Diplomacy and co-operation has always been our race's way forward.

- Valzo

The Galot were a peaceful and friendly species from the Ottzello Galaxy, most notable for their creation of the Galot Republic and as a major member of the Unified Nation of Ottzello. Their DNA was split off from the DNA of the Galotians, when they were split from the Technobian so as to hide them from genocide.

The Galot are amphibian creatures widely known for their co-operation with other Ottzelloan races. They often formed major alliances with the rest of the galaxy and were instrumental in achieving peace. As they tended to be pacifistic in nature, however, they did little to protect the galaxy from the threat of the Loron and Kralgon Invasion Force. Within the Unified Nation, they similarly played larger roles in keeping the initial alliance together.



The Galot were originally split from the Galotian genes. With many Galot cells spread out on their new world, the Galot evolved as any race did with no recollection of their origins as a genetically engineered species as they evolved through to the space stage. Their tendency towards democracy and towards the open sharing of ideas allowed them to reach new technological heights, and allowed them to form alliances with other races. Unlike many races within Ottzello, the Galot never became slaves to the Ottzel, and formed the Galot Republic, which brought other species into their ranks.

Ottzello Wars[]

During the First Ottzello Galactic War, the Galot Republic brought many more refugee species into the fold to battle against Da Propa Big Loron Empire. At first, they lost hundreds of planets to the Loron, but over time managed to build up a greater resistance to them. When extragalactic nations came in to bring support, particularly the Delpha Coalition of Planets, they were saved from the war, until the Second Ottzello Galactic War.

In response to the Kralgon Invasion Force, the Galot formed United Nations of Ottzello. They were forced to go into hiding, until the Third Ottzello Galactic War was won, after which they could form the much greater Unified Nation of Ottzello.


The Galot became major members of the Unified Nation of Ottzello, with Valzo as one of UNOL. During the Second Borealis Galactic War, when UNO learned of the Galot's history as half of the Galotians, the nation immediately used nanotechnology to re-engineer them, meaning that the Galot eventually became extinct in favour of the Galotians.



The Galot had an amphibian and robust physique. They were known for being very fast and flexible, as well as being excellent swimmers, though their strength and physical toughness were unremarkable.


The Galot were known to be incredible friendly towards others, and were notable for their sympathy towards even those who had done the most harm to them. This meant they would also aim for diplomatic solutions to any conflict. The Galot were also especially known as entertainers, particularly as musicians.


The Galot often lived within large, bustling metropolises. Rural Galot tended to live instead within wooden huts, though these environments became much rarer due to the Galot's preference towards larger groups of people.


Galot technology has typically been reliant on other aliens long since becoming spacefaring. Their ability to form alliances has proven more valuable than any technological devices they have created themselves, as there are greater engineer races in Ottzello. Galot notably preferred to keep their air and environment as clean as possible, and therefore lean towards clean energy for all their technology.



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