The Elysius, or formally known as the species of Elysius erididae (meaning: "pleasant people of the celestial Eridanus river"). They had originated from the Bearian people but due to a civil war (the Bearian Civil War), the Elysius had evolved from the Bearians and took their place of the galactic society. Just like their predecessors, they have taken in a major influence of the Human civilization, culture, and beliefs, as well as learning about the Bearian and Human histories.


Pre-Bearian Empire[]

The planet of Adelphos-2425b in the Delta Eridani, or Rana (translation; Latin: rana, English: "frog"), system was the planet of origin for the Bearian race. The Bearians had originated from the species of Bearitun (pronunciation: Bear-I-Ton) or Ursidae sapiens (translation: "thinking bears").

In the cellular stage, unlike other organisms, the organism that progressed to become the Bearitun, and eventually the Elysius, originated from the planet's environments. Being a nomadic species originated from their nomadic ways when they had evolved into creatures, especially when they could not evolve to protect themselves (in a physical sense).

However, they learned to survive with the help of working together, and later creating weapons to defend themselves. This led them becoming separate tribes and the creation of early Bearitun culture and beliefs. The tribes had different beliefs and traditions, and during these times, the Bearitun had created their language of Rgi'Edn-Suln (translation: "language of the brillant"), which had spawned other languages later as the tribes had separate to survive and thrive elsewhere. Popularly spoken Bearitun languages after the death of Rgi'Edn-Suln were Ule'Oqr (translation: "tongue of greatness"), Het'Qpln (translation: "few to speak"), and Jivgeol'Ficevp (translation: "speech of the privileged").

These traditions and beliefs had actually separated the Bearitun even more, but created more culture in the process. When the different tribes had started to become civilizations, they had a tendency to start wars for their own beliefs and traditions. During the growth of the separate cultures and technologies, many wars had inflicted the growth of advancements of the Bearitun society. Religion had become a grave issue in their early society as certain Bearitun civilizations had thought war was a way to show gratitude to their deities, an example was the religion known as Hfqdwz'Iusde (translation: "faith of the believers"). Meanwhile, others believed in pleasantries, peace, and unity, so they had followed the religion of Lpeisd-Gesdakj (translation: "belief of no aggression"). Some believed in the existence of no religion, a group had called themselves Hecnjas`Gedsli (translation: "creed of non-believers").

Later advancing to beginning of their space age, and ending of their civilization age, the Bearituns had changed their name to the Bearians to sound more civilized. The Bearians, however, had still carried on the old traditions and beliefs, but had also started a few more and about 5 new languages in the process. Only a couple survived, namely Uielsr'Ifreq (translation: "dialect of the advanced"), and Hjsnefi,Jkedpbe (translation: "words of the future"), which had resulted in the creation of the Uieqtw'Mghejt (translation: "dialect of the Bearian"), which is in present use. As the Bearians were reaching the final stages of their civilization age, they had fought to what is similar to the "Space Race" in Human history. Eventually, one civilization had prevailed, the Yuhdql-Nmpe'oi (translation: "society of technology"), due to their advancements of technology of the time (especially in economy, warfare, and social technologies).

The Bearian Empire[]

Before the civil war, the Bearians (ancestors of the Eridius species) were a very peaceful race of sentient Earth-like bears. Records that still exist in the old archives (since many were reported to be destroyed due to the collapse of certain sections by nuclear friction caused near the end of the civil war) show that Reach (a name given to their second home-planet by an ancient space-age Human civilization) was a planetary retreat from another empire, known as the Grox Empire.Surviving records say that the Bearians had originally lived on a planet known as Adelphos-2425b (translation: Adelphos = "brother",) their planet of origin. Grox had wanted complete galactic domination and had target planets just like Adelphos-2425b due to the sentient races of such planets entering their early stages of galactic expansion.

The Bearians had fought for about what is believed to be 9 Human years, however, it had resulted in the loss of many ancient records and their former home-world. A few days before what was believed to be the end of their world, about 1/3 of the entire population had evacuated to Reach in the Epsilon Eridani system. Due to early development of space-travel technology, approximately 1/6 of the surviving population had fallen due to either being shot down by Grox invasion and fight ships or were torn apart in hyper-space due to the failure of the evacuation ships' shields.

The remaining survivors had settled onto Reach and created a newer society in less than a Human century (100 Human years.) During this time, the Bearians had continued to expand in the Epsilon Eridani system, growing colonies on neighbouring planets Tantalus, Beta Gabriel, Circumstance and Tribute. They had also met with the ancient Human civilization, who had secret plans to conquer the Bearian's second home-planet to make another Human colony.Both civilizations had shared their separate cultures, histories, and beliefs for a brief time before the Humans had grown tired of gaining their trust.

This impatience led to the Human-Bearian war, which had taken around 48 Human years to resolve. When finally resolved, the solution of Humans and Bearians living together was reached. Humans had continued to expand along with Bearians, evolving the Humans into what is known as the species of Eridius hominins (meaning: "Humans, and related, of the celestial Eridanus river"). The Bearians and Eridian Humans had created an alliance and civilization under the name of the Bearian Nations Space Command (formerly known by the BNSC.)

The Bearian Nations Space Command[]

As the BNSC had developed, the Bearian race had created colonies and spread throughout Sector 5 of the Plazith Rim. They had known that there had existed different forms of life throughout the galaxy, but they had wondered what these other empires had planned. Soon, the BNSC had met some of the most powerful empires such as the Delpha Coalition of Planets while they joined many alliances, notably the Seven Starr Alliance and the Civilization, formerly known as the Milky Way Cooperative.

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