The Eldarisian's are beautiful, courageous, faithful and intelligent leaders for the Empire. - Unknown

The Eldarisian's are a very intelligent race that is religious and logical. The Eldarisian's are known for their life-span, physically fragile bodies, mental capabilities and individual loyalty to the Empire



While every Eldarisian has a unique personality, their are many common traits that the Eldarisian's normally have. These traits are either natural or enforced at youth. The Eldarisian Empire normally enforces ideas on Eldarisian youth, this creates a perfected citizen that is loyal but still holds individualism. Enforcing these traits does not destroy individualism in the person or youth, it simply empowers them and also alienates them from outer-races. This perfected citizen causes the Eldarisian Empire to have little to no crime, political issues, corruption and outer race influence. But it also causes major alienation and hatred towards the very liberal universe. A trait every Eldarisian has naturally is that they think more about how their actions affect a individual or world, rather then live in the moment and go along with the situation. This makes Eldarisian's normally calm and friendly, but also zealous and logical.


Crime is a almost non-existing thing within the Eldarisian Empire and Eldarisian people. Crime is looked down upon and insulted. Faith, honor and overall morals tie almost every Eldarisian from being a criminal. Eldarisian criminals are usually mentally distorted people that have lost their way.


The Eldarisian Empire does not have a very high disorder population because of advanced medicine and some say because of the ban on inter-species sexual relationships. But their is still a small group of people with mental and physical disorders. The largest disorder is surprisingly mutism and the smallest is insanity. People with disorders are treated differently from a normal individual, usually treated with severe gentleness and friendliness mostly likely because they are pitied. People with disorders are not looked upon with hatred or prejudice, but they are pressured to fix their issue if possible. Genetic disorders are usually solved with medical treatment so reproduction is not denied to the disordered unless their issue is harmful to others.

Sexual InformationEdit

Male and Female Eldarisian's are a unique situation sexually since they mate mentally and the two genders can be distinguished by their body types, but more commonly; their flagella.

Body-wise, Eldarisian females have more curved bodies while males have more straight ones. Males are also usually taller then the Females and during their earlier years in their lifespan, Females have almost entirely flat-chests which start developing into breasts as they age and have children. It has been noted though that Eldarisian women who have died virgins do not develop much of their breasts, so it can be assumed that sexual interaction speeds up the process.

The flagella is used for seeing the Eldarisian's gender. If it is female, it is short and active. If it is male, it is long but less active. Flagella on their sides also shows their emotion, for example: if they are happy, it is active and moving around. The flagella also can give Eldarisian's stamina boosts in war, life and mating. However, female Eldarisian's still have breast, something males do not, this is another way of determining gender.

The Eldarisian's mate differently from other races. Eldarisian's mate by using a mental form. A male and female Eldarisian will prepare themselves by emptying their minds for a second and just thinking about the other mate. Soon they will need to mentally allow one another into mating. Once it is allowed, they mate mentally. In so doing when it is finished they are usually fatigued and the female is now pregnant. Every Eldarisian dislikes outer-race sexual activity since they have been taught to shun it since birth. So it is unclear if outer-races can be impregnated or not.

Eldarisian's still feel the sexual pleasure despite no physical interaction since the connection between the two causes the brain of both individuals to send out a signal throughout the body to simulate it. This causes them both to feel without even touching one another, but it also causes them to fatigue since the brain will eventually lose the ability to continue sending out signals and it will exhaust them mentally.

Children are born since every Eldarisian is born with a set of genes and some are activated while others are not. This causes the deactivated ones to be seen as a threat by the body and results in them being destroyed. Yet once reproduction occurs, those once destroyed genes are revived in females and could potentially pack together. This packing will cause the body to not reject them and those genes will be passed onto the offspring along with the dominate ones. The recessive genes will become dominate if the originally dominate genes are less in number and power.

To combat the recessive genes, the male could help influence the production of the dominate genes by focusing greatly on what they see as their companions dominate traits. This can cause some recessive traits like Shyness to grow and some dominates like Outgoing to lessen. It just matters on the females dominate and recessive genes and how the male perceives them.

Essence InformationEdit

With the introduction of Elemental energy, Eldarisia has made a discovery. The Eldarisian's seem to learn Essence harnessing faster then other races, most have linked it to the Homeworld of the Eldarisian's, Cyloia. Yet, scientists have been studying the body once it is using the mind and essence and have found Eldarisian's to be naturally more advanced mentally. This was already known, but it was not known that essence is not connected to the mind and is instead connected to the life force or spirit of the user. The new evidence has caused a big leap in essence usage and has caused many to believe it as a gift from Cuth.

Unique TraditionsEdit

The Eldarisian's zealously teach tradition, it is seen as a necessary good within their families, Empire and life itself.

  • Outfit: Eldarisian's are allowed to wear anything they find comfortable as long as it isn't revealing or breaking any dress based rules. But most find the simple Gasmask-Tunic outfit to be the most safe and easiest to wear since it is the main outfit worn by Eldarisian's. The outfit first originated in the crusade on Cyloia as Governments used propaganda to influence citizens to wear 'Safe and simple clothing' instead of very 'individualistic and dangerous clothing'. The style surprisingly stuck after the war and is now the basic attire of every Eldarisian.
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