Wanna buy some meat? Vegetables, perhaps?

- Fotoriz

The Fotoriz are a minor member of the Union Republic of Ottzello, serving largely as a food production race. Living mostly within rural areas and in the city or space station farms, the Fotoriz are responsible for gathering and preparing food. Of course, they are not the only race with this role, but as they are so good at it, they are mostly associated with it.



The Fotoriz evolved as a peaceful species, although they often had to defend themselves. Their tail evolved into an arm just a century before the Tribal Stage. In the tribal stage, they made many more allies, but one of their allies taught the Fotoriz ways of war. When entering the Civilization Stage, the Fotoriz claimed the globe partially through annexation, but also through war.

First Ottzello Galactic WarEdit

The Fotoriz were on the side of the Galot in the First Ottzello Galactic War. Their nation was largely destroyed by the Grox, and the Fotoriz moved closer to the Galot Republic.

Afterwards, the Fotoriz were one of many races annexed into the Galot Republic.

Perils of OttzelloEdit

These were the times of the Perils of Ottzello.

During the Second Ottzello Galactic War, the Fotoriz were often enslaved by the Zaarkhun Consortium, and forced to work with them. Their space was often under threat. When the Galot Republic formed UNO, so did the Fotoriz.

The Fotoriz were also in UNO during the Third Ottzello Galactic War, when the new UNO was formed. The Fotoriz were lucky to have survived.

Later, the Unified Nation was destroyed, and many Fotoriz joined the Union Republic of Ottzello.



Fotoriz are quadrupedal creatures, who are quite short and are barely sapient. Many have colloquially referred to them as URO's pets.


Fotoriz are fast creatures, and very friendly. Their personality is more close to that of the Ioketa than the Galot. They'll often be found around plants and wildlife, rarely geared for combat.

The Fotoriz are mostly involved in URO's ordinary culture. They are very often closely ascociated wtith the Ioketa, due to love of nature. They have been known as a 'gardening' race, as they look after nature and biology. While they can live in Ioketa's habitats and society, they also live in ordinary cities, and sometimes help on Kralgon farming pods.

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