The Dragonisk are foul beings that reject Spode's Word. They have terrorized every respectable, Spode-Worshipping empire from Sol to the Core, and don't plan on stopping there. They disgust me so...

- A Zealot Empire on Dragonisks
The Dragonisk is a sentinent species that roams the Orion arm of the Milky Way Galaxy. They resemble a Mythical Dragonhorse, and are quite intelligent despite the fact they are newcomers to the Galaxy. (Although they are not exactly the species with the most common sense) Their origin traces back to about three billion years ago.


As CellsEdit

The Dragonisk Race began as a Cell when a Meteor hit Planet Alakiza three billion years ago. They emerged from the Meteor, and were about as intelligent as the rock they came from. As years passed, the Dragonisks (Then known as Iskisks) developed a tiny bit of intelligence that lead to inter-breeding with other cells. The Iskisks then evolved spikes from breeding with the Pokey cells.
The history of the Iskisks between evolving spikes and walking up on land for the first time has been lost in a tragic accident involving Dragonisk Scientists and a strange creature, but it is known that between that period, the Dragonisk Cell obtained an extra set of eyes.

Early Creature YearsEdit

The Dragonisks (Now known as Iskites) crawled onto the surface of Alakiza around year 0.5 Billion. They were still violent, as they were when they were mere Cells, but they were a tad smarter than before. After roaming Alakiza for a few years, the Iskites began to pick up their breeding strategy from their early years. When the First Iskian Migration began, the Iskites had changed color from their original gray to a light pink-red. They had also evolved weak, bug-like wings that couldn't hold up their heavy figures. But after the migration, and as the years went by, their wings began to become stronger and stronger. As the Second Migration came to an end, the Iskians had horns, strong, hoof-like feet, and powerful wings that resemble the Mythological Dragon's wings.
As the Dragonisk's final years as unintelligent creatures came to an end, they evolved orange spots, and thick black stripes. Their once-hard, scaley bodies became furry and soft to the touch. By year 1 billion, a Dragonisk who would be later called Cibbin discovered fire, and became the Dragonisk's first tribal chief.

As a TribeEdit

Cibbin immediately became a strong chief, discovering the power of buildings, clothing and currencies. (It was Cibbin who brought the idea of the Food Currency into play) As they continued gaining knowledge of their surroundings, other tribes rose to power, seeking to destroy the Dragonisk Tribe. Although they were still quite dumb at the time, Cibbin realized that they had to become allies with a tribe or face total destruction. Cibbin performed one of the first musical shows for the Yellow Tribe, gaining their trust and loyalty.
However, Cibbin was nowhere near that kind with the other tribes. After learning of the power of Stone Axes and Spears, he destroyed the Brown Tribe and Lavender Tribe, showing no mercy. Sadly, his bloodthirsty nature naturally brought him many enemies. The Red Tribe stormed the village, nearly winning over Cibbin. Luckily, his loyal pets who had been Cibbin's travelling companions during the end of their time as simple creatures, destroyed the attackers, leaving Cibbin to rebuild his village and get his revenge.
And so, Cibbin did. Destroying the Red Village and their friends, the Forest Village, there was only one enemy left for Cibbin to deal with- the Blue Village. By this time, Cibbin was old and frail, and decided the easiest way to go was to ally with the Blue Village. After offering them a gift of their finest eggs and meat, Cibbin allied with the Blue Village. It was not long after that he gained even more knowledge, and with the aid of his loyal tribe-members, Cibbin formed the first city on Alakiza.

As a CivilizationEdit

As Cibbin's life came to an end, the first city on Alakiza was completed, given the name Dragonisk City. (Although it would go on to become Capital City as they discovered the Interstellar Drive) Cibbin died, leaving the entire city in dispair. From the gloomy years that followed, Cibbin's offspring, a female Dragonisk named Cibba I, rose to power, overthrowing the Mayor in the Rebellion of Dragonisk City. Cibba created the first vehicles known to the Dragonisks, and designed many effective military ships. After gaining control over every spice geyser in the sea, and on Dragonisk Island, more cities began to rise from the ashes of the villages that Cibba had terrorized.
After quickly gaining control of an Economical City, Cibba requested the first trade route on Alakiza to another Military City, quickly gaining money while they recieved nothing. After Cibba felt that the entire city was not worth trading with anymore, she quickly dispatched of it and took it as her own. Continuing with her ruthless strategies, Cibba managed to gain control of the entire planet.
Cibba was killed in an accident while developing the prototype of the Interstellar Drive, throwing the cities into chaos. After a brief year of total chaos, Cibba's offspring, this one a Male Dragonisk dubbed "Cibbin II", was embraced as the new Emperor of Alakiza. Cibbin finished the Interstellar Drive along with a team of eight other Dragonisks, and later went on to design the first Spaceship in Alakiza, the SpaceDragon.
A search went on to find a good Captain for the SpaceDragon, and Nakkin, a factory worker in the Capital City, was chosen to fill this role. Passing his tests with flying colors, Nakkin was granted the Interstellar drive and sent off to conquer the unknown.

As an EmpireEdit

After establishing the Empire's first colony on a Planet named Uradea, The Crew of the SpaceDragon located another Empire. This one, named the Shaggles Empire, soon became close friends to the Crew, and caused Nakkin to begin to meet with them regularily. After discovering another Civilization, this one constructed of beasts called "Spider Monsters", the Dragonisk Empire brought back one of their citizens for the Shaggles Empire to "Party" with. The Shaggles Empire became even closer to the Dragonisks, and thus began a trade route between the two planets. After realizing how expensive their pink spice was, Nakkin went to great lengths to preserve their friendship.
After communicating with many more empires, Nakkin discovered that the Dragonisk Scientists had discovered new technologies, and given them to the nearby Empires, which included the Ixplix Empire, the Shaggles Empire, the Warzleoski Empire, and the Brawgle Empire. Out of all the technologies, Nakkin was especially interested in the Monolith. Buying one to test it out, Nakkin placed one on the planet of the Spider Monsters, Argon. Leaving the system, Nakkin felt good feelings about the way they would turn out.
At the request of his home planet, Nakkin went west and discovered the Al Packa Empire. At their request, Nakkin went and retrieved a member of the Brawgle Empire for them to test on, angering the Brawgles. After destroying a ship out of self-defense, the Brawgle Empire declared war on the Dragonisk Empire.

The Brawgle War and the Founding of the AllianceEdit

The War between the Brawgles and the Dragonisks lasted eleven years, resulting in the loss of three T0 planets on the Brawgle side. With only two planets left, the Brawgles surrendered. Nakkin happily accepted, feeling good about the Monolith he had placed eleven years ago. As he returned to Alakiza, he found out that the Spider Monsters had evolved, and were now in control of three solar systems. Nakkin easily befriended them, becoming close allys. But as their friendship grew, the Zealot Ixplix empire grew to hate the Dragonisks, as they refused to give them money.
After allying with the Warzleoski Empire, the Dragonisk Empire founded a large Alliance between the Warzleoskis, the Shaggles, the Spider Monsters and the Dragonisks. Their planets began to thrive as the Spider Monsters offered cheap tools, and the Dragonisks bought them, discovering the power of Terraforming. Using a newly discovered heat ray, Nakkin terraformed Uradea into a T2 planet. However, in an attempt to Terraform Poley, a tragic accident occurred, causing the entire planet to go up in flames. In a last ditch effort to save the colony, the heads of the Colony put up a shield over the city, saving the Dragonisks inside. Despite Nakkin's protests, he was sent away from the planet.
As the Dragonisks on Poley began to build a resistance to heat, Nakkin began to colonize and terraform new planets, causing their empire to grow to ten Solar Systems- almost as big as the Spider Monster Empire.
After declining another demand for money- this time over a million sporebucks- the Ixplix Empire declared war on the Dragonisks.

The Ixplix WarEdit

Although the Ixplixes were powerful, they colonized poor T0 Planets. After destroying five of those planets, the Ixplixes managed to gain control of a Dragonisk Planet. Infuriated, Nakkin destroyed the rest of the T0 Planets, leaving the Ixplix empire with only three systems. After accepting a surrender, Nakkin decided to Ally with the Ixplixes, in order to prevent another war over Money demands. The Alliance request was accepted, and a fifth empire was added to the Alliance.
However, as the years passed by, Nakkin discovered that the Spider Monster Empire was at war with the Shaggles Empire, and the Ixplix Empire, ending the long years of peace.
After breaking the Ixplix alliance to protect the Spider Monster Empire, they were once again at war. Discovering that they had re-colonized the T0 Planets, Nakkin continued to destroy them, this time ignoring all surrender requests. He was so angry, and betrayed that there had been a war inside the Alliance, he completely destroyed the Ixplixes, also ending the Dragonisk's time as a Neutral Empire.
Nakkin continued to add Monoliths to tribes and Civilizations, only to destroy them while they were still weak empires. He also began to destroy tribe planets, taking them as his own. As Nakkin continued, the Dragonisks began developing new technologies, such as the Happy Ray, the Wormhole Key, and the Mind Erase.

Discovering SolEdit

After recieving news of more betrayals from the Council, Nakkin was given the Burden of finding a new solar system to live in. With nothing but a Colony Incredi-Pak, a Wormhole Key, and all his already-bought devices, Nakkin set off, determined to find a new place to live in. After encountering the cruel Grox, and somewhat befriending them, Nakkin eventually discovered the Solar System Sol. Still Bitter from the betrayals, Nakkin colonized Earth, and began to colonize the planets around him, leaving the old Empire to rot from Ecosystem disasters, Pirates, and War.
CRE Vivashia-0a18e1fb ful

The Mysterious Goddess

Red DeathEdit

Be lucky that I have taken pity on your race.

- Vivashia, the Mysterious Goddess
Also known to the un-educated folk as the "Red Plague", the Red Death is a disease that hit Earth in Dragonisk year 3.07 (May 2010 to humans). The Disease is the most deadly any Dragonisk has seen, and has caused a steady decline in their population. The Red Death was suspected to be brought in by Cibba IV in an attempt to kill her father, but nothing has been proven. The name originates from the blood that is vomited by any infected Dragonisk. No matter who is infected by the disease (of the Dragonisk race) dies within a week. During the beginning stages of the Red Death, the Dragonisk's bright red, orange and black fur turns a pale gray, and they become very weak. Then, as the days proceed, the victim becomes more weak, until they can hardly move. Vomiting begins in the last few days, and finally, death.
As the end of month 07 of year 3.07 came to an end, Planet Earth was visited by a mysterious being as the skies went black and fire came up from the ground. Her name was recently discovered to be Vivashia, but it has been discovered that she is the Dragonisk's Guardian, the Goddess of Disease and Cures. It was also discovered that the Goddess had cursed the Dragonisks for ignoring her, and had lifted the Red Death from their shoulders, after finally killing about 3 million Dragonisks.

CRE Xewwin-0a1a1ce8 ful

An enslaved Xewwin

Development of the Intergalactic Drive and SlaveryEdit

When the SpaceDragon began to beam down the slaves, I thought it was an invasion! They had taken so many...

- Princess Cibba IV
As the Red Death Episode came to an end, and the first month in year 3.08 came to be, the war on the Xewwin empire ceased. The Zealots called a surrender, and became slaves to the Dragonisks, being the first slaves ever for the Dragonisk Empire. Hundreds of Xewwin were beamed down into Mary-Kyona, each one given to Nobles, Factory Heads, and others. Some researchers were taken captive, and forced to give the Research Notes of a famous Xewwin Scientist, Mikya, to the Dragonisk Researchers. After reading and translating the notes, the Dragonisks discovered a hidden blueprint for an Intergalactic Drive Prototype, a device that, when attached to a Spaceship, allows it to travel between Galaxies.
In Bayrie, year 3.08, after three months straight of working on the Prototype, Dragonisk Scientists managed to create a Working Prototype of the Intergalactic Drive. After attaching it onto the SpaceDragon, Dragonisk Scientists eagerly awaited Nakkin's reply. However, after a week of waiting, it was discovered that the Intergalactic Drive had a bug in it, and had destroyed the SpaceDragon, it's crew, and Nakkin. Furious with the failures of the Scientists, Emperor Cibbin had the Head of the Researchers, Bikkin, removed from his duties and also had the Xewwin Scientists that had given them the blueprint executed.
A new captain, under the orders of Princess Cibba (Emperor Cibbin was too upset to do so), was named immediately. Sreek, a Noble from the City of Mary-Kyona, easily passed the tests they offered, and was granted the right to pilot the SpaceDragon II, now equipped with a debugged Intergalactic Drive.

Crowning of the EmpressEdit

As Cefta, year 3.08 rolled around, it was discovered that Emperor Cibbin III had come down with a horrifying fever. In a desperate attempt to cure the fever, the Dragonisks searched every corner of their Wing of the Galaxy in an attempt to find a cure. No cure was found, and Emperor Cibbin died in the presence of Cibba IV, Cibbin V, and Cibba's newly-wed husband, Grejin. A week of total depression followed, before the official crowning of Cibba IV took place. Three million Dragonisks attended the ceremony out of the total population of five million. As the month of Cefta, and the Year 3.08 came to an end, the Empire was back to its normal state, although the Royal family was somewhat shaken by the death of Cibbin III.
As Yerrl, year 3.09 began, it was discovered that Cibba IV had laid an egg. The birth of the new heir to the throne, Princess Cibba VI, was celebrated by the Dragonisk Empire all month long. However, after the egg had been laid, two deaths of important figures shook the Dragonisk Empire to its core. Lord Myrr died from the same mysterious fever that the Emperor had died from, while Lady Jriee died in a factory explosion.

New AlliancesEdit

Soon after new heads were named, Cibba IV realized that in order to stay alive, they needed alliances. After searching the Galaxy for about a month, two potential allies were discovered- the Goulgan empire, and the Dubbya empire. The Goulgan empire began to become friends with the Dragonisk Empire, and eventually accepted their offer for an alliance after giving Captain Sreek an interesting mission that involved a Super-Weapon in the making. The Dubbya Empire accepted as well, after Cibba IV learned that they despised Zealots as well.
In Bayrie, year 3.09, Cibba VI hatched, but was later kidnapped by a jealous Bikkid, who still hadn't gotten over the fact that he had been demoted. However, Bikkid was later killed by Captain Sreek, and the young Princess was given back to her mother.

March of the ApocalypseEdit

Today, I declare that we, the Dragonisk Empire, will make a stand against the feared Xhodocto. [...] While we may be wiped from existance during this war- while we may be utterly destroyed, we will not fall without a fight. We are the Dragonisk! We will fight for freedom until the very end!

- Empress Cibba IV to her empire
The Dragonisk were allied with the other empires against the Xhodocto. However, an unknown threat, likely related to the Galaxies being combined with Hell itself, caused a terrible illness to befall the Dragonisk Empire. Princess Cibba VI was killed, along with the majority of the population, and it is unknown if the Dragonisk will ever be able to pull themselves from this state.
Currently, Empress Cibba IV is attempting to pull her shattered empire together, slowly but surely.

About the Dragonisk RaceEdit


Spode. We followed him, and what happened? Our allies tore the Alliance apart. They dragged us into every war, every battle. I couldn't handle it anymore- and I'm sure that many more agree. Although I do feel slightly guilty about leaving the peasants behind to rot, the Grox have spoken; the small do not matter. Only the strong and the well-known deserve to live. And I will follow their words until my death.

- Lady Jriee on Religion
Dragonisks once followed Spode, after their once-allies, the Spider Monster Empire. After the migration to Earth, the Dragonisks began to follow the Grox, writing direct quotes from the empire and creating shrines to worship them. Of course, worshipping the Grox lead to enemies, especially ones around Earth.
As the Dragonisks continued to worship the Grox, they became more and more evil, eventually resulting in tightly-guarded cities, overworked citizens, and more disasters. As year 3.04 came to an end, the main city on Earth, built on the ruins of a primitive city that turned out to be called "Toronto", became a horrifying place to live.
CRE Spode-0a18aa43 sml

And Spode will smite us all...


Spode arrived, from the darkness of the galaxy. The white scales that lined his bird-like and perfect body shone, breathing life into the dark. The Milky Way was born, from the horns of Spode's head, and the flowers that bloomed on his back. Spode, the balance of evil and good, gave life to us all. Spode gave, and Spode will smite us all when the day comes.

- Original thought on Spode
As stated before, Spode was once the god of the Dragonisk. During the golden age of the Dragonisk, Spode had many worship areas and daily sacrifices took place. It was even thought that Cibbin III was the child of Spode- until the Alliance of Stars fell apart. After that, Spode was considered a Demon, spawn of the darkness itself.

Listen not to the Zealots you meet- the only true evil is Spode. Out of everything evil in this evil galaxy, there's only one evil that is truly evil. And that evil is Spode. The evil creature that came from the evil darkness in his evil attempt to create an evil world to serve his evil ways.

- The Thought on Spode now

The Book of GroxEdit

The Grox are all-powerful. Do not deny the Grox- doing so will result in total destruction. But don't feel pressured into believing this- after all, the worst that can happen is death. Or torture.

- The Book of Grox, Dragonisk's School Edition
The Book of Grox is the Dragonisk's Scroll of Faith. At the moment, there are four editions of the Book of Grox; the School Edition (Given to School-Dragonisks to study), the Normal Edition, the Pocket Edition, and the Really-Big-Book-Of-Grox edition.

The GuardiansEdit

As we have recently discovered, we have been punished for ignoring our Guardians, the ones who sent the Meteorite to Alakiza in the first place!

- A Dragoniskian Priest
As year 3.08 began, the Dragonisks of Earth have begun to worship the Guardians of the Dragonisks- the three deities that created them by sending the Meteorite to Alakiza. Only one of the deities have been discovered, but two more are known to exist. Although the Dragonisk Empire know of the Guardians, only about one Dragonisk in a thousand chooses to worship them (As it is considered "treason" against the Grox). The main Religion is still based around the Grox.
  • Vivashia, Goddess of Disease and Cures - the Double-Sided Goddess who protects the health of the Dragonisks, and brings illnesses to them. Vivashia was discovered to be behind the Red Death in year 3.07, and is also known as the "Black Goddess". She speaks with the priests often, and only because of her did the priests discover the other two deities.
  • God of War and Peace - the Double-Sided God who brings war to the Dragonisks, along with Peace. That is all known about him.
  • God of Protection - the most powerful of the Dragoniskian Guardians, the God of Protection is known to be keeping them from meeting other empires until the time is right.

Crime and PunishmentEdit

I can clearly see you poor folk aren't too happy with the new laws. You know, you can always leave the safety of Mary-Kyona, and live in a village outside the City Limits. There, you won't be pestered by the law, and you can live with the animals and other creatures similar to yourselves.

- Guard Captain Vikcin
By year 3.05, new laws that had never been seen before were put into place. The Rich folk enjoyed these new laws- the poor, not so much. Some of the laws put in by Captain Nikkin, Captain Vikcin and the law Council included-
  • Stealing, Murder and Armed Robberies are punishable by death in the Wealthy Districts of the Cities.
  • You may not move from the Poor Districts to the Rich Districts without having your SporeBucks counted by the Council of the Royal Horn. This is punishable by a fine up to 1000 SporeBucks.
  • You may not be transported from City to City in a Spice Trading Plane, unless you own the plane.
  • Impersonating any figure of high importance is punishable by death.
  • Failure to report to your shift at the Factories is punishable by lashes, fines, or time in Prison. The head of the Factory must punish any breakers of this law accordingly.
The Cities of Earth and the surrounding areas had many guard outposts, Law Buildings, and Watchtowers. The only place that was never under guard was the Wilderness, because very few Dragonisks could manage to create a Village. After year 3.06, a new right was granted to every Dragonisk Citizen- the right to leave the city and live lawlessly. This was an option that, at first, many criminals wanted to take, but quickly, a few additions were made to the right. In order to leave, the Citizen's criminal record had to be clean, and they were not allowed to take anything but clothing, food, and a bedroll with them.

Physical DescriptionsEdit

I almost had a heart attack when I saw them! Well, until I realized they're as intimidating as the Mythical Debug Squid.

- The First Encounter with the Spider Monster Empire
Dragonisks are four-legged creatures with Dragon-Like wings and hooves. Thin, leathery bits attach the fingers of the Dragonisk. They are furry animals, and have a very sturdy build. Most Dragonisks have meaty, buff arms, but an occaisional Dragonisk is born with a thin build. A crocodile-like mouth suits the Carnivore Dragonisks, along with long, twisted horns that intimidate their enemies, along with their empty, black eyes.

Dragoniskian CalendarEdit

The Dragoniskian Calendar consists of Seven Months. (One Dragoniskian Month=1 and a half Human Months approx.) Each month has a special festival that is celebrated on the first day of that Month. The festivals and Month Names are as follows:
  • Month of Jrit (Dragonisk for "Beautiful Sunrise") - the festival in Jrit is the "Festival of Freedom", a day where all factory workers get the day off to celebrate the day they left the old planets behind. Jrit is a cold month, where temperatures decrease.
  • Month of Yerrl (Dragonisk for "Falling White") - the festival in Yerrl is the "Festival of Nature", a day where every Dragonisk, from Poor Status up, gets to visit the outskirts of town without having to leave Mary-Kyona or any other city, forever. In the Month of Yerrl, white begins to fall from the sky, and temperatures remain cold.
  • Month of Bayrie (Dragonisk for "New Lands") - the festival in Bayrie is the "Festival of Royalty", a day where every Dragonisk from Noble status up gets to meet with the Emperor. In the Month of Bayrie, the white begins to disappear and nature begins to appear once again.
  • Month of Caxxif (Dragonisk for "Warm Time") - the festival in Caxxif is the "Festival of Swimming", a day where every Dragonisk from Poor Status up, gets to swim in the lake by their city. In the Month of Caxxif, temperatures begin to rise, and the weather becomes nice.
  • Month of Nystra (Dragonisk for "Starry Nights") - the festival in Nystra is the "Festival of Stars", a day where every Dragonisk is permitted to stay up for the entire night to watch the stars. In the Month of Nystra, the days become very warm, and finding a body of water to swim in becomes a challenge.
  • Month of Rewin (Dragonisk for "Leaf Fall") - the festival in Rewin is the "Festival of Fine Dining", a day where every Dragonisk from Poor Status up recieves a free meal on the Emperor. Some foods given in previous years include Brawgle Meat, Deer Man Eggs, and Fish.
  • Month of Cefta (Dragonisk for "Cold Winds") - the festival in Cefta is the "Festival of Power", a day where every Dragonisk is permitted to wear what they please. (Besides the Seal of Spode, of course) This festival was changed to the "Festival of Good Health" after the Red Plague. Cefta is a month where the winds become colder, and the leaves that have fallen begin to wither and die.
The official calendar started when the SpaceDragon was launched into space- the "3" in year 3.08 stands for the three hundreth year the Dragonisk Empire has been in space. The "08" obviously stands for number of years. So, in Dragonisk Terms, year 3.08 is basically the 308th year they've been in space.
It is currently Rewin, year 3.43.

Output on FemalesEdit

Well, I must be honest with the Magazines of my Empire. Females exist only to reproduce and serve the Males. That is the way things have always been. That is the way they will remain.

- Cibbin III
After the death of Cibba II, the rights of female Dragonisks decreased. They were forced to remain in their homes, and were forbidden to even work at a factory. However, after the promotion of Lady Jriee, the female population began to slowly work their way up to the equals of the male Dragonisks, with the aid of Lady Jriee herself.


CRE Dragonisk-0a1795d1 ful

The Typical Female's Clothing, consisting of a helmet, ribbons, and cuffs.

After the arrival of Cities, clothes became a very important part of the average Dragonisk's life. The more clothes worn, signified the importance of the Dragonisk is their city. For example, Cibbin III wears exquistite robes made of silk and other fine materials, while the clothes of a mere Factory Worker is nearly nothing but meager coverings. However, any Dragonisk, no matter how important, wears a helmet of some sort, covering the eyes with goggles. Another object is placed on the helmet, resembling a third eye, to intimidate any possible attackers.
A Typical Female wears cuffs, ribbons, and sometimes medallions and rings, whereas a male wears armor, nose rings and decorations that protect the spikes on the back.
Council Members are required to wear the seal of the Council. Any Council Member that fails to do so is punished by hanging, as of Law #49.9. Many other laws have been put in place according to clothing, but in the smaller cities, that are less protected, they are rarely followed. The only thing that no Dragonisk dares to do is wear the seal of Spode or any other deity related to him, as that is punishable by torture, lashes, then death.

Social PyramidEdit

It really is amazing how we just fall into place in our Empire.

- A Dragonisk Researcher
  • The Royal Family
    • The Council Members
      • The City Heads
        • Spacecraft Captains
          • Factory/Trade/Other Heads
            • Spacecraft Crews
              • Researchers/Pilots
                • Nobles/Rich Folk
                  • Poor Folk
                    • Factory Workers
                      • Slaves

The Dragonisk Royal Family- Empress Cibba IV to the left, Princess Cibba VI to the right

Figures of High ImportanceEdit

Some school teachers will tell young Dragonisks that every Dragonisk is important. Well, they are wrong. There are only three Important people in this Galaxy- The Grox Leader, Emperor Cibbin III, and anyone else who hates the guts of Spode.

- Captain Nakkin to his Offspring
  • Cibba IV, Empress of the Dragonisk Empire- Although Cibbin III would rather give his throne to Cibbin V, it is against the ancient Laws of the Dragonisk to give the throne to the second-born. Cibba IV (Dragonisk for "Great Heroine") is the most famous figure in the Dragonisk Empire, as shown by a survey in year 3.08. It was suspected she is behind the plague that is sweeping Earth, but nothing had been proven. Cibba took over the throne when her father died of a fever in Cefta, Year 3.08.
  • Cibba VI, Heir to the Throne-As Cibba IV's firstborn, many were upset at the declaration of Cibba VI becoming the heir. However, it was discovered that Cibba IV had been tested on, in an attempt to find a cure for Cibbin III's fever, and became incapable of producing more than one egg, therefore making Cibba VI the heir. She was born in Yerrl, year 3.09.
  • Captain Vikcin, Head of the Dragoniskian Army- Captain Vikcin (Dragonisk for "Smart One") replaced Captain Yerie blew himself up by accident. Originally the Second-In-Command of the SpaceDragon, Vikcin grew to become a true hero of the Dragonisk Empire when he saved the SpaceDragon from another empire. Vikcin currently lives in the Capital City of Mary-Kyona, and is living it up in the City Hall. He is the mate of Lady Jriee, although she denies it.
  • Captain Sreek, Pilot of the SpaceDragon II- After an explosion killed the Crew and Captain of the SpaceDragon, Sreek (Dragonisk for "Earthly Bird") was named to be the Pilot for the second SpaceDragon. Highly skilled in the art of flying Spaceships, Sreek managed to pilot a Spaceship without direction from the Princess or the accompanying researchers.
CRE Dragonisk-0a187568 ful

Emperor Cibbin III

Dead Heroes and RoyaltyEdit

  • Captain Nakkin, Pilot of the SpaceDragon- Another Dragonisk appointed by Cibbin III, Nakkin (Dragonisk for "Silent Explorer") began as a Factory Worker with big dreams. He is the reason the Dragonisk Race lives on Earth, and the main reason that the old empire died out. Eventually being appointed to the Council of the Royal Horn, Nakkin was one of the most influential people in the Dragonisk Empire. Nakkin Died in an explosion while testing the Intergalactic Drive, during Bayrie, year 3.08.
  • Cibbin III, Emperor of the Dragonisk Empire- the cream of the crop. Anything he says, goes. A tall, plump Dragonisk with rare violet stripes, Cibbin (Dragonisk for "Great Hero") is the father of Cibba IV, and Cibbin V. Cibbin's age is unrecorded, and therefore no one really knows how old he is. It is estimated that he approaches his 260th year. Cibbin is highly respected, and looked up upon by his people. Cibbin has won the hearts of his people, but underneath his soft exterior is a cold heart that could chill Earth to the core. Cibbin died from a fever in Cefta, year 3.08.
  • Lady Jriee, Head of Spice Trading- Lady Jriee (Dragonisk for "Poison Tongue"), mother of two baby Dragonisks and the head of the Dragonisk Spice Trade, Lady Jriee is exactly 178 years old, but has no special features. She was appointed Head of the Spice Trade by Cibbin III himself, and is the idol of nearly every female Dragonisk. Although females are normally dismissed as "unimportant servants to the superiors", Jriee broke that statement when she became the first female head ever. Lady Jriee died in a factory explosion in Yerrl, year 3.09.
  • Lord Myrr, Head of Observation Team IX- After discovering and analyzing the remains of Earth for nearly 23 years, Myrr (Dragonisk for "Thin Laser") discovered the human race. His data-log contains many precious documents that later lead to the resurrection of a Human, which eventually lead to the realization that there are other races out there. Far more powerful than the Grox. Lord Myrr died from the fever that the Emperor had fallen from, in Yerrl, year 3.09.


Did you just hear a click? Wow, we really shouldn't have been eating over that Planet Buster...

- Captain Yerie
The Dragonisks have many technologies, such as the Happy Ray, the Mind Erase, the Wormhole Key, and the Interstellar Drive. It was only recently that they discovered the Planet Buster, and other harsh weapons that lead to the destruction of every Spode-Worshipping race nearby. Although they have access to such weapons, they are very difficult to use, as Dragonisks lack the Common Sense required to operate them decently. An example of their foolishness is when Captain Yerie accidently triggered a Planet Buster on board his spaceship while eating over it.
As of Caxxif, Year 3.08, the Dragonisk have been using the Intergalactic Drive.

Relationships with other empiresEdit

These are the empires that the Dragonisks have communicated with, in order from most-liked, to least.

Green face Dubbya Empire

  • They hate Zealots (+100)
  • They are trading with us for the war (+50)
  • They are our Allies (+50)
  • They are fighting against the Xhodocto (+30)
  • They have a balance of Social and Aggressive tools (+30)
  • They dislike the Grox (-45)

Green face The BNSC

  • We like new empires (+50)
  • You are helping us in the War (+50)
  • They are fighting the Xhodocto (+30)
  • They seem to be friendly (+20)
  • They are our Allies (+50)
  • They hate Zealots (+100)

Green face The Sporemaster Alliance

  • They are our allies (+50)
  • They are fighting against the Xhodocto (+30)
  • They are powerful (-10)

Blue face Goulgan Empire

  • Their bribes (+50)
  • They are our Allies (+50)
  • They gave us an interesting adventure (+30)
  • They broke a Trade deal with us (-30)
  • Pestering us (-30)
  • They are weak (-30)

Orange face Spider Monster Empire

  • They were once our allies (+100)
  • They wage war on everyone (-30)
  • They betrayed the alliance (-30)
  • They are Zealots (-50)

Red face Brawgle Empire

  • We were at war (-50)
  • They were a threat (-55)
  • We destroyed them (-50)

Red face Ixplix Empire

  • We were at war (-50)
  • We destroyed them (-50)
  • They captured one of our systems (-100)
  • They stole our resources (-100)

Red face The Xhodocto

  • They destroyed our spaceships (-10)
  • They are a threat to our Galaxy (-100)
  • They are a threat to our race (-100)
  • We are at war (-100)

Quotes from ThemselvesEdit

You know what? I've changed my mind- instead of blowing the planets around us to bits and wasting about 100 Million Sporebucks, let's move! It's cheap, plus we can get rid of all those grimy peasants. See, there's always a cheaper alternative!

- Cibbin III

If there's one thing I've learned in my travels, it's that grovelling to the Grox is never a good idea.

- Captain Nakkin

Wow, a genuine Tely-viz-yon! Um... Myrr? What's a Tely-viz-yon?

- A member of Observation Crew IX

Do... do you really think there might be a race more powerful than the Grox...?

- Lady Jriee to the Council

Great Grox! What the Cibbin is that? Don't tell me Nakkin got his paws on another Asteroid Call...

- Captain Vikcin on Nakkin's primitive Terraforming methods

What's in it for me?

Quotes from OthersEdit


- Eola'Nar Prophet


War PreparationsEdit

An adventure for the March of the Apocalypse. Will be published once I recieve permission from Xhodocto3546 to use Xhodocto references within it.
  • Summary: Help a fellow Captain out, and prepare a Dragonisk City for war. Deliver weapons and orders, turn on the city's huge turrets, and save a ship full of Dubbyan goods from being destroyed.
  • Acts: There are seven acts in WP.
  • Difficulty: I'd say about a two on a scale from one to five.
  • Status: Published. Slightly late, but published as of November 8th, 2010. ^^
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