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It is in nature that the strong remove the weak, for that is how evolution plays. The strongest become stronger and even more powerful, but they must also act without mercy lest the weak topple them without warning. The Drakoominatus Tyranny works in this fashion; Existence is an equation to them and every variable is an integer that must be factored. Do not be fooled into believing they will show mercy or honour, for that is a weakness. The strong prevail over ther weak, and lead by their ever-imposing tyrant the Dominatus themselves desire only to become ever stronger. At any cost.

- Unknown

The Dominatus, who think themselves the master race of the entire First Gigaquadrant, is the next step in Drakodominatus evolution. While nature may have by chance taken the Drakodominatus species to this end, the Tyranny decided not to wait for time to run it's course and took evolution into their own hands. Thus, the Ultima serum, a powerful mutagenic strain, was produced and disseminated throughout the Tyranny. The Dominatus is the result of this. Although the Ultima Serum imparts incredibly advantages in every aspect upon all forms of Dominatus, it does have it's flaws. Upon it's release, only one in a million Drakodominatus survived the incredible enhancement procedure, the others who were unable to die it dying the most horrifying and agonizing deaths imaginable. This left 999,999 Drakodominatus dead for each one it left turned into a Dominatus, and some would argue it was more counterproductive than productive, a conjecture whose validity yet remains to be proven. Till then, the Dominatus march on the Gigquadrant, ready to secure their position as it's dominant race.

Evolutionary HistoryEdit


The Drakodominatus were the original ruling race of the Tyranny and had evolved on Demogorgon Prime, the homeworld of the Tyranny. Giant 4 meter tall monsters who were both very strong and very intelligent, they had evolved in the abattoir of their homeworld and through constant conflict had evolved into what they were before the Culling. During the Final War of Drakodominatus Unification, nuclear war, coupled with constant biological and chemical weapon use as well as the weapon unleashed by the Drakodominatus Republic when the Republic was defeated rendered them within a few generations, almost sterile. Obsessed with being the master race and with genetic perfection, the Drakodominatus set upon improving themselves and accelerating evolution.


The Dominatus were first conceived by Haemocolus Scahden Freude, a member of the conquered Haemocolus race who sought to ingratiate themselves with their Drakodominatus masters through helping with their biotechnology program. After being granted permission to experiment with Dominatus bodies, combined with the resources of the Tyranny, the mad scientist created the Ultima Serum, a mutagenic tool designed to turn the Drakodominatus into hulking monstrosities with extreme intelligence to boot. the Dominatus would be an evolution and an improvement on the Dominatus in an unprecedented way, though the Haemocolus could not figure out how to make them fertile. Upon finishing the serum, he presented it to Abaddon, who after finding that the results were satisfactory, killed the Haemocolus to prevent him from gaining any more leverage.

The CullingEdit

The Culling took place across the entirety of Dominatus space and was delivered through warheads keyed into the locations of all known Drakodominatus, pretty much all of them except Renus Kantus and his band who had fled once they had advanced knowledge of what was going to happen. The Culling was on paper supposed to transform all Drakodominatus into Dominatus but due to it's lethality and it's unpredictability, it only bonded correctly with one in a million Drakodominatus. Furthermore, it did this on a genetic basis, meaning that genetic lines of families either lived or died as a whole. The to-become-Dominatus only accepted this because they were the ones who survived and their education and personality fitted with the survival of the fittest mentality. However, the dead were honored with massive monuments on Malogenesis, the Dominatus capital city. After the Culling, the Dominatus sought to adapt to ruling an empire where there were only a million of the ruling class.

Further DevelopmentsEdit

The latest development with respect to the evolution of the Dominatus is the Dominatus Ultima, a one of a kind prototype strain created as a project by Installation 11 and is expensive enough that it cannot be done by serum but instead must be synthesized and can only be applied to one in a million Dominatus, meaning only one in the Tyranny be born an Ultima, coincidentally or not, the child of Angrus Mortarius, on paper the strongest Dominatus Alpha, and Medusa Heimdall, on paper, the smartest Dominauts Omega. This, combined with the incredibly complex equipment needed to synthesize one makes their creation incredibly prohibitive and thus has only resulted in the creation of Castigon Mortarius. The Ultima is projected to be much larger, stronger, smarter than even the Dominatus Alpha or Omega and has psychic powers. It is truly the culmination of the Tyranny's genetic research and would be a threat to the universe, if only it was more efficient and reliable.



Dominatus Alpha's represent the most physically powerful of the Dominatus. They are about twice as physically strong as other Dominatus and when fully grown are two meters taller than other fully grown Dominatus. This means that the jobs that they take in the Tyranny are generally combat roles, though many of them have had tenures in research installations for development of technology. The highest positions in the Archostrategon are reserved from them, and only they can go to the role of Archon, Drachon, Sovereign Executor, or Champion. The Warmasters, the highest ranking Dominatus Betas are only of the same relative rank as the Honor Guards, as they are concerned with different things in battle. As of the start of The Great Tyranny War, there were 1,000 of them in existence.


The Dominatus Beta is the average Dominatus. They have no special biological abilities like the the other strains and are the standard to which the other strains are compare against in order to ascertain their abilities. The flipside of this is that this strain is by far the most numerous, and they occupy most of the jobs and positions in the Tyranny, from serving as the bulk of their Dominatus ground forces, to doing most of the relatively mundane research, in contrast to the Omegas who are at the cutting edge of Domiantus technology. As of the start of The Great Tyranny War, there were almost a million of them.


The Dominatus Psi are essence touched Dominatus. Essence interacted with male Dominatus in that it gave them power over essence, a trait that Dominatus and Drakodominatus had not had before. They possess various different powers and different forms of essence that enable them to dominate psychically on the battlefield. They are physically identical and mentally identical to the Dominatus betas and all are involved in Dominatus Occult Operations. At the start of the Great Tyranny War, there were 100 of them.


The Dominatus Omegas are the intellectual caste of the Dominatus, having a much higher IQ than all other Dominatus and are in charge of the cutting edge of research and naval management. Other than that, they are physically identical to Dominatus Betas but are somewhat weaker when fully grown. The jobs that they take in Dominatus society are that of commanding the most powerful positions in the navy and being at the absolute forefront of Dominatus research They are the rarest of the Dominatus though, having been the rarest at the Culling, and each is incredibly valuable to the Tyranny. As of the start of The Great Tyranny War, there were 100 of them in existence.


One in a million, even among the Dominatus, the only existing Ultima is Castigon Mortarius, who was an Installation 4 Project as well as the son of Medusa Heimdall and Angrus Mortarius. The Ultima is projected to be an improvement of the Dominatus in all aspects and better than any strain in any aspect. It is the pinnace of Dominatus evolution and has been called by some as the creation of a Dominatus demigod. Needless to say, the fact that Castigon still has to be educated and still has to grow to reach his peak means that the rest of the Gigaquadrant does not have to consider him a universal threat- yet.



In general, the Dominatus is an imposing and nightmarish figure, with the average fully grown Dominatus Beta standing at 10 meters tall and fully grown Dominatus Alphas standing even taller. The Dominatus body ripples with well-defined synthetic boron-carbon-nitrogen super muscle that the Ultima Serum has allowed Dominatus bodies to organically and regularly produce. Hidden beneath the hide of most Dominatus are crystals, which sprout out the back and are generally opaque in color. These crystals which can be regenerated, compose the Dominatus analogue of the skeletal system, are created from organic ultrahard carbon nanotbues, and contain Dominatus biomass, which can be used for a variety of different tasks in both combat and noncombat roles. Dominatus are projected to have very long lifespans, though none have died natural deaths since as a species they have been around for less then a decade. The Dominatus nervous and vital systems are homogeneously distributed throughout the body, meaning that in order to ensure their death, a Dominatus must be virtually completely annihilated. While their hide is tough, it is not tough enough to stop armor piercing weaponry and generally can only fend off small arms fire without the use of biomass. Furthermore, with the presence of biomass, the Dominatus can regenerate almost any wound with the body's sophisticated biological autorepair system, another consequence of Ultima. Dominatus are also extremely intelligent, having postsapient brains made of optimally patterned biological superconductors, a consequence of Ultima. However, even their forced evolution has not rectified the biggest problem with this evolutionary strain, which is the problem of their extreme infertility, which is only just above that of a Dominatus. It is estimated that a couple continuously copulating will only have one egg every 10 years. Another drawback is the massive weight that all the high density material creates and thus fully grown Dominatus Betas and the other strains aside from the Alphas have a mass of around 80 tons while Alphas have mass of 100 tons.


The Muscular System of the Dominatus is created by the boron-carbon-nitrogen composite ultramuscle that the Dominatus are able to organically produce. A significant portion of the Dominatus body is composed of this material and thus they are able to perform amazing feats of strength. Furthermore, since the skeletal system analogue of the crystals is adopted to support them, even when fully exerted they do not damage the Dominatus skeletal system. Dominautus muscle bulges when biomass is invested into it but it still formidable even when in a relatively inert state. Furthermore, the muscle tears which continually follow physical exertion were taken into account by Ultima and thus continually repaired allowing for sustained use. Generally, Dominatus can lift 5 times their own weight when muscles are in the inert state and 10 times their own weight when biomass is used. Dominatus are also able to sprint extremely fast in straight lines though they have trouble maneuvering, meaning that they would suffer in a race that included turns and twists as opposed to a straight track. Anecdotal stories of the Dominatus have them throwing buildings, punching holes right through armored plate, and tossing armored vehicles with one hand as if they were nothing.


The nervous system of the Dominatus as created by the Ultima System is a work of genius in both theoretical and applied neuroscience, representing achievements in the fields of graph theory and electrical engineering. The nervous system is homogeneously distributed throughout the body and thus a single critical strike will not really do critical damage against the whole system. It is composed of superconducting "neuron" and "dendrite" equivalents arranged in a graph theoretically optimal pattern allowing for extremely fast spatial reasoning, pattern processing and reasoning abilities, leading to the Postsapient Dominatus being unmeasurable by most Sapient intelligence tests. Dominatus are unable to be paralyzed as humans are since there are no vital nodes which control movement since there are always other neural pathways and damage which would eventually paralyze them would be equivalent to destroying and thus killing them, making paralysis redundant.


Like the nervous system, this system of the Dominatus is an achievement in materials transport and graph theory. it incorporates all three of these systems into a single homogenous substrate that handles the collective task of "resource distribution". It is composed off microtubes which funnel nutrients to the places where they are needed while simultaneously digesting and processing them into the materials that the subconscious layer of the neural system tells them too in order to facilitate regeneration. The digestive system of the Dominatus is created in order to digest and process almost anything and thus had a wide variety of chemical apparatus to quickly decompose and process whatever is eaten. This permits them to consume almost anything, be it organic and inorganic and given enough time turn it into something useful. Consumption is nominally done through the mouth since Dominatus are used to that but other methods of absorption exist, most of them incorporating biomass. As a corollary, Dominatus do not require oxygen to breath, but do require a general form of nutrient. In the absence of a resource to turn into nutrients the Dominatus will starve, but in order to preserve itself for periods of time, it can enter hibernation, where the Dominatus is covered in a biomass shell and becomes biologically inert where it is awakened when a resource source is nearby. However, even when hibernating the Dominatus still consumes resources, and thus a Dominatus, "starved" long enough will eventually die as there won't be resources to repair the body.


The Dominatus possess an analogue of the endocrine system which is defined by a dichotomy between two distinct categories - emotion and stimulants. Emotion functions as it normally does in other sentient races and the Dominatus are no exception. However, evolution on Demogorgon Prime has created biologically inbred feelings of competitiveness, aggressiveness, and superiority, traits which are all enhanced by the Ultima Serum. Furthermore, the endocrine system signals to the Dominatus who the ideal mating partner is as it sends pheromone analogues out and a reaction ensues when the Dominauts meets a Dominatus of the opposite sex who is judged by the pheromone's biological algorithms as an ideal mate. Stimulants exist as the analogues of hormones like serotonin and adrenaline, and are consciously activated by the Dominatus in order to increase their aptitude at something for a temporary amount of time, albeit usually at the expense of something else. Growth is regulated by this system as well as Dominatus cannot grow forever without limit as the system "knows" that once they have reached 10 meters for non alpha strains and 12 meters for alpha strains with some leeway, that if they grow more, given the other parameters in their anatomy, the form will be suboptimal.


The Dominatus analogue of the skeletal system is the array of ultrahard carbon nanotubes that permeate themselves throughout it's body. These crystals, while distributed throughout the body, have some very large variants which jut out the back of the Dominatus and are retractable. They are bonded to the muscle and the other systems and preserve the overall integrity of the Dominatus. Furthermore, through impulses sent from the neural system they are able to grow out in extremely accurate protrusions when the Dominatus wants them too, such as when using biomass. They contain Dominatus biomass, a neurologically motivated semisolid that composes a sizable fraction of the mass of the Dominatus, that is in composition, essentially a reserve of Dominatus muscle. Biomass can be used in order to increase the efficiency of some systems, can be used in combat in the form of tendrils, armor, shielding, bio-weapons, wings among other utilities. When biomass is used, the crystals build up in the direction of it's use an retract when the biomass is retracted. The biomass can be hardened, where a large crystal buildup also takes place, can remain malleable and is overall very ubiquitous. (Statwise, if all biomass is devoted to a certain stat, that stat will double).


The Dominatus are not covered in skin in the traditional sense but rather a thick and tough membrane which helps serve the integrity of the body. The membrane is tough enough to stop most small arms but is not invulnerable, thought its toughness is vastly enhanced if biomass is used as armor. Dominatus skin can also, with extreme effort and training, become almost invisible and thus allow the Dominatus to blend in with the environment. The Dominatus do not possess hair of any kind, though they do possess a set of horns which is a deposit of ultrahard carbon nanotubes and has no purpose aside from aesthetics and possibly impaling enemies in combat, though the size discrepancy between the Dominatus and their opponents mean that this is generally impossible.


The Dominatus possess the same senses other races do except evolved to an unnatural level of effectiveness. Their eyes are telescopic and can see incredibly far away with varying levels of magnification. Their ears can hear even the softest whispers and the smallest touches and with their "horns" can be modulated to different frequencies allowing them to listen in on communications on the electromagnetic spectrum (not decrypting them though). They can smell even a corpse that has been long since picked dry and is biologically inert. They can taste flesh and bone as they crack them in their mouths and savor them. Their sense of touch also means that they can control the amount of force they use, though personality-wise this feature is not often used. Furthermore, they possess a small amount of seismic sense, allowing them to sense underground movement.


This system will be left blank as the author wishes to preserve his sanity.


The personality of the Dominatus is, while when not cooperating with them to destroy outside enemies, certainly abrasive towards Dominatus due to their competitiveness, aggressiveness, and arrogance, they are certainly nightmares to deal with when interacting with other species due to their sense of xenophobia and racial supremacy. Even when the Dominatus does not immediately attack other species, they speak in tones of derisive condescension and sarcasm, sometimes lying merely to mock the person they are talking too if the Dominatus in question does not favor direct conflict. Dominatus are known to possess a dark, sarcastic, and snarky sense of humor, rarely replying in any form of sincerity and oftentimes countering even well meaning statements with vicious verbal ripostes. Between Dominatus males and females, males are generally more upfront and aggressive while females are more cunning and analytical. Furthermore, Dominatus from Muspel are generally more fiery while those from Nifl are more cold. Dominatus rarely if at all feel any empathy or sympathy for those who are not Dominatus and pleas for torture to stop generally fall under deaf ears. Having been desensitized to violence and traditional forms of ethics from an early age and raised in a hypermilitaristic culture, do not think that objectionable acts such as genocide and torture are objectionable if they further the Tyranny's goals, and some are even so far gone such as Cruciatus to derive near sexual pleasure from these acts. While some Unification War Dominatus started out as wide eyed idealists in their days as Drakodominatus during the Final War of Drakodominatus Unification, the events of the war irreversibly scarred all of them and stomped upon their rose colored glasses, replacing them with the cold spectacles of realpolitik and callous cruelty.


The Dominatus possess a wide variety of interests that extend beyond universal conquest and genocide. Dominatus are very academically minded due to the emphasis placed on the sciences and technology through their academies and throughout the Tyranny and love to indulge in research and reading when time permits. Dominatus are generally especially interested in the hard science and engineering areas, especially pure mathematics, cryptography and weapon design. Some Dominatus however, like Wolframicht Stahl, prefer the softer sciences and are esteemed poets in the Tyranny. Dominatus like athletics as well, not only to maintain their Dominatus forms, which do deteriorate with lack of athletic maintenance but also for entertainment. Dominatus also like to play the Grosslavier, a musical piano analogue and Shogun, a three dimensional hybrid of chess and go. When not distracted by these higher pursuits, the Dominatus often relax by dueling with each other and slaughtering enemy prisoners in arranged duels.




  • Jepardi made the model for this!
  • The things floating in the creators head during the creation of the Dominatus were Durge of Star Wars, Alex Mercer of Prototype, the Balrog of Lord of the Rings (The Movie Appearance) , the Thing from the eponymous movie, and the Tank from Left 4 Dead.
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