They were once slaves, and then they rose against their masters. Then, they wanted to make everyone their own slaves, saying the weak had to serve the strong, but they were not actually strong at all. Now they are slaves again. How deliciously ironic.

- Unknown

The Gros are a species of humanoid reptilians natives of Planet Karnagtah, located at the Andromeda Galaxy. A race of former slaves, the Gros rose against their masters and deposed them, taking over their old empire in order to create their own, which would come to be known as Stratocracy of Karnagtah, a militaristic empire who became as bad as their old masters, promoting slavery, war and domination of the stars.

Hostile and unwelcoming, the Gros were enemies with nearly all other species of Andromeda until they were swiftly stomped under the foot of the galaxy's real powers, leading to their people being fragmented and their morale to be permanently broken. Today, the Gros have returned to their original position of lesser beings, where they are once again slaves, now serving under the Andromedan Galactic Commonwealth and the Dominion of the Xhodocto.


The Gros evolved on the arid planet of Karnagtah, located in Segmentum Exterioris, Andromeda Galaxy. They were one of the two sapient races of the planet, the second being the Kahiwag, a race of tall, intelligent and manipulative creatures. Because the Kahiwag had reached sentience before the Gros and were much more social, they achieved a working society much faster, and eventually enslaved the Gros. As time passed, the Kahiwag reached their golden age and achieved space travel. As they started to colonize space, the Gros were taken with them, still serving as slaves.

About 200 years after the Kahiwag Empire was formed, the Gros started to question their lives, and started to create revolutionary movements inside the Kahiwag society. The Gros had access to the Kahiwag's technology and had the advantages of being much stronger and resilient. A civil war which lasted 30 years raged across the Kahiwag Empire between them and the Gros, and after much destruction, the Gros emerged victorious. Taking the Kahiwag as their own slaves, the Gros became their own masters, and were filled with a thirst for bloodshed after all the years serving as slaves themselves. The Gros formed the Stratocracy of Karnagtah which expanded through Segmentum Exterioris, destroying and enslaving the species deemed weak by the now autonomous Gros. During the events of the New Dawn, the Stratocracy and Planet Karnagtah itself were destroyed by the Brotherhood's Project Adaru. Most survivors of the incident were absorbed into the Dominion of the Xhodocto, while others escaped and took residence at the Andromedan Galactic Commonwealth, where they serve as a lesser race.



The Gros are tall, reptilian creatures. Very bulky, they have large muscles on their legs and arms which are almost always visible unless covered in clothing. They have large, rounded heads, and their mouths have several rows of sharp teeth. They also possess several slim tendrils on their backs. Females are identical to makes in appearance except for a lighter skin colour.


The Gros can be described as aggressive, violent and abusive. Rude and xenophobic, they deem other species as weaklings unless proven otherwise. It is extremely rare to get a Gros' respect if one is an alien. Their past lives as slaves of the Kahiwag made them distrust all outsiders. However, while difficult, the Gros can be reasoned with, and will usually value their allies as if they were part of their own empire.


The Gros are very strong physically, capable of dealing heavy damage with their large claws and sustaining many attacks before falling. The tendrils on the Gros' backs have echolocation capacities, allowing them to find hidden enemies and locating themselves in dark areas. However, they are notably vulnerable to loud noises, which is able to stun them and in worse cases, cause ear bleeding. The Gros stop this from getting in the way of their lives by wearing artificial protectors on their skulls.


Emperor Gnorvi.png

Bow to our presence, weakling.

Grand Admiral Gnorvi was the final leader of the Stratocracy of Karnagtah. An old warlord of considerable power, Gnorvi seized the throne of the Gros by force. Very expansionist, he seeked to make the Gros known and feared across all of Andromeda. He was eventually killed by Varugr and his body was completely destroyed alongside the rest of Karnagtah.

Descended Kolger.png

Obey Prince Kriese!

  • Name - Kolger Bhtera
  • Affiliation - The Corruptus
  • Status - Deceased

Commandant Kolger was Varugr's personal assistant and formerly the highest military commandant of the Stratocracy of Karnagtah, having complete control over its military and serving as Varugr's personal enforcer. Created in a laboratory to serve as a supersoldier, Kolger led his forces into war and conquest, being famous for his campaigns against the Kraw Galaxy. He would die away from the galactic scene, assumed to have been willingly devoured by his master.



Hmpf. All you have done was waste my time. Be thankful my master is merciful.

- Varugr

We shall be remembered as the greatest failure of our Segmentum.

- Commandant Kolger



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