We desire peace and harmony, although we know neither are completely possible.

- Galotian

The Galotians are an Ottzelloan race of amphibian-like creatures, who are best known for their friendly and diplomatic tendencies. An all-female race, the Galotians are one of the Union Republic of Ottzello's most populous and powerful races. They are central to the culture of URO, as they make up much of its entertainment industry.

The creatures are commonly thought of as a fusion of the Technobian and Galot races, though both races were in fact genetically engineered based on Galotian cells to pass on their genes when they faced extinction.



Born on the aquatic planet Zyloah of the old Ottzello Galaxy, the Galotian race evolved as a race of murderous predators on the ecological planet. The planet was home to many beauties of nature, with the amphibious Galotian being among them. Moving from the large oceans to the relatively smaller ground, they adapted a lot, but due to no longer having the advantage they did in the water, they had to get along with the races of the land.

The Galotian got along in relative harmony with the others, and evolved peacefully, although they were still brutal to those who they could afford to take on. The Galotian became more and more peaceful the more they evolved, and their sapience made them dominant in both the oceans and on land. They had cities both underwater and on land. They were incredibly intelligent and were capable in combat, despite preferring methods of diplomacy.

When they reached space, once again as newcomers, they had to adapt; they got along with all the other races and tried to fit in.


During the Blyro'Tralzica dominance, the Galotian became one of the main members, due to their excellent diplomatic skills holding the alliance together. Galotian warriors, Essence users and scientists were common too. However, the long wars eventually ended the Tralzica's dominance of Ottzello. As they were Vyro'Narza creations, they had Chronoscopic in their DNA; a requirement of the Tralzica also meant they had the "Holy Gene", or as it is scientifically referred to, the "Chronoscopic Gene".

The Tralzica had to hide their existence, and many of the Galotians changed their DNA to become like the Galot; others removed the Chronoscopic Gene but kept most other Chronoscopic elements, becoming the Technobian.


For millennia, the Galot and Technobian lived as two different races, with very few knowing that they were in fact the same species. But later, when the Ottzello Galaxy was long dead and had become the Ottzello Sector of the Borealis Galaxy, the Galotian were rediscovered when the Unified Nation of Ottzello found a lost Blyro'Tralzica colony. The Galot and Technobian were promptly merged into one DNA pattern, with the nanomachines across UNO "updating" them by transforming their DNA.

With the destruction of the Unified Nation of Ottzello after the Ottzello Revolution, the Galotians retained their role within the Union Republic of Ottzello.



The Galotians have an average physique. Relative to other Ottzelloan species, the Galotians are physically weak, though the extent of this depends much on their lifestyle. What they lack in sheer strength, they make up for in their speed and agility. Galotians are more known for adaptability to situations, and have sharp reflexes.


Galotians are very adaptable and sly, while are mostly friendly and sympathetic. Galotians can empathize better than most with others, and are good at coming to diplomatic conclusions and making compromises. Some Galotians are aggressive, and some are cunning, but they are generally friendly than most Ottzelloan races historically were.

Galotians fit many roles. In URO, Galotians generally fit roles of diplomats, entertainers, businesspeople and politicians. Outside of URO and in Ottzello's history, many made names as drug dealers or prostitutes, purely due to having no other way to earn money to survive.


The Galotians' main ability is their communication and ability to win favors. They are also strong users of Chronoscopic, much more so than most other Ottzelloan species (with the obvious exception of the Ioketa). Galotians are also good vehicle drivers.


Galotians are prominent in society as entertainers. They are very social creatures, and are one of URO's largest demographics.


The Galotians live within the Union Republic's larger cities.


The most commonly found Galotian cybernetic attachment within URO is a hologram projector from their forehead. This means the Galotian can project holograms, useful for presentations, stealth, and for entertainment purposes. They can plug information into the projector's memory and play it to others.

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