiser

These medium length cruiser are the backbone of the Gudrafnar Fleet, they are equall in strength as a Galaxy Class ships.

The ships are the most common of the Order and are pretty strong.

Battle Cruiser[]

Gudrafnar Battle Cruiser

One of the strongest and largest of the Gudrafnar fleet, the ships are slow but difficult to defeat. The ships measures over 2 km.

The ship has hangar bays and immense weapons, capable of destroying continents on planets with only a few salvos.

The Battle Cruiser are said that 1 ship can take over a system which is populated by a medium class space civilazation.

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