The Grimbolsaurian species has existed for over 100,000 years, and has been spacefaring for over 700. In that time, Grimbolsaurians have long expanded acoss the Milky Way abd beyond to far flung galaxies. As the generations passed, on some of these worlds, the physiology of the Grimbolsaurians has adapted slightly, while most are still the same species, subspecies have evolved. In more recent times due to the DCP's advancement, Grimbolsaurians - and other members of the DCP have been tweaking their bodies on purpose. While normally this wouldn't change the individual overnight, some of these adaptions are passed down. All descendants of the Grimbolsaurians are treated as any other member of the Coalition.

Touchstone Grimbolsaurians Edit

"Touchstone" Grimbolsaurians, or Baselines, are normal Grimbolsaurians, they may vary slightly world to world (like the diversity of human cultures), in weight, height, muscle mass, bone density, sensorial differences and slightly altered biolgical functions.

Cyborgs and "Cymodes" Edit

Cyborgs are a result of the argumentation between biotic and abiotic systems, both combined into one organism. One may choose to become a Cyb-grimbolsaurian for several reasons, to enhance physical abilities and intelligence, by incorporating wetware and digital technology (like holoscreen flesh), this is available for workers in extreme environments (called a Cymode), or for certain military regiments. Another reason to be a cyborg is for medical purposes, such as an injury or disability. However, most cyborgs are not a new species because they cannot send their enhancements to the next generation.

Naturally-evolved Grimbolsaurians Edit

The effect of natural selection is far more dramatic in the Sub-grimbolsaurians.

Grimbolsaurian extraordinares Edit

This offshoot of the prime species evolved about 400 years ago, on a planet with a thick and heavy atmosphere. The DCP didn't pay enough attention in terraforimng the world, due to conflicts with the Grox. In order to adapt, this species evolved a much stronger skeletal and muscular anatomy. As a consequence, they have deep, heavy voices. They descended from a group of the Physchic regiment who had colonized the planet, and they have telepathic sense, as well telekinetic abilities if trained. Their numbers are only about 20 billion.

Grimbolsaurian norostagnia Edit

The "noro"-type Grimbolsaurians evolved on the planet Norostagnia, which had been cut off due to a subspace interphase pocket. It took centuries for the DCP to advance their technology to break through using gravitic beams, and the long lost race was reuinted. They had evolved bigger heart muscles, they were taller and had wider hip bones (or their equivilent), and could store more oxygen in their bodies, this made them about three times faster and more agile than the normal un-enhanced Grimbolsaurian.

Postsapients Edit

In the DCP, the Grimbolsaurians are not the only species modifying themselves. Unlike the "Cymodes", these Postgrimbolsaurians (or any other member) can pass their enhanced genes to the next generation, such as using nanotechnology seeded in their genetics. The Postsapient movement, had arised from the fact than DCP technology was already running almost too fast to cope with, and that there were many greater intelligences in the universe in order to compete with. It has only just begun, but Postsapients are on the rise. They are cleverer, stronger and better at nearly everything than any Touchstone, Cybmode or Suspecies, although Postsapients vary (often with unique individuals, or more commonly, families), however, uses of technology make them similar enough to be called new species. Several new species are emerging.

Softbots Edit

Softbots, or Synths, are synthetic Grimbolsaurians, or rather, biological robots. While they are in fact living, they have little individuality, but have a great capacity to learn. They are often very strong, and are used as Synthetroops. They have few feelings, nor do they care for a free life. The minds of experienced warriors are downloaded into their biocomputer brains, and they are taught how to fight. The DCP's use of Synthetroops is often regarded uneffical, however, they prove to be useful weapons, where there are shortages in real soldiers, and unlike mechanical robots, they are easier to replace.

Superior Edit

The Superiors are a lot more intelligent than normal Grimbolsaurians (sometimes called prototype) and their bodies are composed of the original biology, as well as nanotech, infotech, computronium and cybernetics (although these are barely visible). So far, they have to be engineered, but in time they will be able to reproduce themselves, or live near-immortal lifespans.

Virtual Edit

The first Grimbolsaurians to go down this path were those who practised digital immortallity, in which only the Elite could experience (if everyone was the same there would be no knew ideas), their minds are connected to a subspace transciever which sends live information of the brain through subspace (broken up like email) to a reciever in an engineered Superior or clone, so when a Grimbolsaurian dies they will wake up an instant later in a new body.

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However, with the establishment of the Technoosphere, any kind of Grimbolsaurian could upload themselves to it, granting them the ability to share and learn instant knowledge, explore and create virtual worlds, and use the AI's power for vast mind power, to achieve the incomprehensible. These were the Supersapients. Many virtauls are emulated ghosts - the dead, uploaded, as well as many others. Others may even copy versions of themselves, while the Meta-selves control several copies at the same time. This movement will change the DCP forever.

Future Edit

So, what is the future of the Grimbolsaurians, Cymodes and the evolved? Artificial modification will likely advance and continue, until there is no normal Grimbolsaurian left (or any biological member). However, change is natural, static things stagnate. They will still be somewhat Grimbolsaurians after all, but Grimbolsaurians in new forms. This process will not be instant however, taking a long time to happen.

Destinies in time Edit

However, the future is uncertain, due to the probabalistic and uncertain nature of the universe. However, one of those probabilities will become a timeline, that may or may not occur. It is called the Manifold, and requires a certain destiny in time.

Time of the Transaurians Edit

In this particular line of time, in eight centuries, no single baseline Grimbolsaurian still existed, they would have become extinct. Well, not quite. Even the Postgrimbolsaurians will no longer exist, for they will have evolved into the Transaurians. By now, AI polities rule over most of the First Gigaquadrant, and "The Civilization" had merged nearly every civilization. But the Transuarians now dominated the once Grimbolsaurian population. Flesh had been almost entirely removed, replaced by nanotechnology and other artificial materials, some would argue this was the death of the Grimbolsaurians. However, some organic material did exist within their casings. The Transaurians though, were highly evolved, they could sense quantum nature of reality among other abilities, and the Technoosphere was now, not something they would connect to, but what part of their physiology.

The DCP at this point was now as much as 1.4 on the Tier scale, comparable to the First Ones themselves, and technology was now beyond comprehension of Subhigh Tier nations. Ships themselves were composed of quark degeneracy and Pauli matter (works under the principles of the Pauli Exclusion principle, no two fermions (electrons and quaks) can be in the same state, but photons can, but if fermionic matter could, its electrons which reach a low ground state, creating a superdense and unreactive chunk of material), and technological feats include using nanotechnology to disassemble entire star systems and re-assemble them in far off galaxies. The Transaurians were also experimenting with changing the state of spacetime, by engineering plancks constant for matters as trivial as energy storage.

And another two millenia... Edit

The Transapients test

The Transapient megablock observing a red supergiant (made by splicing Spore and Celestia together in MS Paint).

Two thousand years had passed, and the Transurians as well as the rest of the DCP's members had transfigurated their bodies into cuboid shells, far more perfected than any other design, these were known collectively as the Transapients, a single Transapient was a spacetime vehicle as much as an intelligence, for one could easily travel to any point in the universe, both in time and space, The Transapients were capable of time travel because they could convert themselves into antiparticles and travel backwards in time using the Antimirror. By doing this they were beginning to view the causal chain of the universes wavefunction. The Transapients would often group together to build superorganisms, or "megablocks", like the cities of old, this was done to compute the masses of data collected from around the universe.

The Transapients were sultimatly "slow gods". That is, that they had high intelligence but due to the sheer mass of processing matter, these calculations were extremely slow. This allowed the Transapients, who wouldn't percieve the slowness of their mind, to obserse details of the universe far more intricate that that of faster thinkers, such as seeing the random chaos of quantum foam itself, events that take longer than decades or millenia to occur, and could even see spacelike events. But it was at this time, when the Transapients realized something was wrong with the universe, its causality (cause and effect), and the effects of a force unseen was finally noticed.

Sublimation Edit

Battles with the Unseen force continued, but so did the Transapients knowledge of the Universe and even Multiverse. Eventually, the Transapiemts transcended spacetime to become timeless entities living in the Manifold dimension, a sixth dimension which contains all possible states and timelines, outcomes and forthcomes of the universe and its other states. This was the Big Collective Consciousness. A single Collective was an arrangement of subatomic knots, latticed into a hypersphere (the most efficient shape). If these points were to be examined, they would in fact be clusters of smaller knots, the "neurons" which process information. The hypersphere reaches out across its dimension, over timelines. Of course, there is no way to see the BCC with normal eyes, as light does not propagate across the higher dimension, but gravity does.

Final extinction Edit

This was the final evolution of the Grimbolsaurians and DCP, as well as the more advanced powers of the First Gigaquadrant. The BCC was timemless, it will always exist in the Manifoldverse, but there is a point, Times Terminal, when even the BCC will become extinct, in this timeline, for the first time all probabilities will collapse to one.

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