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This dragon hypnotizes its victims into submission.

- War Dragons description on the Etzel

Etzels, also known as the Spiked Serpents, are a large amphithere species native to Earth's Northern Islands. They originated from the popular mobile game War Dragons.


Etzels are thought to have originated in the Northern Islands, but there are also theories that they moved there from other zones of the globe, due to their body shape being alien to most other dragons in the islands. Etzels are belived to share a common ancestor with "windtail" type dragons such as Dominuses and Leviathans.

Like most other dragons in the islands, Spinophis were bred and trained as weapons for war by the inhabitants of the Islands. Also like them, Etzels are nearly extinct in the wild, due to the massive hunt for their eggs. Over three quarters of the population are represented by captive individuals used for war.


Physical description[]

Etzels are very large creatures, measuring up to 40 meters in length and a wingspan of about 15 meters, but a weight of only between 300 and 700 kilograms. Etzels have a long, serpentine body, full of pointy fin-like ornaments on its back. They only have two lings, which consist of wings resembling those of dragons, ending in claws. Their head is reptilian, but their upper jaws has a spiky end, causing the skull to slightly resemble a beak with teeth. They also posess five thorns arranged in a way they resemble a crown. Etzels are green and orange.


Etzels inhabit the Northern Islands of Earth. They mainly reside the mountain areas of the archipelago.


Etzels, like most other dragons in the Northern Islands, are aggresive creatures that will attack other creatures that enter their territory. Etzels, however, don't act like most other dragons when other creatures attack them. Instead of inmediately attempting to kill the threat or just drive it away, Etzels will settle down the combat without causing much damage at all. Previously speculated to be magical mind control, new studies claim that Etzels can release pheromons in the air that change the behavior of other dragons. The Spiked Serpent will usually use this ability to make the dragon leave its territory passively, but might often turn the opponent into a "servant", which will aid its master in hunt and in defending the territory until the effect wears off. If an opponent shows immunity to the pheromone, the Etzel will use it's other skill. It can store freezing water drank from the cold seas of the Northern Islands on it's dorsal fins in a similar way to a cactus, and then spit it out at the opponent to scare it off, though the water might often cause death by hypothermia as well.

Despite being aggresive in the wild, Etzel hatchlings can be tamed. These are docile except when their owner requires them to not be so, and will be loyal to their master for the rest of their life.




In the collaborative project, Etzels have been taxonomically classified as dragons belonging to the Amphitherae family. Appearance-wise, their closest relatives are the Seraphim Serpents.

Inside Dinoman972's personal system, Spinophis are classified in their own family: Spinophidae. This family is in the superorder Pterophidia, consisting of creatures that evolved from four-limbed snakes, developing wings in most cases and eventually losing their legs in the case of the order Amphithera. They are related to the suborders Gigaptera and Vermulomorpha. They are also believed to share a common ancestor with the members of the order Aerocaudia.

Their binominal name is Spinophis rostrisaura. Their genus name means spiked serpent in greek, while the epithet means beaked lizard in a mix of latin and greek.

Quotes on them[]

This dragon hypnotizes its victims into submission.

- War Dragons description on the Etzel


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Behind the Scenes[]

  • An unfinished version of a flying Etzel exists, but was abandoned due to problems with both complexity and keeping the spiral shape in the tail, as in the original game.

Other trivia[]

  • Etzels are one of the few amphitheres in the wiki.
    • They are also the only amphitheres in the original War Dragons game.
  • The Etzel was the first of Dinoman's creations to get a secondary custom classification.