Ernaironi are undead spirits of Ernai Empire, controlled by the Eola'Nar. They serve as an elite force in the Manifest of the Eola'Nar.

Origin and biology[]

Ernaironi are revived spirits of the Ernai, ones who once foughtthe Spinker Empire and followed Spode. Physically, they look much like the living Ernai, but look undead, rotten, like corpses. Their skin is turned black/purple similar to that of their masters.

Ernaironi are not of flesh and blood though, composed of vengeful Ernai spirit and elemental energy binding it to the mortal world. They bind matter around them to form their bodies; as a result, they cannot be killed completely; for if their bodies are destroyed, they are sent back into Purgatory and revived.


Once, Ernaironi were mortal beings, and were known as the Ernai Empire. They were influenced by the Eola'Nar, and adopted a Spode religion like Radeons. However, over time, they became paranoid, zealous and aggressive, which led them to their downfall during the war with Spinker Empire. They served their strange, unknown purpose into the Manifest's plans, yet they remembered their fanaticism and determination.

When Shu'ulathoi became a threat to the Universe, Eola'Nar have noticed that Corruptus now use massive beasts of destruction, the Marinoxidiz. Sanktanaars have decided to use a similar force to fight them; and so they decided to revive the old empire with a new purpose. Overmaster Telfar, using his massive psychic powers, brought Ernai back to life as undead spirits. He turned their desolate homeworld into massive flying planet fortress, called Planet Ressurection, and sent them to fight for the cause of Manifest. Ernaironi were proven highly effective and became a part of the Eola'Nar hierarchy, becoming an elite force of Manifest.


Ernaironi live in the graveworlds, rogue planets (similar to the Corruptus Overworld) which orbit Demiurg's Gate and are teleported whenever they are needed. Graveworlds were originally Ernai planets, and so they are filled with ruins of Ernai Empire's cities, rebuilt and now housing Ernaironi.


Ernaironi retain their original culture from the times of War of 50 Stars. They are religious, and treat their masters with reverence, like messengers of Spode. They even partially retained their original family structures; and they still live on planet Ressurection like they did before; trading, working and living their original lives. When Manifest calls, however, Ernaironi rise and fight for the Eola'Nar.

Quotes from other empires[]

Well, they are useful, aren't they?

- Random Eola'Nar.

Not again! NOT AGAIN!

- Captain Koluap-Bot
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