The Empahreen are a species in the Dominion of the Xhodocto.


Empahreen hail from the infamous Carrion Worlds in the Corrupted Sector. Empahreen do not treat any of these planets their homeworlds due to their strange and twisted biology, as Empahreen somehow contain a naturally occuring tachyon drive in their bodies, making them able to cross the huge distances in minutes by turning into tachyonic particles. This, together with their quickly growing numbers and malevolent minds, have made them ruthless pirates, scavengers and criminals, entire Empahreen populations thriving on disorder. They have created a rotting, wretched hive known as the Empahreen Dominion in their Carrion Worlds, dominated by endless struggle for power within and without. Empahreen joined the Devourer's Chosen not by force or by corruption, but at will, seeking power like always. As time passed, however, now-corrupted Empahreen's bodies and minds were twisted and disfigured, although they still remain backstabbing and malevolent.



Empahreen are insectoid or reptilian in look, having strong legs, small arms, large eyes and small clawed mandibles. They have white, glossy exoskeleton, sparking with entropic energies, and they are always swift and agitated due to their quick metabolism. Empahreen's look barely changed since their indoctrination, the only major changes being their eyes turning red and claws becoming slightly larger.


Empahreen society is best to be described as the tyranny moderated by assassination. Every single member of their species plots against his or her superior and ensures that he or she won't be deposed by his or her own servants in a similar way. This hierarchy of betrayal is the keystone of the Empahreen Dominion and they do not see anything wrong or immoral in this, as this purges their society of weak and incapable. Even their language reflects this, having no words for "good" or "evil" but having many words describing betrayal, weakness and strength.


Empahreen use an array of stolen or developed technologies, in fact being one of the most advanced species in the Chosen. They often make use of "metal boxes", makeshift FTL spaceships used to support deep striking Empahreens with additional firepower. They can also hide in these boxes if they are fleeing, using them to escape easily.


As mentioned above, Empahreen can turn into tachyons for a short time, allowing them to travel between the stars without even needing spaceships. On the land, they are as fast, their large wings and powerful muscles giving them massive speed, around 150 km/h at maximum. While not really strong, their speed gives them massive momentum, and many battles were won for the Chosen when the enemies were defeated by multiple, simultaneous and devastating defensive deep strikes of Empahreen armadas. However, Empahreen lack endurance, their exoskeleton being frail and barely protecting them from harm. Empahreen's look barely changed since their indoctrination, only major changes being their eyes turning red and claws becoming slightly larger.



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