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It is their duty to study, dissect and examine the universe around them. They seek knowledge and it is their fervent belief that every question can be answered with research, systematic categorization, dedication and logic. Knowledge is their fuel and there is no higher calling than learning.

- Unknown

The Dracogonarious, also known in their own tongue as Drakahaonarous (translated: People of Draka) are a species of draconic reptilians of crocodilian appearance natives of Planet Draka-2 in the Milky Way Galaxy. A highly intelligent, sophisticated and advanced race with nearly sixty thousand years of space-faring history, the Dracogonarious have made themselves famed across the Milky Way and indeed the entire First Gigaquadrant for their participation in multiple large-scale conflicts and their presence at multiple galaxies, currently ruling over the empire known as the Indoctrinate Collective.

Generally friendly in nature, the Dracogonarious are seen as a benevolent race who strives for order and prosperity across the galaxies they inhabit. However, not all of them are pacifists, for they were also present in the terrorist organization known as the Vengeful Claw, who wished to take the Indoctrinate Collective down due to being aware of their darker side. Nonetheless, the Dracogonarious are a respected and advanced species with a great influence over Gigaquadrantic affairs.


Dracogonarious EmpireEdit

Not much is known the pre-spacefaring era of the Dracogonarious, who themselves make little mention of it. More extremist members of the species claim their pre-space lives were marked by extremely bloody wars caused by great factions disagreeing with each other' ways of living, meaning the unified government of the species was created by the complete cleansing of all who opposed it. Since before they reached space, the Dracogonarious were in conflict with the Marinar, another sapient species native of Draka-2, with the latter eventually being defeated and absorbed into their government while some managed to escape the planet through the use of spaceship prototypes. The Dracogonarious Empire was officially founded circa the Earth year 57455 BC when the Dracogonarious scientist and engineer Gareile Kronk inaugurated the first fully functional space vessels, allowing the Dracogonarious to establish colonies in other star systems.

As their area of influence grew, they eventually came across other small empires belonging to three subspecies: the Dracogodasimar, Dracogovaesis and Dracogogavil. These territories would be quickly absorbed into the Dracogonarious Empire. While the origins of the two subspecies remains unknown, scientists believe that ancient, pre-spacefaring Dracogonarious were taken away from their homeworld by another alien race. In the last thousands of years, the Empire also started to develop it's famous bioengineering technologies, resulting in the creation of the shipeater weapons and many alien cultures, the most notable being the Spinker.

The Dracogonarious Empire would eventually meet its match when they met the children of the Marinar, the Marinox. The war between the two lasted for around 200 years, causing mass destruction for both sizes. It's climax occured in the Battle for Planet Kaizox, where the Dracogonarious joined forces with several allies to push into Marinox space and destroy the machine that powered them. In the aftermath of the war, a revolt started by Old Fang led to the creation of the Empire's dreaded antithesis, the Vengeful Claw. For the next 600 years, the Empire did the best it could to hide the Claw's existence from their allies, and from galactic affairs altogether.

Corruptus and Undead WarsEdit

The Dracogonarious Empire was one of the major fighters of the Second War of Black Fog, and a notable empire during the War of Claim. At the beginning of the war, the Empire joined forces with Spinker Empire and Bonio Republic to combat the Corruptus, being the overall leader on the war against the demons. At the same time, the Empire also fought the growing undead threat led by the Zazane monstrosity Moxix.

As the war progressed, the Empire stumbled on Mimi, who informed him of her mission. The Empire joined forces with other factions such as the Third Sovereign Domain and Kicath Empire to combat the Loron'Kikra and the Marinoxidiz. After the death of Kolossus, the Empire was also aided by the Thoi Armies of the Realm of Dreams. The Empire was present in the final battle of the War of Claim, where it helped putting an end on the Necroarch, and later fought Shu'rimrodir himself in the Realm of Dreams. With both wars over, the Dracogonarious, Spinker and Bonio united their governments into one, creating the Indoctrinate Collective.




A female Dracogonarious

Dracogonarious males are red medium-sized creatures, vaguely crocodilian in appearance with features of a dragon. They have large snouts and their mouths are filled with sharp teeth. They have large ears and large horns. In the sides of their bodies, they possess small feathered plumes. They have powerful legs which allow them to leap high into the air so they may fly. In their tails they a have sharp, spiky weapon which they use to strike down enemies from behind. In their backs they have a pair of large, bat-like wings which allows them to fly; to aid this, their bones are hollowed. Dracogonarious possess notable sexual dimorphism, with females being more orange in colouration, having larger feathered plumes and being significantly larger and more massive than males. Due to their posture, Dracogonarious generally walk and run on all fours in order to balance themselves, standing on their hind legs only when necessary.

At the back of their legs, they possess a pair of tendrils which they use as their reproductive organs. These tendrils produce a pollen-like substance which, upon contact with the female's tendril, results in fertilization, in a similar way to plant reproduction. Females can choose which male they will accept the pollen from through pheromones, meaning the female will not lay eggs from an unwanted male. Dracogonarious only mate for the sake of reproduction, as they lack any kind of sexual drive.


Dracogonarious are noted as being generally welcoming creatures, but they do not show much emotion unless interacting with their closest friends and family members. While open to outsiders, they are very calculating and take very close inspection of everything new to their eyes. They tend to not show emotions often but are by no means emotionless creatures. They are extremely curious creatures, and tend to seek for new things to learn regardless if they are good or bad for them. While commonly seen as a race of scholars, many Dracogonarious show a liking for battle and war.


Dracogonarious are, overall, a weak species by Gigaquadrantic standards. An average Dracogonarious has the physical prowess of a human adult and they are not very resilient. However, their mouth muscles are much more powerful than their arms. A Dracogonarious has the bite force of 3,200 pounds per square inch, coming close to Terran saltwater crocodiles. The biological weapon on their tails is designed to cut and cause heavy bleeding on the Dracogonarious' enemy, and while fighting, the Dracogonarious will attempt to strike enemies at their throats or joints in an attempt to immobilize them.



Captain Jerkon

I am willing to sacrifice myself for the good of my people.

Jerkon is the current Royal Marechal of the Indoctrinate Collective's Royal Guard. The son of Drakley and archenemy of the Old Fang, Jerkon is widely seen as the greatest hero in Dracogonarious history since his father, for his heroic acts against the Corruptus. An stoic, intelligent, celibate and serious individual, Jerkon is a no-nonsense soldier who goes great distances to prove his point.

The Old Fang

The Collective is NOT the paradise everyone thinks it is!

The Old Fang is the leader and founder of the Vengeful Claw. A mysterious and pitiless woman, she wishes for the end of the Indoctrinate Collective. But no one really knows why.

Tarygan Tersly

For the Collective, we must be willing to do absolutely everything necessary, no matter what.

Tarygan Tersly is the Supreme Advisor of the Dracogonarious and their internal leader in the Indoctrinate Collective. Directly responsible for the creation of the empire, she was the scientist who created Empress Maryah from DNA samples coming from Emperor Gareile and Captain Koluap of the Spinker race, which led to her being often called the Creator of the Collective.

Queen Maryah

I will make my predecessors proud.

Maryah is a Spinker-Dracogonarious hybrid created from the DNA of Koluap and the preserved first leader of the Dracogonarious, Gareile Kronk, bioengineered by Dracogonarious scientists into a fertile female creature. Her birth signed the formation of the Indoctrinate Collective, an eternal union between the Dracogonarious and the Spinker people.

Great Science Lord

Someone needs to step up and lead us to our destiny.

Gareile Kronk, the First Emperor, was the first ruler of the Dracogonarious Empire. The man who revolutionized the Dracogonarious as a species by inventing the very first functional spaceships, Gareile was responsible for the empire's creation and is regarded as the most important figure in Dracogonarious history.

Captain Drakley

Glory and success for the empire is all I strive for.

Supreme Space Captain Drakley was the military leader of the empire at the time of the Marinox War and is seen as the greatest man in the species' military history. Famous for leading the empire's attack on Kaizox which destroyed the race, Drakley was killed in action by Errr, sacrificing himself to end the war. Widely regarded as a hero, Drakley's legacy lives on his son Jerkon.



We are proud to call the Dracogonarious allies. Their scientific acumen is greatly known throughout the Gigaquadrant.

- Iovera IX

My people could learn a thing or two from them.

- Emperor Reta'nyan

The universe is one step beyond logic.

- Isio'Nar

A smart people who dominate within the realms of knowledge and study, it would be fair to declare them as perhaps one of the fastest progressing races even if they are not the most advanced.

- Tyraz

Teehee, they have funny ears!

- Hachiman



  • The Dracogonarious were the first creature ever created by OluapPlayer.
  • The Dracogonarious were the featured creature of October 2013.
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