The Giombus are the main, most influential and advanced species of the United Fedearation of Species, one of the most powerful empires in the galaxy they came from, because they come from a parallel universe. Thanks to them the federation ended up being known as a diplomat and fair rule, because its influence on other species changed their behavior in a more peaceful and above all less wild.

Characteristics Edit


  • The Giomus are an intelligent species from the forest planet of Giomb, located in the galaxy called "Origin Galaxy", site destroyed along with the complete annihilation of the universe. Currently located on the planet Giomb-2, a planet terraformed to be identical to Giomb.
  • The Giomus past is aggressive, due to the high concentration of oxygen of their planet, some predators have developed a huge size and aggressiveness. This did not cause the Giomus they became violent, however generated a feeling of attachment to its members. Still, because of physical impairment in relation to predators, caused cognocitiva development and creative ability.
  • Their chemical make up is a mixture of DNA and RNA and they are carbon based lifeforms. They evolved to the sapience 4 millions of years ago, after 3 thousand millions years of evolution in their home planet.
  • A modern space-faring Giomus's lifespan can be at least 120 years, however, through nanotechnology, they can live far longer.
  • Physically, Giomus, are very strong, being of the best athletes of the Federation, their physical abilities, especially the speed are important, being able to run up to 20 meters per second.
  • The anatomy of the Giomus is interesting because of the curious combination of characteristics of birds and mammals. Its basic components are humanoid or pseudo-humanoid creature is a biped, with both upper limbs, a torso relatively proportionate, and a head with two eyes. In the back, has a large grouping of feathers, whose utility is believed to work to plan, in any way as smooth on one side and rough on the other favors the ability to run and swim at high speeds, making the cut air.


The original language of the Giomus is extremely complex, being based on some soft sounds and howling, in any modern mother tongue is the federal standard, a language which adapts various sounds of the different languages ​​of the members of the Federation. Their writing is an alphabet with 36 characters, in different combinations, represent certain fundamental concepts. Originally the script was representative, so each character represented a fundamental concept, combining with other characters, was more complex concepts.


Giombus society is based on mutual cooperation, support the weak and the destruction of the oppressor. In philosophy Giomus society is above all, because Giomus consider it one of the highest levels of evolution of a species. The Giombus have a great love for technology, trusting that is key to accelerate their own evolution.
Despite the potentially peaceful Giomb, war always taken place in its history, most of the time influenced by the envy of other nations, most of the time Giomb earn through fighting back against their enemies themselves, allowing you to succeed in the battlefield.


Because of his love for some traditions, religion is present in the lives of most Giomus, however many are agnostics or deists, so there are few real theists. From the state standpoint, religion is not present at all, but the morality that was forged from the tribal always be found.
The main religion followed by the people Giomus is called "The Original", a common religious practice of USF species, this religion is defined as the worship of a non-supernatural entity known as "The one that preceded it," a hypothetical species that was born when the universe was young and now runs the cosmos through intermediaries. According to this belief, it kind united the consciences of all its members after millennia of evolution, so it is believed to be one of the reasons why the Giomus exalt the society as the highest form of evolution.

History Edit

Cell StageEdit

The first form of life on Giomb was extremely simple and little is known of his past, many believe it was brought by Giomb space assets, possibly by panspermia. The first pre-evolution was known of the Giomus is called Giomia Extremis due to the harsh environment in which it developed.
It is unknown how this species moved to the top of the food chain, it is assumed that he could adaptarce faster to the environment, and therefore developed a high speed in the water, the environment where he lived.

Creature StageEdit

After leaving the water environment, the ancestors of the Giomus were exposed to the many predators on the planet, forcing them to evolve to closely match what little food they could get and the ability to run at high speeds to escape the enemy.
His early talent for diplomacy and the organization caused his subsequent ascension to the top of the food chain.

Tribal StageEdit

The first societies Giomus appeared about 20,000 years ago, when a small group of Giomus discovered the use of certain tools and agriculture, this group was joined by several others formed the first tribe Giomus. Along with this came the polytheistic religion and also the first hierarchical organization in history.
Apparently these events happened on Giomb around for hundreds and thousands of years.

City StageEdit

Eventually the company settled Giomus getting bigger, starting to build walls to protect themselves and their resources. With this came the new engineering, materials bonanza allowed rapidly develop trade and military forces, as well as diplomatic talent.
This led to the Giomus were able to accelerate their social and technological developments, which would subsequently expand.

Civilization StageEdit

During the first one thousand years of the Giomus as an organizated specie the scientist developed most of the basement to build the Giomus society, as the steam-powered machines, the electricity, and the gunpowder. This allow the Giomus control their entire planet without trouble, and using their diplomatic and manipulators talent, they fastly unified their planet under only one flag. An age of expansion shine to the Giomus, but their rulers was tyrannical and manipulative, and too ineffective to control the new empire.

Great CrisisEdit

The Unified Giomus Empire fell very rapidly in a socio-political crisis due to its rigid bureaucracy and ineffective rulers, Giomus got tired of being manipulated by the smartest and fittest and rebelled, taking her home planet to the brink of destruction. It was thanks to a select group of politicians, scientists and idealists that Giomus unite again and created a Federation, whose hierarchy was the basis for the subsequent USF.


The galactic sector where the Giomus started to expand was known as Beta Quadrant, where they found another species. The first of that alien races was the Kalixtus, an empire of proud and civilizated rough aliens, who, curioslly, had been contacted by a Giomus mad scientist years ago. The Giomus made an alliance with their neighbour and continued the expansion of their Federation, making contact whit other three races and making alliances with them. The Beta Coalition of Species had borned.

Great WarEdit

During the first century of the BCS history, a new race entered to the stage, and wasn't pretty friendly. The Chibar arrived to the Giomus known territory and started to try to conquest the BCS empires, starting the biggest war at the moment in the Beta Quadrant. It was for the Giomus leader, Russel, a great diplomat and strategist, that the BCS defeated the terrible power of the Chibar, who rebelled against their oppressive leader and joined the BCS.

United Federation of SpeciesEdit

The Giomus were the main promoters of the creation of the USF, being their leader raised the idea quine. In fact, even currently, the Giomus are one of the most prominent species, being the most cultural and socio-politically powerful throughout the Federation, competing with their compatriots, the Kalixtus.


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