Xuz Fahrean Grinklers, also known as tinaks and Greater Grinklers, are a small species of proboscidean native to Xuz Fareh.





Grinklers are rather small creatures, never measuring over 3 meters in lenght and 1,5 in height. Their weight is usually around 100 and 300 kilograms.

Xuz Fahrean Grinklers have a rather slimy body compared to that of other creatures, though much bulkier than that of the Common Grinklers. Their head has a mammlian mouth with two short tusks and a long nose, slightly resembling an elephant's trunk. Both pairs of legs are skinny, with the forelimbs being longer than the hindlimbs; and both end in flat hoove-like feet, with the front feet being, again, larger. Their tail is quite long. They are mostly covered in light blue, but their underbelly is dark green, and their nose and legs have light red fur on them.

Like with the regular counterpart, Grinklers present a rare variant known as Altern Grinkler, which features a long sail-like structure on the face. Like with the Common Grinkler, the factors that determine the presence of the sail is unknown, as all Grinklers seemingly have the same chance of developing one independently of parent heraldy, gender, enviromental conditions, etc.

There is few sexual dimorphism between Grinklers, besides males having mammary glands while females lack them. Juvenile Grinklers have a much shorter nose, and the sails of Altern cubs are very short, almost unnoticeable at first sight until the first year of life.

Traits and abilities[]

Grinklers are weak creatures, with very low strenght and few to no means of protection against attacks. Their speed is average, but their body plan makes them clumsy and not agile.

Grinklers don't have any known abilities. Their only weapons are their short tusks, which are hard and risky to use due to their large nose.


Xuz Fahrean Grinklers mainly reside in the grasslands of Xuz Fareh, where they find their favorite plants and have enough space to run/fly away from predators.






The Grinkler has been taxonomically classified in it's own family of proboscideans: Rhinotheriidae. They share genus with the Common Grinkler, and have no close relatives other than that.

Their binominal name is Rhinotherium afames. The genus name means nose beast in greek, while the epithet means not hungry in latin.

Notable individuals[]

There are no known important Grinklers.

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