Gablinus-Avis is a bipedal bird like creature, known for being sentient, and also being the founders of the Gablinus-Avis Empire. The whole species was exterminated during a hopeless battle with the singularity.



The Gablinus-Avis is a bipedal avian creature, and somewhat resembles Horus, an Egyptian god with a human body, and the head of an eagle. It possesses a fully feathered body, together with two pair of wings, located on it's back. It's eyes are wide and without any sign of having any lens, it is still a very advanced eye structure. Covered in a protective moist liquid making the Gablinus able to keep it's eyes open under water. It's horns are used as display, the sharper the prettier.

Though normally walking on two feet the Gablinus can also quickly crawl as a normal quadrupedal creature.

Gender DifferencesEdit

There is almost no major difference between the two genders, but males are usually longer and having their beak divided into three sections, instead of the usual one. Females are also more slender. The horns on the head are used as social display by both genders, the female have more bent horns, making it resemble straws of hair, while the male have their horn sticking out backwards.


  • The Gablinus-Avis are carbon based lifeforms, with a chemicals make up of DNA, they gained sapience about 1.012.023 years (Earth years) ago.
  • A modern, Gablinus-Avis Colonist lifespan can vary from 80 to 150 years, however there is mind transferals, and cloning, so even civilians can be considered "close to immortal".
  • Not being good dancers wont stop the Gablinus from partying, they are known for their beautiful singing voices, and charmingly colorful feathers.
  • Their beaks actually have teeth! The teeth need to cleaned and brushed everyday, just like human teeth. But they don't get infected as easy.
  • They stand two to three meters tall, some can can even get close to four meters tall!
  • Even without training the average Gablinus is pretty strong, and can lift up to 120 kg.

Natural statistics

  • Scavenging success rate: 70% (They mostly eat eggs while scavenging)
  • Forage success rate:90% (they cant fly and eat at the same time, so they cant fly up to trees and eat).
  • Method of eating: Grab food and bite off pieces then chew slowly and swallow.
  • Number of offspring: 3-5
  • Intelligence: Slightly smarter than Dolphins (though this is actually questioned, as no one has seen a dolphin for years)
  • Method of talking: High chuckles and several cries are used while talking, Clicking noises made with the tongue are also used.

Space statistics

  • Empire: more than 280 colonies and growing
  • Technology: All basic technology available and discovering new
  • War with:The Grox


Gablish, also know as Intergalactic Gobble or Birdbrain talk, is the primary language of the Gablinus-Avis. It mostly consists of chuckles, clicking and other bird noises. Surprisingly the language is very easy to translate as every bird noise has at least one or two meanings. Example of a Gablish Sentence:

Kresh! srish eh Gahlish!

Translated into English: Hello! this is Gablish!


Spore 2010-03-24 18-02-22

The epic empire of the Gablinus-Avis

The Gablinus-Avis have a large empire with more than 180 planets in their control, they control a major part of the Orion arm, they have colonized the south pole of Earth and the north pole of Mars, they have outposts near many other empires. They where allied with the Grox, and they have bought all systems that are 1-10 parsecs around the galactic core thus controlling it, and watching over those who tries to pass. They have great technologies and can do many things like, global memory erase. Antimatter weapons, Super strong terraforming weapons, Cloaking devices, shields, Mega Lasers, Special antimatter bombs, And the staff of life! So yeah, basically every Spore technology you can get.

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The GA home sector, brown: Gablinus-Avis, pink: Quinals, green:Grobit, purple:Sir Stabbalot, yellow:Fernikki, red:Quidee.


  • Some of their fiction are based on content from Halo, Bionicle and the Jak&Daxter series.
  • The Gablinus-Avis originated from one of Sporesauce's sketches.
  • They are birds because Sporesauce likes to make birds.
  • Their name comes originates from the Latin words "Gablinus" (Yellowy-green) and "Avis" (Bird)
  • Their souls taste like pineapple's.
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