You Core-people tend to always cry over the Vranntan and their raids, but out there on the fringes of civilization we've got it worse with those damned weeds harassing us. Sure the loss of some station is a tragic loss to an empire and those who had someone aboard it, but when you've had to watch entire planets worth of people taken away to who knows where, it seems like a quite minor inconvenience.

- Unknown

The Ezesi'i (Ezes-niiht: Children of Ikara) are a telepathic plant-like race originating from Hespis, an arid savanna world situated within Imi-Khattok Sector of Tuuros Galaxy. Notorious slavers operating with little care for anything but the happiness of their own people, the Ezesi'i maintain firm rule over the Sacrosanctity of Hiroghain and Ikara - an authoritarian utopia built on decadence and spirituality.


The origins of the modern Ezesi'i as told by themselves took place on Hespis only thousand years before they achieved spaceflight - with the validity of such claims being often refuted by the galactic community. While they are also known to claim that they were guided on this "path" by a higher power, in particular by their mother goddess, Ikara, it is known that the Ezesi'i have possessed a strong sense of unity and collectivism for most of their sapience. This allowed them not to go through a time period where they would have been influenced by nationalism and be divided into nation states.

Reaching the capacity to travel through space with ease, the Ezesi'i initially focusing on charting their home system. The Ezesi'i explorers came to learn of other sapient species living on the planets of Inar and Katai'i. This first contact with alien civilizations, even if with ones not capable of space travel themselves, came to form the backbone for how the Ezesi'i viewed other species; to them all other civilizations were lost and alone in the void - and therefore violent and selfish - and it was to be the purpose of the Ezesi'i to guide them towards the greater good. Over the course of next few hundred years, Ezesi'i became increasingly expansionist and militaristic, terrorising nearby empires through invasions and abductions.



While lacking in sheer size and bulk when compared to beings such as the Vranntan, the Ezesi'i are still impressively resilient to physical harm and are immune to most diseases. Having begun as simple plant-life, Ezesi'i come in multiple color variations; the most common of which are blue, purple, red, and beige - while more rare colors such as white and dark brown can also be seen, even if only once each dozen or so generations. In addition, given their origins as carnivorous plants on Hespis, some Ezesi'i tend to partake in using their slaves as livestock; and while such practices are considered wasteful, they are approved of in the wider community. Notably, while genders exist within Ezesi'i society, there is no sexual dimorphism between males and females; and are instead told apart by their names.

Even though in terms of physical strength they can be quite frail, the Ezesi'i are powerful telepaths and are able to influence others through concentration. According to the Ezesi'i, this power stems from peering into a "realm of a silent maelstrom" while in a meditative state akin to sleep. A more scientific theory is that a part of their brains flares up while in the aforementioned state, giving them a way to use their latent powers. Additionally, the Ezesi'i have gone on to incorporate this natural ability into their technology, allowing them to access it at any point in time.

Behaviour and Psychology[]

Ezesi'i society first formed around their hedonistic lifestyle, and a continuous search for new and exciting ways to express oneself exists within it. In fact for much of their spacefaring history, slavery and the usage of domesticated servants has played a major part in this. Unlike many species native to Tuuros, the Ezesi'i aren't inherently xenophobic and instead seek to allow other races to prosper while being guided by them. This belief of the Ezesi'i in that their guidance is a necessity for the galaxy to thrive at its fullest, is often seen by other members of the galactic community as an evident superiority complex. However, the Ezesi'i seek to view all species as equals, even if they would have to be servants.

Language and Naming Conventions[]

As a creation of the telepathic minds of the Ezesi'i, Ezes-niiht, or, as its literal translation would have it be, Child Speech is a structured, yet highly malleable language. Due to its surprisingly easy-to-understand nature, the language is spoken both by the Ezesi'i themselves and many of their slaves, and also given the Sacrosanctity's major role in the galactic slave market is often picked up by slavers wishing to do business within the deeper reaches of Sacrosanctity controlled space. As a spoken language, Ezes-niiht is meant to be spoken in a slow pace; with the speaker leaving pauses between each word - often being noted to resemble those left between sentences in most galactic languages. The only point where this rule is not put into effect is when using compound words, where instead the pace of speech is supposed to accelerate, something which is marked in Ezes-niiht writing with the words forming the compound word being connected by hyphens.

Additionally, every Ezes-niiht word ending in the letter 'i' is given the 'of Ikara' ('i) suffix. This practice has given a sacred meaning to the words ending as such, and as a direct result, the esteemed government-funded Saris Academy of Literary Studies maintains a set of strict policies and checks in place when dealing with new words brought into the classic lexicon by contact with the rest of the galaxy. The naming process of individuals and planets is similarly overseen by government officials, with only every ten-thousandth child being allowed to bear such a name that denotes them to be strongly linked to the Ezesi'i mother goddess herself, and thus is considered a cause for celebration. In addition to the government regulation, these names, much like the words used in speech that have the suffix, have to work in context alongside it - often resulting in the child's name carrying a meaning in day-to-day life, and in many cases being taken from other people who have had the suffix in the past.


Hmmm. If these Ezesi'i believe themselves ready to knock on our door, then the Asilapheans will respond in kind.

- Lord-General Sarhadraxantal of the Asilaphean Empire

Hah! The commodity of slavery is but a pittance to some. Come to Pal-Tala, and see true slavery in action, fiendish and weak flower-life!

- War Arbiter Hrantaec of the Vranntan Order

Weeds. Flourish into something of use or wither away.

- Sethzak



  • The Ezesi'i were inspired by a Stellaris playthrough and in particular by this species.

  • Galaxy Colonisation - Open
  • Native Civilisation System Limit - 62,500
  • Foreign Civilisation System Limit - 10,000
  • Advancement Cap - Tier 3.5/Kardashev Scale II