The Estodo are the peaceful cousins of The Grox who truly hate them. Their objective is to convert them into their ways so that the galaxy will fall into harmony much more effectively than the Bards or the Zealots. It is believed that they actually came from both Zealot and Bard peoples, and they mixed to form their ways.


The Estodo started as a basic cellular life form that was closely related to a human's body cell. They quickly formed eyes and within a small billion years they were a complex multicellular organism that had eyes and primitive muscles.

On land, they had no trouble ignoring others and simply learning how make things that could defend themselves from others. They did very well and learned to make tents, which made it easy to become a tribe.

Upon the arrival of the Uttuku tribe of the Estodo, there was nobody that stood a chance against their catapults. After all, they did have about 2 thousand years of head start when it came to tools. When they were ready to try out their new building technology, a huge object from the sky trampled the ground, and the Estodo checked it out. They were amazed by the technology on it, but then it shot up into the sky again and took them in with a beam of life.

They were then dropped on a T3 planet called Keranashan. Their abducters called themselves The Grox and said that they needed a group of people to make a religion. Then they could try it out on other violent peoples to see if they would grow stronger. In exchange for at least trying, they said they would leave them alone on the plentiful planet as long as they stayed on it. The Estodo accepted and formed a religion they called Chutism.


Since The Grox had given them no real option, the Estodo made their religion with pride and made a book that stated the ways of Chutism. It is divided into arms, and each arm's sentence is called a system. This symbolizes that the entire book of Chutism, called the Finvox (Which means end of [the bad side of The Grox]), makes the entire galaxy. The entire Finvox is not shown here, but a good deal of it has been translated into English, though certain translations may be a little questionable.

There is only one true way, and Chutism is its name. The main point of all actions in a good person is to assure that there is more happiness. It is possible for there to be more happiness by war; one people causes unhappiness, but destroying them brings bliss to others. Every little thing matters, but not all of it counts equally. There is only one true leader, our leader. Our leader, the leader, must be chosen by vote.

- Arm 1, Finvox

Non-followers bust at the very least understand the way, not necessarily to believe it, in order to not be destroyed. Our leader is a god, because a god is simply a person with immense power. Eliminate those who create unhappiness, no matter what. There are three ways to make happiness; ally others, destroy haters, or convert non-followers. Convert wanderers, and when they arrive at a new place, they will blossom the way.

- Arm 2, Finvox

There are rules for war, only targets may be harmed, and the target will always be destroyed. If you are about to lose a war, attack with all your might using your last breath. There is such thing as winning and losing, but it is never absolute. Enjoy yourself, bring happiness to this world. Doing favors is the most simple way to bring happiness.

- Arm 3, Finvox

Everything can be explained with science. If people are neutral with happiness, lead them or convert them. There is no day of religious holiday; all days are of equal importance. When the leader has doubt, the grand council will lead the way. Capital punishment will be abolished in all believing and allied peoples.

- Arm 4, Finvox

Do not expand unless all lands are completely settled and stable. Fear is unhappiness. The path to Harmony must be taken, one must achieve happiness to all in the most honest manner. To lie to make instant unhappiness. Bliss is the supreme happiness, and one cannot have it unless one is completely honest. Nobody is perfect.

- Arm 5, Finvox

Although there are more arms, most of these go into subjects that are much too complex for the general subject of Chutism. The first 5 arms are the basic arms of Finvox. Most commoners only know these.


The Estodo speak in Karanaplai, which is one of many forms of language known by The Grox. It is uncommon outside of their planet.

The Estodo also have many poets and speakers, who all have something to say about The Grox. One of the more famous Estodo poets is Rio ni Joi. He wrote many books on peace and Chutism, and he is a strong atheist who says that Chutism is indeed not a religion but a belief system, especially due to one sentence in the Finvox:

Everything can be explained with science.

- Arm 4, System 1, Finvox

Rio ni Joi has a very famous writing on The Grox, and it is relating to the Finvox. It states:

It is upon my thoughts that though were are to be enslaved we are actually free. We have a duty, and we can do it, and since we have this option we will prove higher than the majority of the population of the angry peoples who captured us during our times of lesser sapience. Perhaps it is true that the Finvox is sacred, but read from an author's standpoint, it is terrible. There is a reason why The Grox do not criticize it: they have no recognition of what is good. They are so full of themselves that they capitalize their entire name, even 'The'. They are not an example, and they are not to be coped with. They will be overthrown, and they will realize that their authority is nothing more than dirt.

Rio Ni Joi, from his writing Useless Epiphany