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Cellular Stage[]

Gawbions(At this point called Gawbs.), were an aggresive cell. Destroying every cell its eye saw. Gawbions were born off of the Bawbs. They live on planet Chill, a very cold planet, but warm enough to support life. While most cells froze in the water, the Gawbs adapted to the cold lifestyle. Other information could only be found by talking to Gawbion Citizen, but it was so long a go, that even the Empire's 567,456,123,675 year old ancestor didnt remember it.

Recent picture of Gawbs cell stage

Creature Stage[]

The Gawbies came from the tide pool with a jaw, but they had a strange love of the taste of fruit. The Gawbies were quick to set up their nest. But learning to walk with their new legs were hard. The stumbled around, bumping into trees and whatnot. They soon stumbled into a nest of Dennetar. They soon became allies. The Gawbies soon moved. Not much else is known....

A Gawbie flexing his muscles... punks.

Tribal Stage[]

The Gawbies were quick to set up camp. They started off by collecting some fruit. Soon a rival tribe of Darnacus appeared. The Dranacus were quickly dispatched. The Gawbies took out 3 villages(Icluding the Darnacus's), and allied 2. Achiving them the Industrious Card.Coleon, the Village's first cheftain, was slain during a raid to the pink village. The Gawbies mourned the loss, but yet the celebrate him every year.


Cizilization Stage[]

The Gawbions were a gentle civilization, putting up trade routes with other civilizations. The Gawbs soon took a new clothing design, thinking that it was 'Awesome'. It indeed was. They still celebrated the cheftain, Coleon. The started off buying out the Crimson Nation, then the Brown's, then the Yellow's, then the Pink's and Forest's, and last the Blue's and Red's. In the end, they were, the most annoying type of empire in the galaxy, BARDS. D: Lol.




Space Stage[]

The Gawbies, were..... BARDS. D: Wut evs. The BARDS, flew around and made freinds. The end.

I am cheiftain Gerick, and I approve this message.

PSHHHHHHH. This aint the end. The bards soon found the Grox and died. :) BUT. They made it teh core first, THEN DIED.

(This file was written by bards. :) WE HAVE CAKE AND UMBRELLAS.)





Messages from other Empires[]

What a strange empire, to bad they died... hmm ... maybe .. Meh no way but they are still weird.. Hmm whats this? *click* Yay! i downloaded them!

- Gablinus-Avis


  • I actully forgot to change the creatures name when going into the Tribal Stage, so their actully called the Gawbie Empire. :P
  • The paint is based off the Maxis made creature, Ice Monster