The Fourmican are a bug species that only cares on feed themselves, they dislike other species that they cannot defeat like the CIanju Alliance, recently their hive planets have been slaughtered by the Congregation, but they refuse to open communications with the Cianju Alliance, the open enemies of the Congregation.


The Fourmicans are 3 m tall and posses a great strength, specially on their arms, they can feed of two forms, their apettite is specially for other insect like species, they use their mouth in the head to feed of dead bodies or animals, but when they feed of Sentient species they use their arms in their back to feed of two things specially; to feed their hunger and to "assimilate" the creature knowlodge of things, that is how they can quickly defeat a potent enemy in a manner of months.

Still, they are slow and they depend on their size and brutal force to defeat enemies in melee combat, its hard to defeat them, it is only known that a Civatron can defeat maximum 10 of them before getting exausted, while the Congregation defeats them using the great numbers of the Krudha and their cruel planetary bombardments.

There is only a weakness known in the Fourmicans, one that everyone exploits, their lack of technology.


The Fourmicans don't possess any technology, they use their biological modifications that the Queen modifies, that has been the reason of the Fourmican Survival, they use their numbers, such as their great size to destroy populated planets and their interest in planets that not have space technology, When the Fourmicans are about to invade a planet the procedure is like this:

  1. The Queen launch spores to a high ground surface, like mountains, on the planet selected.
  2. This spores began to evolve as they grow into larvas.
  3. The larvas mutate into Fourmican warriors.
  4. They began to launch several attacks on cities as they weak their oponents.
  5. They finally launch a final attack where the species selected is attacked by two fronts, one coming from space, and other from their own planet.

As they assimilate and feed themselves they build a planetary hive. The Fourmicans dislike any species they cannot defeat, and communicate by using Telekinetic power, only stored in the Queen.

Fourmican Queen[]

The Queen is the highest authority in the Fourmican swarm, she developed a brilliant mind capable of analyse anything that she wants, the Fourmican Queen learn from its enemies by using her minions to absorb Sentient species, She desires the Judge/Andrudan Knowlodge of things, but the Civatrons protect them well, as she can not learn anything of the Cianju Alliance.