Dominicraus Zazane (Dracid: Imperial Zazane. Also known as Imperial or Draconid Zazane) are a subgroup of Zazane who migrated to the Draconid Imperium in 2787AD. Colonising part of its outer rim they have become highly-valued members. Unlike other subspecies these Zazane left the Brood of War with permission. They now control a growing handful of systems in the imperium's outer-rim worlds.


The population came from a collection of Drik Zazane that moved to the Andromeda Galaxy with the rest of the Brood of War. During the Andromeda War they had a chance to fight alongside the Draconid Imperium. Sharing in their fellows admiration, particularly after the battle for Avanti duing the Firestorm. Zazane from all walks of life gathered under the warlord Kervon Daktis, who personally asked Tyraz if they could establish a zazane bastion in the Impeirum.

Pleased that his people admired the Imperium, a power he had close ties to, Tyraz agreed, rsulting in a few millino Zazane migrating to the outer rim. Tyraz had negotiated with Uriel Ultanos for a suitable site and he offered them a cluster of habitable worlds in the outer-rim.

A few weeks after settling on Koratis, these Zazane were beset by the Sons of Urzgov who were uanware of the Zazane's reputation. What they thought to be a group of newly-setablished farmers turned ut to be a highly organised group of warriors who had prepared their cities acordingly. The Korkonid raiders were massacred and Kasan'Paar - the largest city they raided - was declared the capital of the new protectorate.

The Sons continued to harass the Zazane to little avail, each time scoring more and more significant losses. Kervon was given the title of "skulltaker" after his victories; Collecting Korkonid skulls and adorning his palace and throne with them. Since then the ITN established a recruiting base to take advantage of the Zazanes' reputation.


Draconid Zazane still embody many aspects of Zaane culture inluding a passion for war and honour. Alongside their own defensive forces they see it as an honour to join the Talon Ground Legions t ofigth along side the Draconis.

They place great repect on Tyraz Breek and theri Brood counterparts out of tradition and on the Imperium for both welcoming them and respecting the latter's prowess in waging war and seeing it as an artform.

Changes are slowly occuring due to the permeationof imperial culture. Inspired by Draconid designs, and picking up the slack fro mthe Kordalu rebellion a growing number are becomnig artisans of war designing custom and beautiful weapons and armour for use in the field. Their own defensive force, the Warsmiths, embody the balance of war and craft. Kervon himself has a group of Warsmiths as a personal army. Draconid Zazane personally charge themselves with keeping their own equipment in prime condition and it is a great honour for a Warsmith to see his or her craft put to use agianst the Imperium's and the Zazane's enemies.

Out of courtesy for other aliens, their cities are also cleaner thaan Brood cities but still display the tradition of war - skulls, war banners and bones can still be found in the streets, but blood stains are cleaned and corpses are put on display rather than left rotting on the street. The cities themselves are built to be defensive bastions with thick walls, fortified streets and tunnels. Cities that were raided by the Korkonid still display signs as a mark of pride.

Due to the Imperium's industrial capabilities, weapons and equipment can be produced on a massive scale and shipyards provide the ITN with a waystation to stock up for their next patrols.


You all suck!

- Zazanaarg

Frakking Zazane... FRAKKING REACH!

- Inhraahk Dahei

I trust the Imperium will treat them well.

- Kryptkor Talsar

More branches of Zazane. More branches to burn.

- Hez'Kalka

It is a pleasure to see the the Zazane design and create for the Imperium as well as fight and destroy their foes.

- Tyraz


  • Dominicaraus Zazane are shared between Monet47 and TheHachi, however ultimate power rests with Monet47.
  • They are the first post-evacuation Zazane who left the mainstream species with the government's support and not a rebellion.


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