In that time, no man nor beast were taught to speak. These entities spoke with motion and great intrinsic powers of which this world is still being created from. And yet, this world, the modern world, sits among forces invisible and greater in scope than they realise.

- Kinmorunddraver World-Walker

The Elementals, also known as the Aspects of Nature, are one of the many forms of life that roam the world of Koldenwelt.


As a whole, Elementals were among the first forms of life on Koldenwelt; existing at a simultaneous time to the Echdrarothrayu and the first of the Kelodhros races. Alongside the Colossi, Elementals were widespread on Koldenwelt until the time the Echdrarothrayu were destroyed by Caligaduro Provectus two hundred and fifty thousand years ago, where the Void Denizens began a dark cleansing upon Koldenwelt's surface; purging much of the world of Elementals, Immortals and Colossi. Much of the Elementals went into hiding following these purges, trying to escape from Caligaduro's sights and extent.

To this day, Elementals remain as one of the only fundamental life forms that exist on Koldenwelt; since then, their presence has dwindled considerably, much of them existing in places that are difficult to venture through or places unknown to the modern world.



Representing the characteristics of their elements, the anatomies of Elementals are magically composed of their own elements; because of this, elementals can take on any particular appearance they so wish granted the magical scope of their bodies (for example, Fire Elementals may take on any aesthetic form whilst Forest Elementals are limited due to the composition of their bodies). Older and more powerful Elementals tend to take on a physically larger and more impressive form; sometimes rivalling or surpassing the Colossi in size. Each Elemental always has 'stereotypical' characteristics of their element; Water Elementals always have a fluid form whilst Earth Elementals always have a rigid stature.


Different to any other entity, Elementals have a mysterious connection to the natural order; whilst most to all Elementals are not sentient, most Elementals seem to have a structured psychology. Whilst it is probable that some Elementals can speak a language, Elementals are generally likely to be able to communicate through gestures or telepathically. Most Elementals are somewhat territorial to the modern world and some are entirely aggressive. Some scholars who specialise in the studies of Elementals believe that different Elementals are more aggressive than others. Despite this, Elementals are able to reason as well as interpret the body language of modern races as well as any other sentient race in the world.


It is believed that whilst the Elementals generally follow no society nor structured hierarchy, there may be Elementals who are the most powerful and oldest of their kind who may govern some authority in their race, much like an alpha of a herd. It is likely however that the Elementals may follow or have close bonds with the Colossi of their element, though the likelihood of Elementals treating Colossi as leadership is very low.


Pure ElementalsEdit

Pure Elementals are those associated with the arcane. Elusive even for elementals, they are heavily associated with the Aetheral Firmament.

Primary ElementalsEdit

Primary Elementals are those associated with fire, water, earth and wind. They are the most common of all elementals.

Secondary ElementalsEdit

  • Lightning Shades
  • Sand Ghosts

Secondary Elementals are those associated with ice, lighting and sand.

Nature ElementalsEdit

Nature Elementals are those associated with the magics of nature, such as plants, poison, animal matter and time.

Divine ElementalsEdit

  • Kharin-Eza

Divine Elementals are those associated with divine magic; light, dark, sun and storm. They are the rarest of all elementals.


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