The Doroledo was a massive predator that terrorized the ancient world of Volleranov.

- Sporepedia description

The Doroledo (Doroledo rex) is a species of smashtail endemic to the open savannas of the planet Volleranov. They ruled the supercontinent of during prehistory, but an extinction event eradicated their kind by the time the planet's sapients arose.

Doroledos are opportunistic apex predators and will feed on any fauna organisms that they can catch though they had a preference for the Agelimiteras as they could always be found in large packs. They were in direct competition at times with the Dracomeleons, a species of non-sapient Dragoon descendants which hunted as ambush predators.


The subphylum "Ambulignum" is a merging of the Latin words "ambulans", meaning "walking or walker", and "lugnum", meaning "wood, timber, stock, log, or silva" and is used in place of the word "stick". The superclass "Quartrepoda" is a combination of "quatro" meaning "four", and "poda" meaning "limb(s)". The class "Armigerskelis" is a combination of the Latin "armiger" meaning "armor", and the Greek "skelis" meaning "hind leg", though it actually is meant to refer to each of their limbs. The subclass "Troikaops" is a combination of the Russian word "troĭka" meaning in this case "a ruling body of three", and the Greek "ops" meaning "eye or face". The subfamily "Syntrívo̱caudinae" comes from the Latin word "syntrívo̱" meaning "to crash, squelch, crush, shatter, or batter", and the Greek word for tail, "cauda". The species name, "rex" is Latin for "king".

Behind the scenes[]

A Doroledo chases a herd of Agelimiteras.

The Doroledo was actually seen in the game as an epic creature called a Dorado, created by SPoRE creator LucarioGuy. The creature was avoided during play but was seen chasing a herd of Maiasaura, which themselves were created by creator Hydromancerx, the creator of Sagan IV. These creatures were made more unique in order to give the planet its own organisms that were supposed to have evolved on the planet without any extra migrant species.