A creature created in game and designed with the parts to achieve the maximum abilities a carnivore can possess. All info here is either made up(other info) or created in-game(everything else). If you encounter the species in any stages and they arent like they are made to be here(ie. diplomat in the space stage) then dont complain.


The Genda race in Spore's stages.


As a cell, the Genda species are extremely agressive and Carnivorous that will eat any cell that can fit in its mouth.


At first, even on land, the Genda would hunt nearly every species. But after a few million years, the other beings on the Genda homeworld became stronger and 3 epic creatures would cause them and endless amount of trouble and the Genda had to befriend some of the planets more powerful predators to avoid starving and evolved a pair of wings and the ability of high jumping to escape the epic creatures. Showing Adaptibility, the species managed to survive and even make fire.


At first they destroyed the first 2 tribes that appeared on the planet after them as those 2 were weaker. But after that, they found music to one of the greatest things they have invented and decided to share their musical genius with the other tribes. The other tribes loved the talents of the Genda so much that they made an alliance. The Genda tribe became an Industrious tribe. However one tribe wasnt to happy that they had been ignored so far and stole the food supplies of the Genda. Out of choices, the tribe gathered up all their throwing spears and killed a nearby epic creature that supplied them with over 300 units of meat. After that they had no need to worry about running out of food and allied themselves with the last tribe on the continent through the power of music. After they became the dominant tribe, they got together and built a city. Their creator(me) was to lazy to create a city hall in the editor and used a maxis one. After they finished the large building, the cheiftain asked the tribe for any idea's on what they should do next. One member suggested a form of currency to be used to by and sell goods, this was met with cheers and approval. Another suggested something to carry the goods in to help make money, this was also greatly applauded. Someone else suggested pie, but that just confused everyone and the cheiftain declined that idea. And thus, was the start of the first pie-less civilization on the planet.


The speedy vehicles of the allowed the Genda to claim every spice geyser on their continent and everyone in the ocean. They were also able to buy out a Religious city on their continent. The cities people influenced the capital so much that they adopted the captured cities belief. From their they spread their new religion to the rest of the continent. Upon the capture of the continents military city, other cities across the planets vast oceans arose and they were not very friendly. The Genda renamed their capital to Bovoc as they felt its previous one wasn't creative at all and made their new military city build a few military units for defense. They expanded their conquest to the planets 3 other continents and, after about 5,000 years, they unified the planet


The Genda Empire adopted the Bard philosophy as a result of their species past on the planet. They also adopted a somewhat robotic appearance on their face to improve the vision of their 1 eye. They quickly expanded out to a few systems until they ran out of money encountered the violent warriors and zealots that surround them and had to stop until they could afford more colonies. The empire entered an alliance with a nearby trader empire and formed a trade route with a nearby warrior empire. Recent activities of the Genda Empire include fulfilling requests that their hyper-agressive neighbors ask them to do, terraforming the planets in their systems to, as a colonist put it, "see what a planet looks like when we do it. So far...its awsome", trading spice, and a descendant of the guy who suggested pie owns a pie company that sells its delicious products to dozens of planets everyday.

Homeworld and Moon[]

The Genda homeworld has a purple sky, green grass, and a blue sea. It has 4 continents, 1 the equivallent of North America, one the equivallent of Asia, and 2 the equivallent of 2 Australlia's.

The moon is rather unique. It is mostly covered in water and has a massive atmospheric pressure. No other moon like it has been found by the Genda yet(or by its creator).