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Heres a complete List of them, the Gablinus-Avis soldier ranks, DUN DUN DUN DUNN!

Ground Force[]



The base Soldiers of the Gablinus-Avis and the Lowest Rank in the Groundforces, the Infantry (or Bnoog) are base Soldiers, trained for both Short and distance combats. Up to 70% Of all Soldiers in the Ground Forces are Infantry, very Experienced, these Fighters are Specialized in taking down everything from Spaceships to Giant Creatures. They are equipped with the Standard Kevlar suit (The black on the Skin) and a Though Iron Helm. Weapons can be: Ion Rifles, Plasma Blasters, Dual daggers, Electric Batons, C4 Bombs and more.

Basic Items

  • Energy Efficient Blasters
  • Poisonous blades
  • Energy Absorbing Armor
  • Light Kevlar



Lieutenants (or Novus) are Specialized Infantry Soldiers, trained to Command groups of Soldiers.They are usually equipped with a plasma blaster and energy claws, which can be used by them with deadly precision. Their armoring is also different: it is lighter. They also have bigger Pauldrons Together with a protective Helm, with flaps to protect the Prongs of the Wearer. They also have Thicker armor plating around the Hips and a thick piece of Kevlar Going up by the Back Protecting the Spine.

Basic Items

  • Standard Kevlar Armor
  • Energy Absorbing Armor
  • Level 2 Bladed Knuckles
  • Laser Blasters

The Red Dragons

Red Dragons[]

The Red Dragon are a special rank, only given to female soldiers, they work as Air/Land infantry and have powerful thruster packs equipped on their backs, and hover magnets around their wrists to fly around. They also use two mini-laser/light proton rocked weaponry. Their armor is pretty light-weight to enable more flexibility for the soldier.

Basic equipment

  • Thruster back
  • light protective leathery armor, good against metal ammo, and mini-missiles
  • Highly armored helmets, with darkened clear glass to protect the eyes from light suns, and other harmful things.
  • Hover magnets, which are placed around wrists and ankles, to enable the user to fly, without using her wings.

Mosquito Rank


Mosquito's are stealthy and fast. Always looking muddy because of their camouflage armor, they snipe down large enemy soldiers that carry heavy weaponry. Their skin and feathers a slightly darker that of the normal Gablinus-Avis, because their overuse of Stealth tech has side effects.

Basic equipment

  • Long range Ion-sniper w/ minor laser and scope to see up to 400 m away.
  • Protective helm, with large goggles that can zoom 3x times.
  • Energy absorbing armor
  • Radar equipped in helm.

Field Scientist.

Field Scientist[]

Field Scientists are proffesionaly trained scientists, they are equipped with booster packs to run faster, and their energy fields protect them from any projectile. They are assigned to run out in battlefields and give out med-packs to soldiers. They also mix up chemicals they carry around and throw them on enemies, who blows up, thus other soldiers have given the Field Scientist's the nickname "Sparks".

Basic equipment

  • Healing chemicals
  • Explosive liquid
  • Med-pack
  • light energy absorbing armor
  • Booster pack to run faster

Knight Rank


The knights are another female only rank, the knights serve as heavy guards, and they posses strong armoring along with electrifying swords and simple plasma blasters. Their heavy armor eats a lot of energy, so they also carry around tiny generators on their backs and knees. Their helm might seem impossible to see trough, but these soldiers are slightly trained in using psionic to enhance their reflexes, which enables them to hear really good, also moving at high speeds.

'Basic equipment

  • Dual energy sword
  • Radio in helm
  • Force field
  • Energy absorbing armor
  • Protective light armor
  • Level 2 plasma blasters
  • Energy Regen
  • Small health regenerating device.