The Goraurien are large bipedal sentient reptillian creatures encountered in Quadrant 21, acting as the self proclaimed guardians of the Q21 trade routes. If it is their true intention is now known, but many believe the Goraurien are building up their armies for an unseen threat.


the Goraurien are green colered reptillian creatures with an average height between 2 and 4 meters. Though other colorations exist, they are rather rare or are treated as outcasts by the other Goraurien. The Goraurien tend to be stronger than most humanoids and Ramboidae in physical strenght.

Their mouths boast an impressive array of sharp, carnivorous teeth, and their hands and feet have vicious claws. Their sense of smell is better than most humanoids, feline or Ramboidae. Their leathery skin absorbs the warmth they need to survive. Their bite radius is impressive as well, capable to tear flesh from bones and strong enough to damage metal plates. Their appearance hide the Goraurien intelligence, as they are well known to scheming, plotting and great tacticians.

The Goraurien dislike cold temperatures and prefer warm, tropical places. As such their vessels and space stations often have hot temperatures compared to humanoid vessels.


Goraurien Q21 Spaceport

The Goraurien have reached space around the same time the Rambo reached space, around 450 BQF they explored their nearby space and settled their empire. Over time they met and encountered other species as well, and soon the Goraurien noticed peace is fragile in Quadrant 21 with dangers like the Quadrantia Loron, Kzishaya and rumors about the Secoolian. Around 420 BQF the Goraurien created a massive space station in the middle of the Southern Trade Route, this way the Goraurien gained one of the most influential positions in Quadrant 21. The station was considered a neutral point, a major trade hub and a place to meet other species. Yet to dock at the station required a price, whether is was in raw materials or food supplies. The station evolved over the following years, updated with luxary rooms, casinos, cinemas, markets, a small shipyard and four massive cannons and shields.

Overpowering the USS Eagle

A lone Goraurien frigate once came in contact with a Rambo Nation ship, the USS Eagle under command of Captain Ramikku. The unfortunate first contact resulted in the destruction of the USS Eagle and the death of over 250 Rambo crewmembers. Later on various Gorauriens went missing due to an anomly and turned out to have engaged the USS Capricaerón under command of captain Rambas during their way home.

When Rambo Nation arrived in Quadrant 21 the Gorauriens were sceptical about the rumors about this new empire. When in 01 NE more rumors arrived these Rambo were place under a protectrate of a far larger and powerful empire the Gorauriens feared the other Quadrantians would go further south, eventually arriving at their space station. The Gorauriens also feared that the arrival of the Empire could mean a conflict and the end of the fragile peace the Gorauriens worked so hard to keep in the last four hundred years.


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Goraurien Corvette

The Goraurien have constructed a large fleet of Goraurien Corvettes, blue dagger like ships which they used to protect their space station, territory and trade convoys. The corvettes the Goraurien created are powerful enough to defeat Quadrantia Federation cruisers and to hold out against Icolian ships. They are feared by pirates and raiders, as when you are in their firing line they will blast you to pieces.



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