Xuz Fahrean Snotguns, also known as khanyias and Lesser Snotguns, are a large agnathadean species native to Xuz Fareh.





Xuz Fahrean Snotguns are massive creatures, although quite smaller than the Cyardalean species. The largest known individuals measure a length of around 17 meters, a height of around 12 meters, and a weight of almost 80 tonnes.

Snotguns have an odd body shape, with a medum-sized body, short tail and neck, and disproportionately long legs. They are four-limbed quadrupedal creatures, and their feet are broad and heavy, similar to those of sauropods, with five digits: four toes at the front of the foot and one at the back. Their head has a large tube-like structure that serves as the mouth and two eyes held by hidden eyestalks, which seem more prominent than those of the Great Snotgun. Their skin is slimy and brown-colored, but the majority of its body is covered in greyish bony armor.

There is no known sexual dimorphism between Xuz Fahrean Snotguns. Snotgun infants have never been seen, as they grow up deep underground, so it is unknown how different are they from their parents.

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Xuz Fahrean Snotguns can live in almost any ecosystem in the planet, but usually choose to inhabit the forest biomes, where food is more abundant than in other places.






The Xuz Fahrean Snotgun has been taxonomically classified in the Quadrupedia family of agnathadeans. They share genus with the Great Snotgun, and seem to have no close relatives other than that. This classification might be wrong, though.

Their binominal name is Jaculops magnus. The genus name's meaning has been lost (it presumably means cannon face in greek), and the epithet means large in latin.

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There are no known important Xuz Fahrean Snotguns.

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  • Xuz Fahrean Snotguns were originally intended to debut in the story A Hard Deal, but their appearance has been delayed due to the part where they would appear being too long.