During the Galactic war the grox assigned these highley modified groxs to defeat the other empires, and they did so. The last remaining empires hid away at the virge of the galaxy, creating offspring that would re evolve to defeat the grox.

"Oh Great," says the Warriors "Another Chalange on the herizon!"

as the empire grew, so did the amount of scouts, searching the galaxy for locations of the last empires, to send out the soilders to defeat them.

Information quotes:

GN: Offline at the time SB (spode Belivers): hiding at the time W: to busy arguing Grox: Will not accept our communications

Id codes and groups of squads

Centre Sqaud 99432-jim grox 1332 -Groxidiya 1987 - Dead (fnaf fans will get it) 12345 -num grox

outer squad 1234- Name not found 123421 - KIA (killed in action) 21234 - Xj77 Grox - (who getz that adventure time islands refrence) 4321 - NAME UNKOWN 2123 _ NAME UNKOWN 2213 _ NAME UNKOWN 1231 _ NAME UNKOWN

thoes are only the ones we know of!

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