The Dubbya Tee Eff, or Dubbya for short, are strange, sometimes peaceful yet sometimes backstabbing beasts from the planet Vespin II. They are located in the Graxea Galaxy. While they at first may seem friendly, or even pacifistic, they have been known to attack all but their closest allies. They will attempt to ally if you provide good missions and good trade. If an empire is too much of a nuisance or threat, they will bore of you and will attempt to kill you. If you are a big empire, though, they will mostly stay on your good side. They sometimes try diplomacy as well, and if you are a true ally of the Dubbya they will fight for you until the very end.

Dubbya Appearance and BiologyEdit

Female Dubbya Tee Eff

The Dubbya Tee Eff are classified as Insolitus Bestia, which translates to "Strange Beast." True to their name, they are one of the odder members of the Spore universe. They are large, fishlike creatures with a single eyestalk, a slightly hunched back, and a long tail. Their body is adorned with lavender stripes and markings. Just like most mammals, the males are bigger than the females. Their hands are like a frog's flippers, their feet are like a sasquatches', and they have two tentacles on their tail. They are mostly quite muscular, but a few overweight specimens have been found. Their internal organs are larger than that of a human's, to make up for their larger size, and more of their skeleton is made of cartilage. This makes them flexible, but weakens their skeleton. Their necks have gill slits, hinting at their former underwater tendencies, but they no longer breathe underwater. They can hold their breath for three hours, though. They mate for life, and still use external fertilization.

Dubbya HistoryEdit

This page details a brief history of the Dubbya's exploits. For a history of their biological evolution, please go here. (Link coming soon)

The BeginningEdit

The Dubbya species began their life as a colony of eukaryotes, which were on a meteor that would later crash into the planet Vespin II. It was a watery planet, almost 80% water, and proved to be a more than adequate home for the eukaryotes. They were small and tentacled, with tiny filtered mouths taking in tons of plant life. They were also quite speedy, evading most predators with relative ease. Their lack of defensive elements caused them a lot of trouble, but eventually the Dubbya grew larger and larger. They even developed a primitive brain.


The Dubbya species walked outside of the water for the first time, washing up onto a small continent. They differed much from their later form, and had to stay near the water in order to reproduce. This did not prevent them, though, from fanning out into the world and socializing with other species. They were new to the world, and still pretty afraid of their surroundings. To cover this up they developed incredible socializing skills, and the more their brains developed the more improved these social skills grew. Eventually, the even managed to befriend a few Rogue creatures. These Rogues were adequate bodyguards, and defended the Dubbya from harm as they obtained more and more allies. Their brain eventually fully developed, and the Dubbya species grew sapient. Their grunting songs grew into a primitive language of grunts and clicks, and they began to grow quite clever. After studying a pile of rocks and sticks, they soon realized how to make fire. Striking a stick onto the pile, a large blaze sprouted. This bonfire would be the start of their tribal livings.

Tribal SapienceEdit

The three Rogue pets of the Dubbya tribe provided ample amounts of eggs, and watched over the Dubbya young as the adult tribe members went on trips to gather food. The Dubbya themselves began channeling their language into a new music, singing and shaking large, wooden maracas in order to impress other tribes. A religion also began to form when the Dubbya noticed a small monolith, with a picture of a blocky-looking Dubbya on it. They immediately began to wonder who brought this monolith, and crafted imaginative statues of what their creators may have looked like. Their first contact with other tribes usually involved a pleasant gift, a welcome, and a show of some music. Within a few hours of this concert, the other tribe would go from mildly irritated to quite satisfied. There was, however, one exception to this rule. The Lavender tribe was more hostile to the Dubbya than the others were, and before the Dubbya could even ready their maracas and fruit baskets they found themselves under attack.

All three of their bodyguard pets died fending off the savages, and this display of violence forever changed the Dubbya. How dare these strange barbarians invade their peaceful abode and kill their faithful pets? A small cruelty began to form in the Dubbya's guts, and they began harvesting the fruit of the toxic Sylvisteenz bush. The eyeball-shaped fruits of this bush were known to be toxic ever since a tribesman named Tim ate one out of pure curiosity. He barely survived 12 hours of the poison. Now its poison was put to use as it was sent to the Dubbya's Lavender rivals, who ate them and revelled while the Dubbya played cruel music. They camped outside of the town just to watch the barbarians suffer and die. Eventually, though, the Dubbya allied with the remaining tribes of the island and pooled their knowledge together to discover the science of mechanics. They built a primitive vehicle, and over time it eventually developed into a full-on machine.

Civilized LifeEdit

Once the Dubbya obtained new knowledge fromt heir various, they began refining their tribal huts. Small, wooden shacks gave way to larger stone ones, which gave way to more structured homes of steel and wood. This same logic developed their vehicles, which went from simple beast-drawn carriages to speed machines when the engine was developed. The development of gunpowder was the final step between tribal livings and a more civilized life, as it provided the Dubbya with powerful weaponry and awe-inspiring fireworks. Their religion grew as well, and soon proved to be the driving force of the Dubbyan empire. They spread the word of the gods who created them in their image, known as the Precursors, all across the continents of Vespin II. They built statues of the Precursors, wrote holy texts detailing their wars against the Mechanoid Ones, and even constructed magnificent temples. Some nations of the continent were more than open to the idea of the Precursors, and merged with the Dubbya. Others, however, were more hostile and aimed to destroy them.

Immediately the Dubbya sought out one or two good allies, who would protect them from more hostile cultures or provide good trade routes. They eventually found one, a fellow follower of the Precursors, and the two of them set out on a conversion spree. The two of them cut across the two island continents of Vespin II, with the Dubbya eventually taking over almost every city present. In a final frenzy, they created a massive hologram and converted all on the planet. Those whor esisted were killed by the Dubbyan Army, who had grown more brutal in order to provent anybody from walking over them. This sped along their transition from pacifistic wanderers to powerful, even brutal conquererors. Once the whole of Vespin II was under their control, they began to create a spaceship known as the S.S. Hubris.

The Final FrontierEdit

The Dubbya toiled for days and nights to build the Hubris, the shining star of the Dubbya fleet. It was a humongous ship, part party ship and part warship. It even has a large hot tub inside of the captain's quarters, which serves to both relax the Dubbya and help them feel closer to the water. The fleet was captained by none other than the Minister of Exploration himself, who is quite hands-on in his exploration techniques. After testing the controls and various functions of the spaceship, he flew out into the world to go and meet various forms of alien life.

They are a young empire but quite a powerful one, having taken a good-sized portion of one of the galaxy's arms. They are currently working on terraforming their current systems, especially their Pink and Purple Spice colonies, rather than expanding upon more empires. They range between around 30 to 45 star systems, and currently have two great allies. These closest allies include ecologists known as the Worker Robots and merchants known as the Labtech Bob. They are currently making first contact with the Sylit Republic, and have recently allied with the Core Federation. They also responded positively for an offer to join the Jarquvix Federation after meeting with one of their members, the Jovar. Most of their history, though, still needs to be fully formed. They are still new, after all.

Dubbya Disposition and PersonalityEdit

An empire's relationship with the Dubbya race is a major part of how they act toward that race. However, in general, they are a pretty prideful species. Insulting them or their allies, whether through actual words or through missions "unworthy" of them, is a good way to annoy them. They can be quite violent when angry, which was a defense mechanism adapted from the hostility that other tribes and civilizations provided them with on Vespin II. Another good way to piss them off, especially the Minister of Religion, is to insult the Precursors. A way to impress them, however, is to give them deadly missions. The more dangerous a mission, the more a thrill the Dubbya get from it. If they find two allies fighting each other, or an ally severly annoys them, they may turn on them and attack. Depending on what empires they ally with, this is either rare or an all-too-common occurance. For this reason, they are very careful about which empires they choose to ally with. They sometimes grow afraid of larger empires and try to stay on their good side, but even large empires will face the wrath of the Dubbya if they attack the Dubbya or their allies. Summary: Prideful, daring, suspicious.

Toward EnemiesEdit

If you are an enemy of the Dubbya, or attack one of their allies, expect to see no mercy. They are clever fighters, oftentimes luring enemies to their natural element or utilizing stealth tactics in order to gain an advantage. This is especially true of the water, since they are champions at underwater breathing. They are also quite ruthless, refusing to stop a war no matter how much they are begged from other empires. When all else fails they try to overwhelm their enemies through sheer technological force, flying over their colonies and bombing them into submission. The fact that Dubbyan ships are made to hold tons cargo, including bombs, helps immensely with this. They will accept surrender, but just utilize this temporary ceasefire to bomb cities unopposed. Summary: Ruthless, vengeful, clever.

Toward AlliesEdit

Truest allies of the Dubbya, though, have nothing to fear. An ally that has the Dubbya's complete respect will be treated like royalty whenever they enter Dubbyan soil. They gain discounts from the Dubbya's usual slightly overpriced trade prices, and when buying spice have access to only the finest spice harvests. They will also occasionally fly over to their allies' territories and, rather than bomb them, terraform their planets to be able to hold more life and colonies. They will also defend their allies from any threat, from a small ecological disease to an invasion from Grox probes. Even if their allies are larger and more powerful than they are, they will lend whatever firepower they can to a defense or an invasion. Sometimes, after a successful invasion of another planet, the Dubbya might give one of the conquered territories to their allies. Summary: Defensive, generous, friendly.

Dubbya TechnologyEdit

The Dubbya technology revolves around the mineral Dubbonium, holograms, energy shields, and bombs. They also use a lot of psychological techniques to seem more threatening.


Dubbyan technology revolves around a strange mineral found in the ground by Dubbya sceintists, which the prideful race named after themselves. This Dubbonium is a tough metal, although nowhere near the world's toughest. However, it does have the weird tendency of bending like rubber. This makes Dubbyan tech quite hard to break, but also not efficient for armor plating. When Dubbya scientists tried making a powered armor out of it, they found damage reduction disappointingly low. It is mostly used to make earthquake resistant architectural products or hard to break spaceships, making Product MechaDubbya only a dream in the eyes of most Dubbya. Attempts to make it into an alloy with iron have been disasterous, as Dubbonium is quite a reactive mineral. Maybe one day the Dubbya will find the perfect alloy of Dubbonium, but for now they stick with its pure, metallic form.


The Dubbya have quite a bit of technology mainly for the use of peacetime. Dubbonium's stretching properties have at least doubled the size of Dubbyan ship cargo holds, at the cost of making them look pregnant. Another part of Dubbyan technology is holograms, which are exclusively used for peacetime. NewsScreens scattered about the Dubbyan cities project out a holographic image of the current colony news. Dubbyan holograms are also used to give the Priestly Class a more dominating presence at church services and make Dubbyan television and movies seem even more exciting than usual. They have also developed terraforming technology quite well, being able to terraform many planets at a time without running out of ship fuel.


When it comes to wartime technology, the Dubbya specialize in shields and bombs. In order to make up for the usual softness of Dubbonium, much research has gone into making bigger and better forcefields. So far, powerful shields have been devloped for Dubbya ships, but due to the high cost they are only put on the most important parts of the fleet. There are also smaller shields invented for Dubbya infantry, but these are not too efficient at protection. When it comes to weaponry, though, their most powerful tool is psychology. They threaten all who attack them with the promise of eternal annhilation, dealt by a weapon called the Soul Driver. In reality the Soul Driver is of the same power as a common Mega Bomb, yet much more expensive. It falls slowly, taking about 5 seconds to reach the ground, lets out loud warning klaxons as it is about to touch down, and explodes in a gigantic mushroom cloud. What is the purpose of such a flashy, overelaborate weapon? Pure fear. The Dubbya hope that such a display of power will cause most empires to back down, even if the so-called doomsday is all smoke and mirrors.

The S.S. HubrisEdit


The S.S. Hubris is the crown jewel of the Dubbya fleet. It is made of many layers of Dubbonium, which makes it tougher than most Dubbyan ships. It is piloted by none other than the Five Ministers, who switch positions in front of the communications screen based on what they are dealing with. (EX, in a declaration of war the Minister of War takes center stage, while an alliance being formed would involve the Minister of Diplomacy speaking.) It is equipped with the usual spaceship tools, but for its size has quite a large cargo hold. There are many different stations of the Hubris.

Captain's QuartersEdit

This is where the Five Ministers pilot their ship from. A large communications screen shows the empire that they are talking to and translates their language into Dubbyan. It also contains a hot tub, which keeps the Ministers comfortable due to their natural urge to swim. A large map of the Graxea galaxy provides the locations of every star to the Ministers, who merely need to point at a star to have the Hubris' autopilot fly to it.

Casino SectorEdit

The Casino Sector helps to hammer in the Hubris' half party ship status. The casinos are actually better to play than the ones on Dubbya colonies, as the slots give higher amounts of money and are less rigged toward the house. This is where the Dubbyan maintenence crew often goes to relieve their stress, as working on a spaceship is a difficult job indeed.

Weapons Bay and TerraformerEdit

This section contains the double role of terraforming friendly planets and destroying hostile colonies. Ecological tools such as the Heat Ray and Cloud Seeder are all kept with weapons such as the Laser and Mega Bombs. These weapons are all fired from a cannon on the Hubris' underside, which can switch between firing modes with the press of a button. Another panel on the ship drops Colony Packs, deploys repair and energy packs, and activates forcefields or cloaking devices. It is a section of utmost importance in the ship, and if damaged the Hubris will immediately scurry home for repairs.

Altar SectionEdit

This is where the crew of the ship goes to pray for success and glory. Many statues of the Precursors litter the Altar Section, each one with a different purpose. You can usually find the Minister of Religion here when nothing important to his post is at hand.

Crew RoomsEdit

Each section of the crew gets a room. The rooms contain one bed for each crew member, along with a few items that they brought along for their own purposes. The average crew room fits ten Dubbya.

Cargo HoldEdit

The cargo hold is like your average cargo hold, made for carrying life forms, spice, and trade products. However, due to the Dubbonium that makes up the ship, the cargo hold can stretch out to about twice its size to fit tons of cargo. However, this makes the Hubris look like its nine months into pregnancy, so for intimidation reasons they do not push its limits this much.

Relationships with Other ArchtypesEdit


Warriors vary in the opinions of the Dubbya. Generally, Dubbya are very happy to ally with a Warror empire, as they provide great discounts on weapons and often have large fleets to protect both allies with. However, they also have a horrible tendency to attack other allies of the Dubbya. This causes the Dubbya to have to bomb them into submission.

General Consensus: Good temporary allies, bad for long-term things.


The Dubbya don't really pay much attention to Wanderers. They never have anything worth conquering, their trade is horrible, and they usually only have a few star systems. The Dubbya mainly make contact with them to gain some valuable Hitchiker's Knowledge and never call back.

General Consensus: Ignored.


Bards are usually considered friends to the Dubbya Empire. They are always very friendly upon first contact, and their trade sells a variety of tools for keeping Dubbya colonies at their happiest. This prevents them from rising up and rebelling due to unhappiness. Their power is also considered useful to the Dubbya because it can stop even a Grox fleet in their tracks.

General Consensus: Fond Friends.


Merchants are also considered some of the Dubbya's most faithful allies. They sell a variety of different tools to the Dubbya, and even though the terms of the trade are usually better for the Merchants the prices always beat their homeworld's. They are also immediately friendly enough with the Dubbya to begin a trade route, which is always a good source of spice.

General Consensus: Fond Friends.


Diplomats generally disinterest the Dubbya, even moreso than the Wanderers. Their trade is poor, their selection of tools is pathetic, and they usually don't even have planets worth conquering. All they talk about is peace and care, unlike the famed Hitchiker's Knowledge of the Wanderers. They also give horrible adventures, with no violence or danger to be found.

General Consensus: Stay the hell away.


Scientists are generally liked by Dubbya. They sell great technology, and always have quite a bit of knowledge to share with the Dubbya. The general dismissiveness of their Precursor gods, though, causes a small bit of friction between the Dubbya and most Scientists. The rigidness of Scientists also make diplomacy and trade a bit awkward.

General Consensus: Friends, but not good friends.


Zealots are considered raving lunatics by all of the Dubbya. They attack Dubbyan allies, constantly insult them, and don't even give good trade. Their only purpose in the galaxy is for target practice and free colonies.

General Consensus: MURDER.


Ecologists are also considered friends of the Dubbyan Empire. Their tools are all very useful for terraforming and preventing the ecosystem from collapsing in on itself. However, their star systems are usually weak and in need of defense, and they never sell anything other than ecological tools.

General Consensus: Friends, but sometimes a little needy.


The Shamans are friends of the Dubbya for many reasons. They sell ecological tools like the Ecologists, give happiness-boosting products like Bards, and share lots of knowledge like the Scientists. This would make them perfect allies, but they are also extremely weak and often in need of help. Even Space Pirates give them problems.

General Consensus: Fond friends, but way too needy.


The Dubbyas consider Knights to be their best allies in the entire solar system. They protect the weak, can fight for themselves, and their many conquests give them lots of military tech to sell for cheap money. They gain quite a bit of knowledge through their conquests, and are always willing to give a dangerous adventure. Shame they are so rare.

General Consensus: Rare, but valuable allies.

Dubbyan Religion: The PrecursorsEdit


The Dubbya believe in a religion based around their precursors. They do not see this religion as an explanation of the whole universe, but it explains their origins and to them that is what matters. They believe that their life was planted on Vespin II by a race of gods who look just like them. The only difference is that the Precursors were imagined to be brown with yellow stripes, much taller, and had dragon wings. This was mostly based on embellishment after seeing a skeleton of what looked like one of them next to a crashed spaceship.

The OriginsEdit

The Precursor religion began when the Dubbya formed a tribe. On a gathering expedition, Tribesman Klarg discovered a large, black Object jutting from the ground. Next to the object was a spaceship, and besides that were a few skeletons of Dubbya-like creatures. They seemed larger than a normal Dubbya, though, and odd bumps on the back indicated that they formerly had wings. The Dubbya saw these creatures as gods, who made the Dubbya in their image, and immediately made statues and crude paintings detailing the Precursors' exploits.

Precursors TodayEdit

Today, the worship of the Precursors has been quite refined. Old tribal stories have given way to written holy works, and statues went from crude rock to beautiful marble. Even the paintings have improved, making a variety of Precursors in every possible situation. The religious services are held in large temples, where preachers speak the Precursors' words through massive holograms. The Dubbya find more and more of their holy relics on every planet that they find, which is appropriate due to the Precursor myth detailing Precursors living on every planet in the Graxea galaxy.

What Can Precursors Do?Edit

The Precursors did not have powers like most other polytheistic gods did. What they did have power over, though, was life. With a wave of a staff, the Precursors could cause entire planets to go from barren and hostile to full of life. They were also blessed with supreme cunning and intellect, gifts that the Dubbya believed were passed onto them by their gods.

If there are Gods, there must be DevilsEdit

The Precursors did have one major enemy, according to Precursor doctrine. Around the site of the crashed Precursor ship were four other crashed ships. Strange mechanoid creatures were inside the ship, and the Dubbya interpreted these as the "devils" to their gods. They later learned that these creatures were the Grox, who surrounded the Galactic Core. This inspired the Dubbya to plot a way to the Galactic Core. Their gods might be trapped in there, and maybe they could ascend if they saved them.

Signs of PrecursorsEdit

Skeltons of what look like Dubbya lying around. Strange black monoliths, which for some reason appear to have "Tim" etched on them. Statues that seem to be from an ancient, godly civilization buried underground. An area around the Graxean Galactic Core where all Grox colonies suddenly end. Instead a line of T3 planets provides a link of safe passage. of course, this safe zone is still deep in Grox territory.

Are they Real?Edit

Did an ancient race occupy the Graxea system before the Dubbya? Yes. Might they have created the Dubbya through magical or technological means? Possibly. Where they a race of giant Super Dubbya? Highly unlikely. But the SETI radar that so often detects other intelligent lifeforms seems to go crazy around the Graxean Galactic Core. Might the Precursors be there, and will they be everything that the Dubbya expected? Nobody knows.

Dubbyan Politics: The Five MinistriesEdit

Dubbya Flag

The Dubbyan political system could be best summed up as a democratic bureaucracy. Like the bureaucracies of Ancient China, the Dubbya are separated into an organized group of social classes and castes. You may move through these social classes through service to the government or special tests. The test for each caste is different, such as a combat training exam for the Warrior caste or knowledge of Precursor scripture for the Priestly caste. The higher castes gain more pull in votes than the lower caste which makes winning an election depend on balancing the needs of the more powerful higher castes with the more numerous working class.


Most votes that do take place amongst the Dubbya are elections for who occupies the councils, and the most important of these elections determines the next Ministers. Ministers and councilmen can run for as many terms they like, because there is no real point in changing what works. However, their jobs are still in the hands and ballots of the Dubbyan public. Other votes are handled by councilmen and the Ministers, and determine any changes in the government structure of the Dubbya empire. For votes of utmost importance, the Ministers meet on top of a secret mountain city to discuss their votes. They then come down from the mountain and make their decision. A term lasts for about 10 years, and you can run for office once you hit the age of 50. If you hit 100 and have made a great impact on the Dubbyan community, you may run for the position of Minister.

The Minister of WarEdit

The Minister of War position is available for any Dubbya over the age of 100 who has made a great impact in Dubbyan wars. Decorated war heroes usually try out for this position. The Dubbyan Minister of War's job is to ensure that all Dubbyan wars go smoothly. They pool their resources with that of the Minister of Exploration's in order to develop new weapons technology, draw up after-war treaties with the help of the Minister of Diplomacy, and help the Minister of Economy find wartime trade partners. The Minister of Religion sometimes urges the Minister of War to start jihads, but both ministers must agree before the jihad is started. The current Minister of War is Shan Hrygok, a decorated hero who protected Worker Robot planets from a large influx of Grox probes.

The Minister of DiplomacyEdit

The Minister of Diplomacy position is available for any Dubbya over the age of 100 who has helped the empire in efforts in peace. This position is usually tried out for by diplomats, especially those interested in galactic peace conventions. The Dubbyan Minister of Diplomacy's job is to ensure that relations with empires always remains positive, trying as much as possible to keep the peace. The Minister of War aids them in drawing up after-war treaties, they assist the Minister of Exploration with first contact, and their diplomacies help with the Minister of Economy's trade. The Minister of Diplomacy's talents are also important to the Minister of Religion, as they help keep the Precursor church unified. After all, infighting amongst the church could cause infighting in the nation. The current Minister of Diplomacy is Mattal Griolosh, an older diplomat with many friends amongst the stars.

The Minister of EconomyEdit

The Minister of Economy position is available for any Dubbya over the age of 100 who has made important strides in the merchanting field. Many a merchant tries out for this position, as travelling farther into the galaxy usually results in making tons of Sporebucks. The Minister of Economy's job is to make money for the empire, by determining the budget and making intergalactic trade. He cooperates with the Minister of War to find warring nations in need of trade, sells replica Precursor artifacts with the peremission of the Minister of Religion, and helps determine the prices of technology made by the Minister of Exploration. They have a special role with the Minister of Diplomacy, as the trade routes made by the Minister of Economy help to ensure better relations with most empires. The current Minister of Economy is Hakarr Hakkmann, who has been rumored to turn a profit with even Red Spice.

The Minister of ReligionEdit

The Minister of Religion position is available for any Dubbya over the age of 100 who has an improbably high grasp on Precursor scripture. This is usually the oldest of all ministers, as some Precursor text can take years to understand. The Minister of Religion is the head of the church, and is responsible for stopping extremist terrorists. The Minister of Religion can start jihads with the Minister of War's consent, but this is a rare occurance. He can also regulate the sale of replica Precursor artifacts with the Minister of Economy, provides the Minister of Exploration with any infromation about the quest to find the Precursors once more, and aids the Minister of Diplomacy in stopping religious splits. The current Minister of Religion is Gyrab Mutsepa, who is growing more fanatical as he gets on in years. This causes tension with the other four ministers.

The Minister of ExplorationEdit

The Minister of Exploration position is available for any Dubbya over the age of 100 who has made an important step in Dubbyan research or technological development. The Minister of Exploration not only controls the scientific division of the Dubbya Empire, but also gets to pilot the S.S. Hubris. He is responsible for tyhe terraforming and researching of new colonies, the development of weapons and peacetime technology, and keeping the maintenence crew in line. He helps the Minister of War develop wartime technology, makes first contact with new empires while the Minister of Diplomacy backs him up, and helps the Minister of Religion in the quest to reach the Graxean Galactic Core. He helps manufacture new technology for the Minister of Economy to sell in order to help provide for the Dubbyan economy. The current Minister of Economy is known only as Captain Ricard, and he is the replacement of the recently deceased Captain Oog-Lahn.

Dubbyan SocietyEdit

Dubbya live in fairly large cities on the coastlines of the planets' oceans. This is because Dubbya need to breed in the waters, and if they moved too far inland they would surely die. Instead, they use the inland in order to mine various types of spices and metals for invention and trade. Dubbya marry for life, and are monogamous. When their children hit the age of full maturity, 42, they are forced to leave their homes and go out into the world.


While the Dubbya are fully capable of understanding the Galactic Standard language, their odd vocal cords are unable of producing anything but a series of clicks and grunts. This language is known as Dubbyan, and will be more fully detailed here. (Link coming soon)


The alphabet of the Dubbya is also quite strange. Every letter is made up of four different parts, which form a sbesmanng such as ,,',, (Human letter A) or -_-_- (Human letter S). There are analogues for most human letters in the Dubbyan alphabet, but some letters are merged. (EX, I and Y have united into the letter '-,-') Other merged letters include L and R, as well as C and K.


A variety of entertainment options are available for the Dubbya. Some attend church sermons at the various Precursor Temples scattered about. Some attend Museums of Dubbyan History, which show off the history of the proud Dubbya. More adrenaline-filled Dubbya attend the Dubbyadome, where various athletes participate in athletic challenges. Most of these challenges are all in good fun, but some can result in deadly accidents. A Dubbya with enough money to burn might attend Dubbyan casinos, which are famous for built-in hot tubs and infamous for notoriously low payout.

The Caste SystemEdit

There are quite a few castes of the Dubbya. They are . . .

Working ClassEdit

The miners, farmers, and service workers of the Dubbya Empire. While they are on the lowest scale of Dubbya society, they are still given as many rights as everybody else. Many a Minister has had their continued service decided on by the vote of the Working Class. They are given most of everybody else's rights, but they don't get the Government Service Tax Discount or other special perks. Their votes count as one per Worker.

Artistic ClassEdit

The Artistic Class are the actors and artists of the Dubbya. They are still on the low scale of Dubbya society, but they are considered slightly higher than the workers. They still do not get the Government Service Tax Discount and their votes are counted the same as a Worker's, but their higher income usually earns them homes in the richer parts of Dubbya cities.

Researcher ClassEdit

The Researcher Class is the first true step into middle class. They are the scientists of the Dubbya empire, and have earned great importance for their many contributions to society. In particular, discovering the tough yet flexible Dubbonium element earned them not one but two votes for every Researcher. They have a higher income than the two lower castes, and are given a medium sized Government Service Tax Discount for their hard work. They also have access to the Research District, a series of community labs where they can exchange knowledge in peace.

Merchant ClassEdit

The Merchant Class is another part of the Dubbya middle class. They are an important part of first contact with the other empires of the world, as they aim to impress other empires with large stashes of technology and spices. They are given a small Government Service Tax Discount for this, and are given rights to the Merchant District. The Merchant District is where merchants exchange products and tips for dealing with various costumers from other empires. Some call it gossip, the merchants call it business. The Merchants are given two votes for every voter.

Warrior ClassEdit

The Warrior Class forms half of the upper class of the Dubbya. They are tasked with guarding Dubbya colonies both on and off of the planet. A section of the Warrior Class that is truly trustworthy takes the role of the personal guards of the Five Ministers, and form a motorcade around their ships with a Dubbya warfleet. They are given a large Government Service Tax Discount, and are allowed to enter the Dubbyan Ministry buildings whether ordered to guard them or not. The Warriors get three votes per voter.

Priestly ClassEdit

The Priestly Class are on the same standing with the Warrior Class. Their jobs mostly revolve around preserving Precursor artifacts and preaching through holograms in the Dubbyan temples. They ritually dye themselves brown and yellow, the colors of the Precurors, and it is said that a Dubbya naturally born those colors will go on to be a great prophet. This class is sadly the class with the most extremists, as most of the Priestly Class are older and very defensive of their position. They get a medium sized Government Service Tax Discount and access to the Dubbyan Ministry buildings. They get three votes per voter, but the other four Dubbyan ministers are pushing to get this lowered to two votes. They fear that enough extremists voting for three votes apiece will cause a large-scale war.

Diplomatic ClassEdit

The Diplomatic Class make up the councils of the Five Ministries. They meet in large councils to discuss problems going on in the Dubbya Empire, and can actually vote on subjects other than council and minister elections. They have access to any other district's buildings, and can quickly hijack the Dubbyan NewsScreen technology to deliver emergency alerts. Their votes count as three per voter in elections, and one per voter in other votes.

Minister ClassEdit

The Ministers are the top of the Dubbya food chain. They have the most pull in any vote, but are not allowed to vote in elections because they would just vote for themselves. They preside over the areas of War, Religion, Diplomacy, Trade, and Exploration. To make sure that they are always safe, clones of each Minister are kept in a forbidden section of the Ministry Buildings. While they cannot vote in an election, they have five votes each for any other debates.

Crime and PunishmentEdit

There is no perfect society, and like all others the Dubbya society has to deal with crime on a regular basis. However, a new bill by the Ministry of War has attempted to better arm the Warrior Class in order to improve homeland security. This bill may or may not pass, but the Minister of Religion and Minister of War are having a very heated debate over it. The current list of Dubbyan crimes is . . .

Petty CrimesEdit

To the Dubbya, tiny crimes such as trespassing or being a general nuisance are of least importance. Some forms of theft, such as petty theft, also land here. These petty crimes usually result in the criminal paying a fine.

Minor CrimesEdit

Minor crimes include grand theft auto, smuggling of illegal substances, or most forms of theft. These usually result in a large fine being played, as well as a year or three in a Dubbyan jail. Arson borders the line between minor and major crimes, depending on how many people are hurt in the blaze.

Major CrimesEdit

Major crimes include manslaughter, attempts at inciting a rebellion, or failed attempts at unforgivable crimes. Theft of an important object can also be considered a major crime. Depending on the severity of the crime, you may be held in Dubbyan jail for 5 to 20 years. The Dubbyan Minister of Religion has constantly attempted to make heresy a major crime, but the bill has been soundly rejected every time.

Unforgivable CrimesEdit

The unforgivable crimes are the worst crimes that a Dubbya can commit. Murder, rape, and pedophilia will cause you to end up in Dubbyan jail for life. Unlike in Earth jails, life sentenced Dubbyan prisoners recieve none of the normal comforts. They are given one meal in the morning and one at night, are constantly watched by surveilence holograms, and never get any unsupervised time in the prison yards. There is only one way out, and that is willingly consuming the toxic eyeball fruit of the Sylvisteenz bush.

Prisoners of WarEdit

Prisoners of war are given the proper luxuries, as decided upon by the Galactic Code. Once their empire has been killed, they are given two oppurtunities. Either assimilate into Dubbyan society, or eat the eyeball fruit of the Sylvisteenz bush and die with the rest of your race.

Illegal Substances?Edit

There are a few illegal substances in the Dubbya Empire, and smuggling them is considered a very bad thing. These substances range from weaponry that has not been approved for use by the government to various illegal poisons and drugs. One example of this is the ground-up bark of the Loopiloop tree, which can cause hallucinations in most Dubbya. Slaves are also an illegal substances, ever since the Dubbyan Ministers unanimously abolished slavery in the early days of Space exploration.

Allies and EnemiesEdit


The Labtech Bob, a race of blue bird-like creatures. They were the first intergalactic allies of the Dubbya, and are a merchant empire.

The Worker Robots, a race of robotic ecologists. Their robotic appearance and ties to nature at first seem to conflict each other, but the Dubbya allied with them anyway.

The Federation of the Core Worlds, a massive federation that was the first extragalactic ally of the Dubbya.

The Jarquvix Federation, which the Dubbya are members of.

The United Republic of Cyrannus, which have given the Dubbya rights to make some colonies in the Cyrannus galaxy. These are their first colonies in another galaxy.

The Dragonisk, a race of dragon-like creatures that share the Dubbya's hatred for Zealots.

The Dubbya have also allied with most of the Sporemaster Alliance. The exception to this are the three Zealot members, who they do not fully trust due to other Zealot hostilities.


The Grox are a constant source of fear to the Dubbya. Not only do they surround the Graxea galaxy's core, but they also are rumored to have waged many wars with the Precursors. The fact that they are not exterminated yet makes them a sort of "devil" figure to the Dubbya, who one day plan to overthrow them and make their Precursors proud.

A small group of terrorists known as the Inquisition have occasionally caused quite a bit of trouble on Vespin II. They are members of the Priestly caste who are dissatisfied with the growing amounts of religious freedom in the Dubbyan empire. As of now they are only a threat on the domestic scale, but time will tell if the threat worsens.

The cosmic disturbances caused by Xhodocto gods has brought great distress to the Dubbya, although they have not directly met them yet. The Dubbya intend on never meeting them, but if they have to fight they will fight until the end.

Presence in AdventuresEdit

The Dubbya do not currenlty appear in any adventures. However, a ship of Dubbyan goods may appear in the adventure War Preparations, by Shigura.

Comments from Other EmpiresEdit

Your false precursor gods insult great and mighty one true god Jupiter! May you fall at the mighty hands of the great and powerful Cesarine empire!

- Sir Julius Marcellus, Knight and Head priest of the Cesarine empire

Dem stoopid thiukos hav no lives an dey is just lonas who shud go ta hell. Dumbos. An dey worship sum weirdos

- Loron

These creatures are nice, and are mostly our alies, but their irrational fear of Zealots, including the ones in our alliance, is a little unnerving.

- Evermind of theSporemaster Alliance
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