The Draconizane (a portmanteau of Draconis and Zazane) are a hybrid race origninating from an alternate history that was intertwined with an alternate Zazane universe. Ruthless and cunning, their only desire is complete dominion; an ideal fuelled by the honouring of Kolossus



Draconizane are a genetic hybrid of Draconis and Zazane DNA. As such they share genetic traits of both species. On the outset they appear as large, bulky, square-headed Zazane with two pairs horns; one is a pair of Zazane-like horns twisted into a spiral and the other is a pair of spike-like horns protruding from the top and back of the skull. The eyes often sport shades of red, orange, amber, green, purple and blue and are capable of low-light vision and so they appear to shine when a light shines nearby while in darkness. Their body is covered in hard scales that can come in dark blue, red and amber colourations.

Draconizane walk bipedally with a pair of digitigrade legs that end in two large three-toed talons. Protruding from their backs are a pair of large bat-like wings that allow them to fly for long distances. Physically Draconizane are much stronger than their parent species due to having the muscle structure found in Zazane and the muscle bulk of a Draconis. Combined with the structure of their legs and aspects of Draconis and Zazane respiratory systems they are capable of sprinting at speeds of 37mph or more over long distances.

An adult Draconizane typically stands at 3.8m, although some are much taller, and weigh an average of 400-600kg. They are considered sexually mature at 20 but can continue growing until they are 25. Their advanced brain structure makes them highly intelligent and their immune system makes them highly resistant to most known diseases. Draconizane are capable of leaking blood from a hole in the back of their throat and can spit or vomit mouthfuls of it mixed with a crippling venom. Due to the presence of Shidium in their bodies the blood causes a burning sensation upon contact with organic tissue which slowly and painfully kills the target.

A vestigial gland containing a powerful toxin sits close to the heart and upon the right thought, it can burst on conscious command. Because the gland is smaller in proportion to the body than in a Zazane (where the coding from the organ comes from), the poison kills more slowly but the experience can be rather terrible as the host's heart fails.

Females of the species have the rare ability to reproduce in one of two ways: In the first them mother carries an egg inside her body for eight months. When the baby is ready to be born the egg cracks and fragments of it are pushed out of the body along with the infant. The second way is that the female lays one or two eggs. it has been noted that twins are more common with the second way and hatchlings are capable of digesting meat from the day they hatch.


Draconizane possess genetic memory and each member holds the knowledge of their parents, a Draconizane can experience memories that reach back to before the species existed; however only Zazane knowledge is present. Children mature quickly due to genetic memory and their aggressive nature. Traits of honour, tradition and compassion are commonly present in Draconizane and are considered admirable traits. This sense of respect between them dates back to their revolution when each of them considered their kin as brothers and sisters.

Although more conservative and slower to anger than a Zazane, they still harbour the aggressive tendencies Zazane are known for when sufficiently angered. Feelings of sadness or amxiety often emerge as anger in Draconizane to to a more active amygdala.


The Draconizane are a curiosity to the universe. Earliest records of the species date back to the classical period of Draconis society, curiously this was a time when genetic engineering was nonexistent out of selective breeding. The conception is a scientific mystery that still somewhat baffles scientists in the present day.

During this classical period, Draconizane were typically affiliated with the Minosian Empire of Alcanti, a precursor of the later Vormothan Empire and to a lesser extent the Draconid Imperium. Spurred by the divine intervention of Kolossus, the Draconizane - under the leadership of Kordan, who was a centurion at the time - turned on the empire and devastated it to claim the ruins as their own. The new empire (now with Kordan as the new High King) proceeded to hunt down and exterminate the last remaining Zazane on Alcanti before turning their attention to the portal to Volix.


We shall rise up and claim what is ours. From two species we were born; we hold the strengths of both and the weaknesses of neither

- Kordan Rex


- Kolossus


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