Let his death be an example to those who would defy the will of the gods! Your primitive civilisation has found salvation in our conquest, and you shall take honour in it.

- Vos Adamae, upon the death of Leader Jahalara

The Eaglartin are a race of piscine humanoid creatures natives of Planet Fanaticus, located at the Friura Sector of the Borealis Galaxy. Formerly an openly hostile civilization who sought to submit other races to their religion, they were eventually defeated by the Niaka Special Forces and afterwards absorbed into the Cognatus Empire, which resulted in the enslaving of their people, who were forced to abandon their previous beliefs in order to not face extinction at the claws of the Cogsangui.

Before their enslavement, the Eaglartin were zealous followers of the god called Lud'nev, though they were forced to worship the Oikoumene or face destruction by their Cognatus masters. Following the events of the War of Cleansing, they live under the protection of the Polar Crystal Alliance.


The Eaglartin's pre-spacefaring times are marked by religious wars and bloodshed, with their people having grown extremely aggressive over time for reasons so far unknown. It is speculated their homeworld of Fanaticus was visited by messengers of Spode at some point of their history, but complications led to the Eaglartin becoming extremely vicious in their worship, something which would eventually affect their future empire. The spacefaring nation of the Eaglartin, known as the Azure Theocracy, was founded at around 3,600 b.C. and initiated an aggressive expansion through Friura, leading to war against numerous factions including the empires of the Niaka.

A mysterious Eaglartin commander known merely as the Emerald Leader took over the title of ruler during the times of the First Borealis Galactic War and was widely seen as the greatest leader of the Theocracy's history due to his victories against the "heretics" of the galaxy including the Zoles and Wranploer, and myth says he eventually vanished as soon as he had arrived. The Theocracy remained on its sector for the next centuries until the events of the Second Borealis Galactic War triggered the ruler at the time, Leader Jahalara, to initiate a new campaign of heretic purging until he was eventually stopped on his tracks by the combined efforts of the Niaka, Minga, Adrahira and Egelielano races after they worked together to invade and surrender Fanaticus.

The Niaka Special Forces surrendered the Eaglartin and offered them a chance for peace, a concept the fish creatures were not familiar with for not believing peace was possible without the worship of their god. They eventually agreed and attempted to improve their international reputation by pledging support to the Zoles Imperium for the next years of the war, though they eventually committed a mistake when an expedition of Eaglartin missionaries visited the Cognatus Empire in an attempt to peacefully convert the Cogsangui to their religion. The vicious and super-advanced zealots of the Cyrannus Galaxy found this act an insult to their empire and waged war on the Eaglartin as a result, leading to the complete destruction of the Azure Theocracy and the death of their leader.

The Eaglartin remained enslaved by the Cognatus Empire for the next 26 years until the War of Cleansing took place. The Polar Crystal Alliance and the Unified Order of Cognalorilos organized a campaign to push the Cognatus out of Borealis and save the Eaglartin from their rule, which ultimately succeeded at the cost of the destruction of their homeworld of Fanaticus. Currently, the Eaglartin live under the protection of the Alliance, serving as minor members.



The Eaglartin are fish-like creatures with typically blue scales, though green ones are also often seen. They stand in a humanoid stance and possess jaws similar to those of a terran piranha, filled with sharp rows of teeth. Much of their bodies is often hidden by armor, which is seen as an important part of their culture. Overall, the Eaglartin possess a rather basic body structure when compared to most other Borealis aliens.


For unknown reasons, the Eaglartin came to believe the concept of peace without the worship of Lud'nev was an impossibility and therefore waged war against the universe in order to achieve their own stability. Their defeat at the hands of the Niaka led to them to attempt pacifying themselves, something many found extremely difficult or uncomfortable to do. Ever since the destruction of Fanaticus, the Eaglartin have become reclusive and are slowly ceasing their worship of Lud'nev for believing he either abandoned them entirely or never existed to begin with.


The Eaglartin, in physical terms, possess very low strength and endurance, and in the event one had a fist fight with a human, they would lose under most circumstances. The only biological advantages of the Eaglartin are their powerful teeth and their marine affiliation, which allows them to swim with some grace underwater. The race possesses pairs of lungs which allow them to breath air, though they are more comfortable using gills located at the sides of their heads.


The Emerald Leader

This galaxy is loaded with heresy. I will not allow this to stand no longer!

  • Name - Unknown
  • Affiliation - Azure Theocracy
  • Status - Assumed deceased

The individual known only as the Emerald Leader is the fabled Eaglartin who appeared to the Azure Theocracy to lead them during the First Borealis Galactic War. Widely famed for his great feats, he allowed the empire to grow in size and power the most out of its whole history through series of victories against the other inhabitants of the galaxy, including the Zoles Imperium and the Wranploer Legion. The Emerald Leader is a figure of great mystery, for there are no reports of his birth or death, with him mysteriously vanishing at the end of the war to let the Eaglartin rule themselves once again.

Leader Jaharala

We have been blind for too long. It's time to redeem ourselves...

  • Name - Jaharala
  • Affiliation - Azure Theocracy
  • Status - Deceased

Jahalara was the final leader of the Azure Theocracy whose ancestors are said to have served the Emerald Leader. Most known for being the ruler of the empire during the Second Great War, Jahalara waged war against the galaxy and was eventually defeated by the Niaka Special Forces, who forced him to better his ways in order to survive. While he attempted to do so, he eventually met his end at the claws of Vos Adamae, an act which marked the destruction of the Azure Theocracy and the enslavement of the Eaglartin people.



I went through so much effort to pacify those damned cultists. And then these Cyrannians show up and ruin everything. I swear I will see the Eaglartin free again even if I must chase these terrorists all the way back to their home galaxy.

- Xerkea

Whether they were maniacal cultists or not, I still consider their enslavement a crime. Hmph, I know that karma exists in this universe - and those aliens severely overdid it.

- Hachiman

Their enslavement was a mercy. One they did not deserve. Were it not for the will of my superiors, I would have turned them to ash!

- Vos Adamae

I know little of their nature before the false Cognatus invaded, though it does not excuse their fate at the hands of bloodthirsty fools who dishonour the name "Cognatus".

- Voro Acetenus



  • The Eaglartin were originally meant to use the Maxis made models known as "Zealot Commando", which also served as the name of their empire. This has since been changed for something more original.
  • The current model of the Eaglartin was made by Cyrannian.
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