Fyrvrtha? These squids can be annoying, but they serve the Divinarium well.

- Random Radeon

Fyrvrtha are the species of highly intelligent cephalopods who are aligned with Divinarium. Before this, they had a large empire in the Twilight Sector.


Little is known about the early history of Fyrvrtha. They are believed to share the origin with other silicon lifeforms of Andromeda, the first ancestors of Fyrvrtha appearing on Crepusculum from the spacefaring silicon spores. Of many species on the planet, Fyrvrtha have developeda primitive shared conciousness and quickly became dominant species, evolving sentience and advancing in technology rapidly. However, major planetary cataclysms have split the Crepusculan continents apart, causing the group mind to split. A short war followed, but the planet was united in the end, with scientists from various states creating machines to increase the power of the Fyrvrtha group mind, allowing it to span seas. Soon, goverments were fused into one and Fyrvrtha became a spacefaring nation known as the Frtran Empire.

Frtran Empire has been advancing and increasing in power. However, they had encountered a powerful enemy - the Artharons. Two species could not comprehend each other. One individualist and warlike, other social and expansionist, the war followed the contact of two species quickly - the war that would be known as the First War of Twilight. In fact, two species have not even recognised each other as sapient or equal when their fleets met first, and the first conflicts of two empires were actually terraforming operations either to freeze the Fyrvrtha worlds to make them habitable by carbon lifeforms or to burn the Artharon worlds to ashes in order for silicon life to flourish there. However, the intervention of the Confederation of Andromeda has stopped the war as both civilisations became its protectorates. Under the Vartekian rule, Fyrvrtha slowly expanded and planned against Artharons, as did their enemies. After the Vartekian War and the Confederation's fall, two species have resumed their war. At first, Fyrvrtha were losing to Artharons' superior physical strength and firepower - but when the mysterious black spaceships of the Divinarium have appeared in Andromeda, the balance of forces was shifted. Artharons held the ancient divine world Spoddah in their claws, and Radeons were willing to take this world at any cost. Fyrvrtha have agreed to be absorbed into the Divinarium and helped their new allies to conquer Spoddah. However, the war ended in a draw due to Artharons forming the Coalition to fend the Divinarium off, and Spoddah became a neutral zone.



Fyrvrtha are silicon lifeforms, similar in look to the squids of the Earth. They have twelve tentacles which are able to extend and grasp objects. They require sulfuric acid as a solvent, and Fyrvrtha's body is covered with it, making them dangerous to touch. At the other side, water is lethal to them. Fyrvrtha require high temperatures to live, usually 100 C or higher.

Fyrvrtha inner biology is extremely redundant, allowing them to survive even the grievous wounds. Their blood is blue in coloration and contains cobalt.

Fyrvrtha circulatory system also doubles as reproductive. Fyrvrtha larvae, once born, spend a year growing inside of their mother's body, feeding on her blood. After they grow large, they literally tear their way from the mother. However, due to regenerative abilities of Fyrvrtha, that is actually not dangerous for Fyrvrtha females.


Fyrvtha's notable difference from other Divinarian species is their group mind; they can transmit their thoughts to other members of their species easily. However, they retain their individualities. Otherwise, Fyrvrtha do not have any unique abilities other than their endurance and intelligence


Fyrvrtha are quite similar to Radeons in the personality and mentality. However, they are more logical and have a group mind, sharing their conciousness yet still having personalities and individualities. Both species are known for suppressing their emotions and devoting themselves to the one goal, and due to that two species come along.

Fyrvrtha did not have a religion originally, although they have accepted Viatorism and belief to Spode upon joining the Divinarium.


Fyrvrtha exist within the Divinarium and share their society with other species of this empire. Due to their group mind, Fyrvrtha's culture is slightly different; they are more democratic than other species of the Divinarium and tend to live in large collectives.


Fyrvrtha, prior to their indoctrination into the Divinarium, had a vastly different way of constructing buildings. They used sili-organic crystalline coral as the main material, manipulating its growth to form buildings. Due to this, Fyrvrtha may not appear sentient at all when encountered. Since their indoctrination, they live together with the other species of the Divinarium, although they continue to settle underground when it is possible, due to their biology that is vastly different to that of other species and their dependancy on heat.


Our species think alike, and we would be nothing without their help.

- Iovera IX

I hate you. I hate you all.

- Margrave Fela'thoran of the Coalition


- Warboss Gar'dakkra

Nnnggh, disgusting...

- Dark Apostle Geltastra
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