Silence! We're working on a new weapons project!

- Duletha

The Duletha are a race of weapons scientists in the Indoctrinate Collective of Union Republic of Ottzello. In URO, they bring much of the Collective's culture to it, and are associated with the Kralgon and Ottzelloan Grox as largely a scientist race.



The Duletha were a race created by the Vyro'Narza, but unlike the other Vyro'Narzan races, they originated in an unexplored sector of the Milky Way Galaxy, one with a few planets that had Chronoscopic like the Ottzello Galaxy did (this sector would later become the original Ottzello Sector, before that sector was relocated to the Borealis Galaxy). The Duletha, however, instead of evolving with all the Chronoscopic technology, experimented with destructive chemicals, as well as new methods of conquering any foe.

Throughout their history on their rough environment, they constantly went to war building the biggest and best weapons to exist. One civilization discovered antimatter, and managed to annihilate every other civilization, and steal their technology left in the remnants.

Space era[]

The Duletha's world was ruined. There were few plants left alive. There were few citizens left alive. While the world was a Chronoscopic world, it had basically the same science to it as any world, so even though it could heal itself, it had been killed too much to. The Duletha used the technology they'd put into weapons and metals to leave their planet, and search for a new one. Along the way, they destroyed many civilizations to gain their technology.

However, at around the time of the Battle for Planet Kaizox, when the Dracogonarious went to war with the Marinox Empire, the Duletha waned to get involved with their enormous arsenal of weapons, but it was not enough to defeat the Marinox. The Marinox caused huge damage to the Duletha, all but decimating their empire, but were it not for the Dracogonarious, the Duletha wouldn't have been savd.

Second Coming[]

This is the time when the Duletha joined the Collective and UNO.

Second War of Black Fog

The Duletha survived as allies of the Dracogonarious, and the races shared many technological secrets. The Duletha, however, were torn apart by the Marinoxidiz during the Second War of Black Fog, as the Marinoxidiz' revenge on the Duletha. The Duletha, despite their new technologies since that war, were near destroyed. They simply went to refuge, and luckily, the Marinoxidiz were destroyed before they could be discovered.

Annihilation and Post-Annihilation

The Duletha Refuge found their way to some of the arcs for evacuation in the Annihilation. The Duletha were separated, however, and their refuge split in two. The Apalos, when delivering them to their homes, delivered half to the Indoctrinate Collective, due to their past involvement with the Dracogonarious and their scientist personality, and half to the Unified Nation of Ottzello, due to being Chronoscopic beings and the Unified Nation's benefit from another member.

Some of the Duletha who colonized the Borealis Galaxy along with the Collective were also corrupted by Emperor Marigrax as well, making them join the Devourer's Chosen.

When the Unified Nation was destroyed, many Duletha became members of the Union Republic of Ottzello.



The Duletha's mouth is shaped n a way that it can be completely shut; this is an evolution to mean they are capable of holding their breath when gas comes, and they also have large lungs to accompany them. Duletha are also very large, which is assumed due to some reaction with radioactive chemicals. In addition, their arms are strong and their scales tough, possibly from war and carrying equipment and weaponry.


The Duletha are a fairly aggressive species, whose main role is simply to develop and test new, powerful and weird weaponry. Due to their physical toughness and immunity to some chemicals (immunity stronger than most species), they are good soldiers and weapons scientists.


The Duletha have a natural immunity to several of the most dangerous chemicals, making them perfect for testing weapons as they rarely receive the after effects to the same extent of most species. They also have a talent for research and development particular of weaponry.


In both the Indoctrinate Collective and URO, the Duletha use their empires' technology, but also use their own technology for their research. They use forms of nanotechnology, specially engineered micro-organisms, teleportation locks and defensive shielding to protect from the dangers of the chemicals they experiment, to remove after effects. The specially engineered organisms also give them biological immunity to chemicals; the Duletha's immunity to such is stronger than most, and they are also capable of supplying the ability to give injections to allow for this immunity.



  • The Duletha were originally designed at the fact that UNO have few scientist-related races aside the Ottzelloan Grox (which aren't so related to science) and Kralgon, and needed a scientist race- however the trend for UNO are for more dark, tough and aggressive characters with dark pasts. When OluapPlayer asked for Technobliterator to create an Indoctrinate Collective species, they were redesigned to fit both empires.
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