From the cavernous rocky world of Amasul, the Escarilan are a subterranean race of poorly-sighed reptilian humanoids. Organised under a technocratic government, the species are an abused people often seen as the punching bag of the Ton-Yato Sector in the Tuuros Galaxy. It is well know that the Escarilan race has served as a slave species to multiple empires, subjugated by a variety of fallen states, and even a few that have yet to be confirmed as lost.

Escarilans are most comfortable underground, and build their cities under the surface of the planets they inhabit in immense, artificial caverns which they dig out over time. Over the centuries, the Escarilans have adapted to these conditions; developing a strong sense of smell, and powerful eyes capable of piercing the darkness of their homes. In turn, surface life for the Escarilans is uncomfortable at best and impossible at worst, as the light blinds them, and the open nature of the surface causes severe agoraphobic reactions.

The Escarilan Technocracy are the primary state of the species, serving as one of Tuuros' most technologically advanced nations, excluding the major local hyperpowers, though one that finds itself often being stolen from more often than bought from.



Driven underground by solar radiation long before being introduced to the wider galaxy during the years in which the Escarilans struggled to unify their race, Escarilan biology is specifically adapted to life underground. The race are scaled sauripod homosaurians (bipedal reptilian humanoids with tails) suited to subterranean life in an oxygen environment. An Escarilan's frame is frail and scrawny, with little musculature and lacking in biomass. Escarilans posses eyes with high light sensitivity and a strong sense of smell to locate prey and other members of their species.

Digitigrade legs provide Escarilan locomotion, with large padded feet with armoured soles for protection against the rough stone floors. Though it is not obvious on first examination, the ankle is part of the lower leg, rather than being at the base of the foot. The foot itself is unable to bend from the lowest portion of the leg in a manner like a human.


A form of agoraphobia is highly common in Escarilan society, triggered by wide open spaces such as the surface of the planets they inhabit. The cause of the anxiety disorder is a safety measure from the Escarilan's ancient past where the surface was blasted by cancer-inducing radiations of a daily basis, causing even short-term exposure to the sky to be incredibly dangerous.

Oddly enough, unlike some of the other races in the Tuuros Galaxy, the Escarilans seen naively unaware of the dystopian state of the greater galaxy. This naiveté seems at odds with, though completely accentuates the general hellishness of the rest of the galaxy. They are often eager to extend the hand of friendship and open diplomatic relations with other space fairing species from the safety of their cavernous homes, only to be caught off-guard time and time again when they are ultimately enslaved and subjugated.

This optimistic nature seems incapable of being dissuaded by the state of the galaxy they exist in, though in recent years has proven to be waning, if only slightly, indicated by an increasingly cautious population.




Escarilan society is broken up into four primary Castes; everyone with a place, and a place for everyone. Amongst their castes, citizens adhere to a highly strict doctrine of eugenics; any form of love, sex or breeding between different castes or (if ever possible) species is the equivalent of grievous breaches of ethics. This has been so highly ingrained into Escarilan culture that the species even consider sex to be nothing other than a state-mandated act meant only, like everything else, to serve society as a whole as a means of sustaining the species.


Due to their nature as submissive and subservient creatures, the Escarilan are often found to make ideal slaves. Though physically weak and unattractive, the species posses an intellect often unseen in the ravaged stars of the Tuuros galaxy. The slave trade of Escarilan's is ever-strong, captured from their cities and dragged away to be forced to work in mines or factories or even in engineering in some cases! As a side effect of their mindless docility and friendly nature the race needs little security watching over them, or to motivate slaves into working; given time, the cyborg species will simply come to enjoy being slaves, blind to the torment that is inflicted on them.


It is said that Escarilans and technology go hand in hand, and where members of the species are found, their tinkering projects are likely to be present. Their unnatural affinity for technology has lead to them creating highly advanced AIs, mech-suits, farming arrays, and other systems that one would be hard-pressed to find in the Hellspace of Tuuros. Some examples of Esclarian technology includes the Talon-EX Battlesuit, and electro-magnetic, hyper-velocity plasma rifles.

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