The Drarek are a race of wingless dragons, they are warm blooded and vow to protect justice. They are known for inventing the lightning strikers and for having 13 of the 42 Lightning Striker Masters.


The Drareks entered space after having economically conquered the planet by the abolition of poverty. They built the DracoComet in order to create a prosperous alliance with all of the empires around them and to clean it of all aggresive and selfish races that do not respect justice.

When they were about to finally have peace, disaster struck. The Grox saw them as a possible potential threat and engaged in war against them. The results were catastrophic. The whole galaxy collapsed as the result of the war. The only chance that they had was to send a spore containing data from the galaxy and their DNA, so that a new race would emerge to fight off the Grox. This race is called the Viridrago race.


They are one of the 7 races that contributed to the invention of the lightning striker, have successfully reverse engineered the staff of life and are capable of creating powerful bio-weapons and genetic engineering. They are also masters at weapon making and are great pilots.


As mentioned before, they are great pilots and often compete in aerial and spacial races. They love to play Gravitonga and also partake in jetfights, which are aerial fights involving hoverpacks and lightning strikers in which they have to knock out the other competitor's armor.


They believe in Spode and do his bidding, but not as in converting, but as helping out other creatures in need. They believe there is a special energy called "The Spores" that is the energy that gives life to all beings, they can be found on any living thing, but are amassed in great quantities in Monoliths and in The Staff of Life. They have recently found out that mind melders work by manipulating "The Spores" inside other creatures.