The Drallivians are a sub-species of Draconis that were artificially created and placed on a remote world far from the Draconid Imperium. When the empire expanded they were rediscovered 20 Alcanti years ago by an expedition which included Uriel Ultanos.

The fact that they were created from genetic material from the Draconis is a closely-guarded secret by the higher orders of the Imperial government. Recieving full citizenship rights recently their comparatively small population is becoming more widespread within the Imperial colonies and are an increasing sight in all areas of Imperial life.



Drallivians share many factors of internal biology with the Draconis due to their origins, physicalyl their torsos are more slender and their tails do not jut out as far as in a Draconis. They stand slightly taller, averaging 2.7-2.8m and can weigh as much as 250kg, making the much lighter than their Imperium-ruling cousins. Their hands are more humannoid in shape featuring a five-digit clawed hand and a five-digit foot.

Unlike the Draconis their legs are digitigrade, jutting backwards halfway down the leg. Oxygen intake is more efficient than in the Draconis and they exhibit more skeletal muscles per square inch. On top of their heads is a semicircular crest that juts out slightly, giving the visual impression the skull has a lateral rim. They lay one clutch a year which can include up to seven eggs. Children do not age as slowly, reaching adulthood at 31 years of age. Hatchlings are considered ready to join the family at seven. While it is true that they age faster, technology provided by the Imperium and their own genetics has skyrocketed the current potential lifespan to 800 or so.

Drallivians are more soft-spoken than Draconis with a lighly higher-pitched voice.


Drallivians exhibit habits and psychological traits very similar to the Draconis although they are slightyl more open to others than the latter. Communities are often interwoven family groups looking out for each other.

Children are also behave similar to Draconis children, displaying immense curiosity and attachment. Unlike with the Draconis, Drallivian children memorise both of their parents at an early age and the burden is shared throughout the family.


They exhibit similar tastes in music to the Draconis and enjoy listening to music and it's tones rather than dancing or focusing attention to the lyrics. Many aspects of their culture are identical to what is commonly found in imperial colonies.

They honour the geneticist who create them in a similar fashion to how the Draconis honour Drakon, yet knowing the former is no god. The Cult of drakon is slowly spreading throughout their society, at the request of Uriel Ultanos.


The origin of the Drallivians themselves dates back to ID.196430 when a lab was raided by the Inquisition holding thousands of artificially grown Drellivians. The Inquisition destroyed many of the experiments but thousands had survived and were taken to a remote part of space. left to their own devices they built their own society. Rather than expanding as a unified species several solar republics were established and with the invention of FTL communication these states became the United Drallivian Republics. They continued expanding to several dozen systems and were rediscovered in ID.216322 when an expedition by the Draconid Imperium, byt then they had expanded to a few hundred systems.

Their leader at the time, Avathiel, greeted Uriel Ultanos (who had joined the expedition leader out of passion) as a brother, welcoming him with open arms. After some time Uriel agreed to intergrate them into the Imperium, the Drallivians accepted this eagerly, believing such a proposal would bring them closer to their elder cousins.

For the past fifteen years they have been intergrating themselves, with the first recruits having been accepted into the marine corps three years ago and Avathiel has complete control over his representetive.


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They were created and spared for a reasion, what that reason is I am not entirely sure but fate had led me to them regardless.

- Uriel Ultanos

Reminds me of our Dracogodasimers.

- Captain Jerkon

Creation of life... always intrigued me. Are you truly becoming a god when you do it, as you craft not only a body but a soul within - isn't that heresy? Or has Spode given us that power for a reason? Draconis have created their own brethren... I wonder whether I get permission from our beloved Clericarch for creations of ours.

- Archdemiurge Geroniel

Just let them live in peace, Draconis, why won't you leave ANYONE alone?

- Emperor Kies


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