The Feolhviaeria are a humanoids species with rabbit-like features hailing from the Legacy-Era, an alternate possible future. Seeking refuge from the Aurilithiae Order they joined captain Rambam and migrated themselves to the main stream universe of the Quadrant Galaxies where the found a new home as members of Rambo Nation.


The Feolhviaeria are a humanoid species with rabbit-like features, like their ears and feet. Their trademark long ears grant them exceptionally good hearing, although they are said to have excellent senses overall. Not only do the Feolhviaeria's ears allow them to hear over great distances, they also grant them the ability to listen to the voices of the spiritual world, as such they have a close bond to nature and local wildlife. They can reach ages well over 800 years. They are kind, curious and a bit of a mystery due to their traits, though show a great love for nature and wildlife and avoid force if possible.

The Feolhviaeria are a female race only, their reproduction is a great mystery to many. They are known to have intercourse with eachother though their specific way of reproducing remains a mystery at large.


The Feolhviaeria came into excistence well after 1250 AQF and the Cyrannia's Legacy time frame.

Feolhviaeria Tipi's at Umbrax

After evolving and adapting themselves in the ruined Quadrant Galaxies, the Feolhviaeria were eventually enslaved by the conquering Visaria and used as slaves under the Aurilithiae Order. During the anomaly events many Feolhviaeria escaped their fate and returned with captain Rambam to the main stream time line of the Quadrants, where they joined Rambo Nation after accepting the Treaty of Fornaeria.

Ever since, the Feolhviaeria were found in all levels of Rambo society, some even joined Rambo Command and command starships of their own. Their beautiful and gentle appearance however did make them a wanted target for slavers and raiders, endangering their travels when not within Rambo borders. When settling down at Rambo colonies, the Feolhviaeria often use the houses found at that colony, though some prefer to live in the wild and in their tipi's, wandering the endless plains from one place to another as nomads. Planets where larger numbers of Feolhviaeria can be found are at the Rambo Capital and Umbrax.

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