The Dazok species (plural - Dazoky or Cybianians, "Cultivators of Life" in their language) are a race of avians, which live on a cold but flourishing planet they called "Cybia", located in the Eracleya Galaxy.

Dazoky are a reserved species, prefering to keep their secrets and life-style to themselves. Yet, they desire contact with other psionic species and would reach out into space more, if it weren't for their fear of encountering warmongers bent on their destruction. The years of hiding have turned the Dazoky even more reserved than they already were.

Their old homeworld had a much slower rotation-speed and a longer solar-return cycle, which caused the Dazoky to gain a different time-perception, one that is twice as long, than that of humans.

Fortunatly, their current homeworld has more or less the same day-night cycle. The solar-cycle though, which was already long on their old homeworld, is almost three times longer than that, resulting in a cybianian year being comprised of 932 cybianian days.

This has resulted in Dazoky to be fairly forgiving and slow, when it comes to handling less important, or time-consuming matters. However, while they are very patient most of the time, they expect the same patience and understanding in return and trying to rush or pressure a Dazok, is among the most irritating things for them.

Dazoky possess psionic energies, but those require extensive training to be properly utilized, without causing collateral damage.

It is unknown, even to the Dazoky, where exactly they originated from. Their few historical records mention an apocalyptic event of warfare, drawn in by their dictatorial overlords, which forced the population to flee from their old homeworld. They traveled through an unstable worm-hole from their old galaxy to their current location, bringing some of their highly advanced technology and parts of their flora and fauna with them.

A period of chaos and disorder followed, until the young, newly risen empress united their people in mind and soul, and a lasting era of peace came across the New Dazok Empire. They spent a good number of decades, hidden from other alien races, not developing colonies, in fear of their dictators or their enemies returning to hunt them down. In the end, though, none of that happened and the Dazoky were able to live a quiet and peaceful life, tending to their agriculture, while slowly growing into a respectable, yet still a hidden force.

The only brief period of disorder happened, when a few misguided loyalists of their old empire, broke away from their main empire to form their own cult and try to wage war against their main empire. While the following war was quickly won and the loyalists were put down, it did take quite the physical and mental toll on the Dazoky and they vowed to make it their sole goal of guaranteying the eternal survival of their race.

Basic anatomy of a Dazok individual (without sexual demorphism).



Despite having wings and being able to fly, Dazoky spend most of their lives on the ground (similar to the Meleagris genus on Earth), as their large size and long limbs make it difficult for them to fly over long distances. However, they can walk and run at an impressive velocity for long periods of time without getting tired or fatigued, thanks to an early nomadic past, traversing the northern tundras of their native planet. Their bone-shattering kicks are truly something extraordinary, because of this. They also use their wings to increase their mobility and agility on the ground and increase the length and/or height of their jumps.

Thanks to their four eyes, they have a 320-degree vision radius, with the only blind spots being close in front of their beak, above them and behind them. They do, however, have to focus their frontal eyes to achieve a complete binocular vision, while their back-eyes are fixated and can't be turned.

Yet, their ability to percieve both rapid and slow movements exceptionally well, allows them to not only move seemlessly through thick foliage and tight rock-formations while avoiding obstacles, even when running at full speed, they can also see the movement of stars and constellations and orient themselves according to them, for the rare instances that they need to.

Due to their beak and avian face-structure, they can only perform very minor facial expressions, most of which are far too subtle to notice to alien species. They mostly express their emotions and moods through body-language and certain stances of their plumage.

Their insulating plumage is primarily dark-green with brown stripes, but when Dazoky reach a certain level in their psionic capabilities, the brown stripes first turn rust-brown, then wine-red at higher levels.

Dazoky have sexual dimorphism, with the males being slightly taller and physicly stronger than the females. Males also have spurs on their legs, which makes it a bit easier to determine their age (although most Dazoky shorten them at later stages of their lifes). The females are smarter than males, lack spurs and have naturally more psionic potential.


Origins and History[]

Early Evolution (Duration - 50 million years)[]

Dazoky evolved from a now extinct, feathery reptile species, which lived as a lonely apex predator before a cataclysmic event changed the climate of the planet. While it is unclear what exactly this event was or what caused it, its devastating effects exterminated approximately 70% of the local flora and fauna, leaving only the most adaptable species. Among those were a few smaller subspecies of this reptile, which then started to conquer the northern regions of the planet and eventually evolved into gryphon-like creatures. With the disappearing of the before flourishing and dense forests, these birds grew in size and eventually became apex predators, like their forefathers. In contrast to their ancestors, however, which were solitary hunters, these tall birds were social creatures and were living in flocks spanning from 10 to 60 individuals. One species, in particular, proved to be particularly efficient and eventually became what is now known as the Dazok species: upright walking birds, able to use what were once their front feet as hands.

Dazoky were excellent hunters and before they became sapient, their diet consisted primarily of other animals. Because of their natural psionic potential, they were able to launch highly coordinated assaults on even fairly large prey. When their hunts weren't so successful, they used their claws to dig up roots and handle fruits to eat. They became common in nearly every part of their continent, after their more threatening, but less evolved cousins had gone extinct, which allowed the more common Dazoky to climb further up the food-chain. With large flocks, claiming more and more territory, the rise of the Dazoky became inevitable.

Sapience and Civilization[]

After having reached the top of the food-chain, the Dazoky slowly became sapient and developed their first early civilizations, as the flocks banded together into larger groups. These larger tribes then started exploring the surrounding areas and it was only a matter of time before different tribes of Dazoky would start to clash. Since then, rumors of special dazoky with red-striped plumage arose, apparently able to accomplish magical feats, move objects and people with sheer force of will, see into the thoughts of others and transform even wild animals into tame pets. Tribes which were lead by these gifted dazoky soon overcame and absorbed all others rivaling tribes, forming a large super-village on their main continent.

During an undetermined moment, while their supersized village discovered metal and a few generations later electricity, male red-striped Dazoky started banding together and started researching on what made them so special. It was here that the Dazoky finally became aware of their innate psionic potential and although it wasn't clear to them, how exactly these powers manifested in them, they used that power to subjugate the other, less gifted Dazoky, and developed an oppressive, patriarchal society, which ruled their population with an iron grip.

When their main city had formed, it quickly conquered other smaller cities on their continent, but seeing the damage that warfare brought to the planet, they diverged more towards religous conversion, developing a religious propaganda to distract and calm the population down.

When the Dazoky discovered another continent, sprawling with primitive villages made by an undefined insect-species, they discovered the value and potential of trade and currency. They proceeded to essentially buy up all other villages and cities, and gained world-dominance. They spent an entire generation to repair the damage their warfare caused, before finally deciding to take to the stars.

The Rule of the Dazok Empire[]

However, it took the Dazoky another generation, before they finally managed to successfully develop FTL-engines and create spacecrafts to use them. They seemed to have evolved in a space devoid of bigger empires, because for the longest time, they encountered no spacefaring race. They seemed to have been truely blessed by their gods and had all the time in the universe to expand at their own pace. They spent many millenia, creating highly advanced technology, which worked in conjuction with their psionic powers. Their most notable inventions include spacecrafts such as the Cybianian Carrier (a large battleship which had armaments powerful enough to penetrate a planets crust and so much space it could simultaniously be used for colonization) and the Scoutjet (a very fast and very agile spacecraft used for both exploration and combat).

With their highly advanced military forces, they subjugated the few small empires they encountered, conquering many systems in their crusade. It is unclear exactly how many systems the Dazok Empire owned at the height of its rule, and the records tend to diverge. Their rule must have been firm and lasting either way, as the Dazoky can't immagine their current technology being as advanced as it still is now, otherwise.

Nevertheless, the Dazok Empire was a massive force that was feared across their region of space, with countless Dazok inhabiting that plane of existence.

Yet, the unhappy and subjugated population was completely neglected by their overlords and the ever-growing size of the Dazok Empire seemed to become a double-edged sword for their overlords.

The Rebellion[]

After a long century of stagnancy, a rebelious faction formed which called themselves: the Protectors of Cybia. Having remained hidden among the vast expenses of the colonies so far, the faction immediatly declared themselves champions of the people and set out to free them from the oppression of their decadent overlords.

The faction was brought into being by the outcast, former wife of one of the overlords, which had been framed for the biggest crime in their empire: cultivating psionic potential without their Overlords consent.

They started gaining followers and growing fairly quickly in influence. Although the faction was tracked down by their overlords and an attempt was made to snuff the rebellion out, the Protectors survived and remained hidden in the shadows, helping the suffering population where they could.

The Protectors slowly regained a footing within their empire and by the time they had re-emerged, they had almost half the population on their side. In spite of their overlords, the colonies succumbed to chaos, with large-scale revolts and civil wars erupting nearly everywhere.

The Fall of the Dazok Empire[]

When the Dazok Empire was split in two by the Protectors of Cybia, their previous conquest efforts and size drew in the attention of a warrior-alliance, which attacked the Dazok Empire.

Although the records refer to an alliance, it is unknown, even to the Dazoky, how many empires this alliance contained, whether it actually was an alliance, what empire it was, or what the aliens looked like. As of now, some Dazoky believe it to be a massive and ancient empire they had awoken. Others prefer the story of a giant galactic council, which had set itself the goal of stopping the crusade of their ancestors, before they would harm even more innocents.

Despite their Overlords efforts to coordinate their forces, they soon lost control of their armies, fleets and planets. This was the opportunity for the Protectors of Cybia to spring into action, rallying the population and systematicly fleeing from the inbound invasion of the enemies, leaving the most zealous loyalists to fend off a war they couldn't win on their own.

When the enemy reached the core systems, the final act of the rebelion ensued and the fully grown forces of the Protectors aided the gathered population in breaking into the stronghold of their overlords. While many lost their lives in this battle, the dictatorial leaders died that day too. However, the enemy was still at their doorsteps. The population gathered all the remainder of their fleet to transport them off the planet, just in time before the warrior-alliances fleet jumped into their homesystem. A hundred Cybianians Carriers carrying people, natural resources, advanced technology and weaponry fled out of the system, into a recently stabilized wormhole, a few solar systems away. During the journey through the wormhole, it destabilized and many carriers got lost among the swirling energies. On the other side, only twelve carriers came out of the collapsing wormhole.

Back to the basics[]

A new World[]

What remained of their empire now settled down on a flourishing planet, that they found in the next system after the one, where the collasped wormhole was located. It even had more or less the same rotation speed as their old homeworld. They established a village to house the few thousand survivors, a small grain of sand compared to the massive beach, which was the amount of people which previously lived in their empire.

Even though they were free, save and for the moment out of reach of their persuers, the Dazoky were still very devided and violence was a common occurence, despite the Protectors bests efforts to maintain order.

The leader of the Protectors of Cybia, which had become the new Empress, had laid an egg in the meantime, which she was forced to give into the care of her most trusted counselors, as the work of restoring and keeping order among the population, was of the utmost importance to her. The egg was soon permeating psionic energies unlike anything anyone, even her mother, had ever felt. When the remaining loyalists of the Old Dazok Empire found out about this, they set out a plan to destroy that egg and spread rumors that it contained an impossibly powerful demon, that would lay waste to all that was left of their race.

Yet, the plot to kill the empress' unborn child didn't succed and the small chick, which the empress named Leyra, hatched and grew up under the shared care of her mother and her most trusted counselors.

The new Leadership[]

Since her hatching, Leyra displayed unfathomable amounts of psionic energies, which her mother ordered her to control and restrain almost immediatly. Yet, her radiating aura caused Dazoky around her, especially males, to become calmer and friendlier. Although Leyras mother was still skeptical of her daughter having this much power, afraid she would become tyrannical like her former husband and rulers, she decided against subdueing her abilities, hopeful that she would be different.

As Leyra grew up, she became more aware of her potential and practized her power in secret for a while. One day though, she decided to find out what she truely was capable of. She walked outside her tree-palace and the moment she stopped restraining her psionic powers, the calming effect of her aura reached across the land and she was able to feel the emotions of every Dazok in her village. In the following night, the mindset of all but the most loyal conservationalists changed and the next day, the New Dazok Empire was more united in mind than ever before. Leyra then started appearing in public more and more, helping homeless Dazoky and getting personally involved in the struggles of her future empire.

This was the proof for her mother to shed all fears: Her daughter was indeed different.

Unfortunatly her mother had been suffering from the teeth of time, especially after laying the egg which gave her Leyra. She then suddenly disappeared, on the day her daughter reached maturity, while trying to bring the last remnant of the loyalist-faction to justice. Even though most people were convinced that she died of old age, her body was never found and Leyra set it upon herself to find out what really happened to her mother.

Leyra started an investigation in secret and after a quarter of a cybianian year spent with extensive research, she gathered her most loyal guards and about twenty soldiers to break into the recently discovered underground bastion of the loyalist of the Old Dazok Empire.

When Leyra and her soldiers arrived, they encountered strong resistance in the guards that tried to stop them. Not even Leyras aura was able to calm the opposing soldiers down and while many were arrested, others fought with such bitterness, they had to be killed. The more Leyra and her soldiers explored the seemingly abandoned fortress inside, there more she felt it was hastily and methodically abandoned. This turned out to be true, when they found a locked room, with Leyra sensing many presences on the other side of the door. When her soldiers bashed the door down, they found what appeared to be the final line of defense of the loyalists, with their red-striped leader standing in front of a sealed and darkened stasis-pod.

The following battle was gruesome and many of Leyras soldiers and two of her guards lost their lives, but they still stood victorious, with Leyra extinguishing the mind of the loyalist-leader personally. As soon as she did this, the few soldiers that were arrested went limp and collapsed on the ground. Leyra then approached the stasis-pod, but hesitated, when she sensed two psionic signatures, before tearing the pod open with her guards, when she recognized the first one as her mother.

They found her mother, frail and barely alive, her featherless head and neck hooked up to countless cables. Next to her was an egg that Leyra didn't recognize. That egg was the source of the unknown psionic signature. Leyra and her soldiers unplugged her mother from the stasis-pod, but she was already too weak to move and had to be carried out of the fortress. On the journey back home, she established a telepathic connection with her daughter and with her last dying breath, she transfered all her memories and one last sentence into the mind of her daughter:

"Do not allow that egg to hatch, I beg of you."

Leyras mother was buried under a tree deep within the forest in a simple sarcophagus, made of wood. The ceremony though was held planet-wide, everyone mourning the loss of the Dazok that saved their race from complete extinction.

When the ceremony had finished, Leyra locked herself in her room in the palace, spending six days in meditation, absorbing the memories of her mother. In doing so, she discovered all of her mothers secrets, including all hidden chambers and passages within her palace. Only her guards caught a brief glimpse of her, when they brought her food once each day, as she had ordered. On the sixth day, she called the most talented seamstress into her room as well, spending the day with her.

When Leyra returned, she was dressed up like a proper empress: in a flowering large robe, the small wooden crown her mother wore on her head. Her calming aura was much more powerful than before, engulfing the entire planet.

As such, the New Dazok Empire was complete. Young Empress Leyra was ready to bring her empire into a new age of peace and prosperity.

A stable foundation[]

Leyras first action as the new empress was to make sure that males would not rise to power again, as their destructive tendencies would only cause harm. To that end, she created the Wardenschool, which purpose was not only to train the psionic powers of gifted and non-gifted females, but also to make sure that potentially gifted males would remain in their place and abide by the rules of their empire. She also separated the classes of the regular school by gender, although both classes had female teachers.

She also put the forbidden egg in an incubator, instead of destroying it, like her mother had asked her to. Even though the psionic signature inside was much weaker than that of her mother, or any normal Dazok for that matter, she decided that no life should be wasted.

When Leyra then searched through the folders and papers she and her warriors had found in the loyalists base, she came across several blueprints and plans, that the loyalists had made to take her mother and her down and rule the empire for themselves. She discovered that they were very close to enacting that plan and she had come in on the very last day, before the attack would've officially started. She discovered that the loyalists had broken into the mind of her mother to find out every secret chamber and passage in her palace, some of those even Leyra didn't have knowledge of until gaining the knowledge from her mother. She discovered that her mother hand been fighting a cold war with the loyalists for far longer than she had believed and had been making plans herself to fight them off, in case they would've been attacked.

Among the plans of the loyalists, was the planned creation of what was named: the Naturewalker, a fearsome bio-mechanical weapon of war, a towering four-legged walker armed with photon-missles, which until then were mostly used by Scoutjets, and two large plasma-beam focusers, able to fire plasma both as singular projectiles and as a devastating beam.

Leyra read that this was originally planned to be the ultimate weapon of destruction, its initial plans dating back to the days of the Old Dazok Empire. The folder even had plans laid out on how these monsters would be grown from trees mutated through alchemy, becoming sentient and mobile, before being armed with the two weapon-types and equipped with state of the art cybernatic augmentations.

Looking through the absorbed memories of her mother, she discovered that her mother did have knowledge of these Naturewalkers as well and had been growing a few of the specific trees too, having planned to use them as her last line of defense.

The next months were spent gathering the grown Naturewalkers and transporting the still living trees to the other side of the world, on the empty continent. The extended village Leyra established there, became not only the definitive head-quarter of the Wardenschool, but also a place for the Naturewalkers to be created in secret, hidden from the population, until they were deemed safe to be used as living, sentient weapons.

At the same time, Leyra presented herself almost daily to her people again, to learn more about their struggles and made a few initially controversially viewed decisions: She abolished the usage of currency, demanding trade to be practiced only through barter or mutual agreements, halted scienctific researches, abolished the usage of most electronic devices (including watches, using sundials placed on specific, tall buildings instead), decreased space-travel even more (it was used very sparingly already) and demanded everyone to practice agriculture at least in some form, be it through farming of plants or animals husbandry.

Despite initial disagreements and a few small protests, positive results started to show and soon the empire was running well, having now focused on internal prosperity and well-being of the Dazok species.

During that time, however, the forbidden egg Leyra had kept in her incubator hatched and the male chick that crawled out of the shell, snuck out of the palace a few days later, never to be seen again. All efforts made to find it, proved ineffective and Leyra abbandoned the search a couple of days later.

She did, however, form a psionic bond among all of her people, using her powers. This global, psionic connection, that could in theory reach even to other colonies with technological aid, allowed Dazoky to comunicate across vast distances and sense each others presence and emotions.

Prosperity and a new Generation[]

When the New Dazok Empire became stable and well again, Leyra sensed a strong psionic signature appearing on her planet, a type of signature she hadn't sensed before. She travelled to the source, a remote farm-stead, and found a Dazok pair with a young chick: a gifted, red-striped Male. Looking into the minds of the two parents, she found out that the two parents were having a heavy quarrel and the chick had unleashed his bottled emotions in a psionic shockwave. The empress demanded an explanation and the two parents started argueing against each other. The discussion ended with Leyra standing in favor of the mother, to which the father left in frustration, never to return.

The small chick, which name was San'Thiel, was slowly approached by Leyra, who gently examined his mind: she sensed so much psionic potential, hindered by an overwhelming sense of guilt and dismissal of capabilities, caused by discord between his parents and constant misunderstandings between himself and his father.

Leyra made an agreement with San'Thiels mother, that he would be brought into the Wardenschool, where his psionic potential could be taught and put to use, without the risk of harming anyone. While San'Thiel remained in the care of his mother, he spent most of his days first in the Wardenschool, then with the empress, after passing the first three years nearly flawlessly. This was highly unusual for the few male scholars, that had participated in the teachings. Many of San'Thiel former teachers would proudly state: "He was a wonderful and well-behaved student, that would've probably made similar achievements, even if he would not have been gifted from hatching."

San'Thiel was not the only one of his kind however, as more gifted dazok individuals hatched in the year it took San'Thiel to reach maturity. In time and with all the teachings he expirienced, he grew into a respectable, yet gentle male Dazok. His psionic power had grown beyond what most males could've reached in the past, being almost even to that of a highly trained female, thanks to the empress training and teaching him. The growing of his talents and powers, in combination with the results coming from the Wardenschool, proved to be an excellent way to study the Dazoky connection to psionic energies.

The Dazok species made tremendous advancements in psionic research in a tremendously short amount of time, developing new technologies and improving severly on the ones they already had. Important discoveries include the Psi Jump Drive, which surpassed the previously used FTL engines by a large margin, a new type of psionic energy-core that requires far less energy to start and keep an engine running, two types of Psionic-based weaponry and major improvements on both Psi-Blades (which previously required an external energy-source) and Psi-Shielding. Eventually, a newly discovered mineral, mixed with a gel-liquid, allowed the Dazoky completely substitute electronics, as a means to transfer commands to their ships, using their psionic powers to directly control ships instead.

They also discovered a connection between everything that existed, along with the relations between universal forces. This, along with the discovery of fragmented traces of psionic potential within both their imported and local wild-life, caused the Dazoky to gain faith in a Sentient Universe and a omniscient, benevolent force, they simply named Cybia ("Life" in their native language).

The Rise of the New Dazok Empire[]

Having now a small, space-faring fleet and fairly decent military forces in their hands, the Dazoky reached into space once more. They spent a few cybianian years to build a simple orbital-station, intending to improve upon it as time would go on. This orbital station allowed them to finally be able to expand their fleet further, having been so far limited to the slow and ineffective creation of Scoutjets exclusivly.

While the creation of Carriers and a planned, new type of ship, called the Swarmer (massive Carrier-type spacecraft, equipped with very powerful Psi-Shields and storage for many Scoutjets, which are also its main form of attack), was too slow to be able to realisticly build a sizeable fleet, the New Dazok Empire felt safer in the knowledge of coming accomplishments.

At the same time, the Naturewalkers were officially released as a sentient weapon and while they were still kept on the second continent, the Naturewalkers were deemed safe to be publicly known among the people of the New Dazok Empire.

Empress Leyra, having found a liking in the deep friendship she had with San'Thiel, elected him to become her Right-Hand and future Ambassador. San'Thiel enjoyed a lot of priviledges because of this and some viewed his high position in the empire with suspicion. San'Thiel, however, was not one to abuse his power and remained bound to his planet and loyal to the Empress.

The New Dazok Empire expanded incredibly slowly and by the time San'Thiel became adult, five years after his promotion, the empire had only one carrier, acting as a colony-ship, en-route to a jungle-planet. It carried only a relativly small amount of colonists, as the Dazoky were, for the most part, never really excited about the idea of travelling to other planets.

A few tranquil years of peace and prosperity passed, while her society developed better technology and very advanced tools, to improve their agriculture. High-tech grasstrimmers that reacted to different plant frequencies, scythes eqipped with Psi-Blades and much more, made their agriculture almost an art, that wasn't nearly as straining as it was many, many generations ago.

At the same time, they had worked on getting two colonies up and running, one very developed on the lush jungle world (primarily a research colony) and another recently established one, on a mineral-rich desert planet.

An ill Rebellion[]

After the years of tranquility, it was noted that the mining-colony on the desert-planet (which had become notorious not only for its difficult, arid climate, but also for its low productivity, despite having recieved all the technology to deal with the arid climate) had ceased to contact the main empire for quite a while, despite continuing to deliver excavated crystals and minerals.

San'Thiel was sent there, with a group of four warden, to investigate. He discovered the colony had succumbed to oppression by a Dazok individual he didn't recognize at all. The Dazoky living there suffered under the heat of the planet and no one had appareantly done anything to maintain the psi-shield, that was used to regulate the temperature inside the colony.

He informed the empress of what he could see on the colony and Leyra urged him to convince the leader to rejoin the Dazok Empire, but this ended up in failure. The leader of the colony, who called himself Vorzak, refused San'Thiels proposal and cast him and the warden out of the colony.

A few days of uncertainty followed, until a dazok-transportship appeared in their home-stystem, requesting the usual rations and offering valuable minerals in return, like it had always been. However, by the time the empress noticed, that something strange was hiding under the surface, it was already too late: the empty transportship had broken into the confines of the Wardenschool continent and had stolen a single, fully developed but unarmed Naturewalker. All of this right under the tip of their beaks.

San'Thiel suggested to systematicly raze the colony to the ground, as they had just not only destroyed a piece of their sacred land, while killing a few people in the process, but also lied directly to her. Leyra however, preferred investigation over vengeful violence and sent San'Thiel with the same warden group to search through the colony.

The ships that arrived at the colony, hidden from their sensors, was comprised of San'Thiels Scoutjet and a Carrier, in case he and his crew would need evacuation or air-support and to gather the stolen Naturewalker.

Vorzaks Civil War[]

The discovery[]

The investigation-group found far more than they had anticipated: most of the time the Dazoky should've been mining for crystals and minerals, were instead spent turning the established mining facility into a subterranian research-base under Vorzaks rule. Vorzak had completely turned the colony into his fortress, forbidding the usage of psionic abilities and punishing those who defied him with merciless brutality. He also had systematicly removed most psionic technology from all present equipment, as to him, it was blight on the Dazok species, who should be strong and fearless warriors using their physical bodies only. The only piece of psionic technology they had left, were their few space-crafts, presumably because they simply didn't have enough time and resources to remove and substitute that as well.

San'Thiel and his group snuck into the facility and uncovered many dark secrets: Vorzaks unfinished plans to conquer and control the New Dazok Empire and many files of research regarding genetic manipulation.

San'Thiel and his group stole a lot of folders and scrolls they found, but were discovered, as they tried to leave. What had cornered them were Dazok-warriors covered in steel, equipped with nasty electrocuting blades and micro-missle-lanchers. Although the following battle was swiftly concluded, San'Thiel and his Warden prefered to evade combat, to make sure to leave the colony alive, rather than being overwhelmed.

In their continued search to find the stolen Naturewalker, the group discovered several unfinished or failed experiments of the local fauna, which had suffered a gruesome death, preceeded by a painful and tormenting existence. Their actual objective however, the stolen Naturewalker, was nowhere to be found. They eventually found a way out of the facility and managed to leave the planet unharmed, but despite not leaving with completely empty hands, the stolen Naturewalker was still down there, somewhere.

When they returned to their home-world, the group and the empress, which had simultaniously started a large-scale investigation across their planet, found that the loyalists of the Old Dazok Empire had once again established a twisted foot-holding within their empire. From what they discovered, they had systematicly bred and programmed a child to follow specific orders from as early as hatching. It was supposed to hide and grow to adult-hood by itself, then reunite with its creators: the same loyalists that had captured Leyras mother and used her to breed the forbidden egg; from which Vorzak had hatched.

Yet, the people Vorzak was supposed to meet, had already been put down by the Empress many years ago and he was left to his own devices for almost a year, during which he grew into a bitter and angry semi-adult Dazok, who had forgotten his original purpose. He had snuck onto the colony-ship which was headed towards the desert-planet, but was quickly discovered by the colonists, who's psionic potential wasn't strong enough to see through his lies. Having no clue as to who he was, they accepted Vorzak with open arms and, for a while, Vorzak played along. Eventually though, he started gathering followers and although their numbers were very small, their determination and sheer will allowed them to subjugate the entire colony and build it into the fortress, it was now.

Vorzaks first strike[]

The next morning, San'Thiel and his group of Warden were sent to Vorzaks colony again, this time to capture Vorzak and bring him back to Cybia. Just simply entering the colony proved to be difficult though, as the entire colony had reinforced its defences, since their last visit. Evidently, their theft of Vorzaks most secret documents had not gone unnoticed.

To make matters worse, shortly after San'Thiel and his group landed on the surface, they watched a fleet of five worn-looking Carriers taking off the planet. San'Thiel requested evacutation of the group, but as they had to remain undetected, they lost Vorzaks fleet as it warped out of the system before San'Thiels fleet could pick up the group and catch up with them. The group traveled back to Cybia, to discuss a potential plan of attack, but when they entered the palace, they found the Empress conversing with Vorzak, who had contacted her and was insulting and threatening her.

He apparently had conquered their second colony on the jungle-world and threatened to burn the entire colony down, killing the thousands of inhabitants, if the Empress would not surrender to his absolute authority. Any attempt the empress made to negotiate, was scorned by Vorzak: he wanted an immediate Yes or No.

Leyra, now cornered herself, faked resignation and agreed to submit to Vorzak. As soon as the final exchange of words finished and Vorzak cut the comunications though, the distressed and furious empress ordered San'Thiel to launch an all-out assault on the captured colony; to send every ship available and destroy Vorzaks fleet.

San'Thiel, who had never seen the empress this consumed by her emotions before, did as she ordered and rallied the entire fleet as fast as he could. Their entire fleet, consisting of 10 Carrier and 60 Scoutjets departed by sunset and headed towards the captured colony. What they found in the system when they arrived though, was a completely devastated colony and several heavy anti-air cannons on the ground. Vozaks fleet was nowhere to be found and the population had been culled anyway. The rest that survived, have been put to work for Vorzaks sick ideas.

San'Thiel decided to head back to Cybia, instead of stationing the fleet above the colony. They simply required a better plan to engage Vorzaks armies. Heading back proved to be right call, as when they arrived, they found one of Vorzaks Carriers in orbit of Cybia, bombarding the planet at will. Although the ship was destroyed very quickly (it didn't have Psi-Shields), the damage it had caused was already done. Even the Naturewalkers weapons were not strong enough to fire onto a target in high orbit.

Empress Leyra, who had made it her goal of life to keep her people away from violence, was found in emotional distress in her chamber. Aside from being frightened by the thought of her people being caught in another war, she had almost been hit by one of the enemies spray shots and the dread of having been this close to dieing had broken her.

It took the empress the entire night to calm down and the next morning, she called San'Thiel and her counselors to her side, to coordinate a proper plan of attack. Still shaken from the recent events, she felt unable to make decisions, so she limited herself to watching San'Thiel and her counselors formulate the plan.

The proper counter-attack[]

The plan was to drop off six Naturewalkers in a discovered gap in the colonies defense-systems to storm it and have the three carriers that brought them stationed in orbit, to intercept a potential counter-attack and act as a comunications-relay for the rest for the fleet, which in the mean-time engaged Vorzaks forces head-on. If the plan was to encounter difficulties, the Carriers in orbit above the jungle-colony, would keep a hyper-lane jump prepared, in case they needed to help the other fleet out. Step One consistent only in getting the Naturewalkers and Groundtroops on the ground, as from what they knew of their previous colony, it wasn't equipped to deal with groundforces, let alone fully grown Naturewalkers.

The Dazok Empire got their fleet prepared for battle and departed by the next sun-rise. Five Carriers, 20 Scoujets, six Naturewalkers and 500 soldiers departed from Cybia that day, while the rest of the fleet stayed behing to stop a potential counter-attack on their home-system.

Three of the five Carriers were carrying Naturewalkers (one ship can carry two walkers) and the fleet reached the conquered colony. Here the fleet split up and although they remained in orbit, only the three loaded Carriers descended into the atmosphere. They were quickly discovered, but this had been expected. They just barely managed to slip into the crevice between the range of the anti-air cannons and unloaded the Naturewalkers. Then the Carriers rose back above the atmosphere to try and bombard the defense-systems, without hitting civilian buildings, as soon as the Naturewalker would be within range of the colonies ground-defenses. The enraged beasts charged straight for the colony and even though they took a couple of hits, the ground-defense firepower wasn't enough to stop even one of them and soon the colonies walls were breached and the rest of the enemy-groundforces and anti-air cannons were quickly neutralized, allowing the Carriers to claim the battle-field and with it, the first city of the colony. While the next cities were a bit more difficult to claim, the unexpected usage of the Naturewalkers completely threw the enemy soldiers off guard and the planet would soon be back under the Cybianians control again.

Meanwhile, the rest of the fleet jumped out, travelling to Vorzaks colony, finding the enemies fleet, consisting of the remaining four Carriers, stationed in orbit of the colony. The enemy immediatly opened fire from afar with the Magnetar-beam focusers, two of which missed, while the other two hit one of the Cybianian Carriers, overloading its powerful shields quickly and dealing a significant amount of damage to its own Magnetar-beam focuser. While the enemy had to wait for a long time, before they could fire again, the distance between the Cybianian forces and Vorzaks was also incredibly vast. The plan then was to launch the scoutjets ahead, while the Carriers followed them, while remaining outside of firing-range for the moment. The Scoutjets made the difference in this battle, as their superior manouverability overwhelmed the enemy Carriers, which were unable to deal with the agile ships. The Cybianian Carriers then reached their standard firing-range, while the enemies were still distracted and made short work out of the shield-less Carriers, their long-range Beam-Cannons tearing through the armor of the enemy-ships.

With the jungle-colony reclaimed and Vorzaks fleet gone, the attacking fleet reunited and started to siege Vorzaks colony. Their objective was to open a hole in the air-defenses for the Carriers to slip through and drop the Naturewalkers again. After a long time of nearly incessant fire, the Cybianians finally managed to crack a hole in the defense systems large enough for the entire fleet to slip through and invade the planet.

The following battle was gruesome and many of the population were culled by Vorzaks forces, but the Cybianians stood victorious and Vorzak ended up being captured, along with the handful of his soldiers that had surrendered.

The End of the War and the Aftermath.[]

After both colonies had been reclaimed, Vorzak was locked up alone in a cell for two days, without food and water, while the Empress thought of a proper punishment for what he had done. The nightmarish things she had discovered in Vorzaks mind made her skin crawl. Vorzak had taken the liberty to commit every possible crime he could think of, as his unstable nature made him go insane, soon after he had conquered the jungle-colony. Physical and sexual abuse, torture and more, were the only ways he was able to satisfy his sadistic desires. After he had sent his single Carrier to attack Cybia, he had locked himself inside his fortress to reach his final tipping point. Without programming or the loyalists to direct him, this signed the death of his conscious thoughts and he had succumbed to complete insanity.

When Vorzaks temporary arrest ended, he was dragged out of his cell and brought into the main clearing, where the entire population of the main continent of Cybia, Empress Leyra, San'Thiel and about 5 soldiers were waiting for him. The brief trial that the empress declared, allowed the population fo Cybia to do with him whatever they wanted.

While the Empress had stated to her people, that she simply couldn't think of a severe enough punishment, she had intended to see whether her people would be ready to act upon senseless violence, even if it ment killing one of their own race.

Her people hesitated for a while, but Vorzaks delusional, poisonous words, that he spat out in his insanity, tipped the cup enough times, to cause the patience of the people to snap. The enraged Dazoky charged Vorzak and literally tore him apart alive. When the dust settled, only a few guts, feathers and bones were left of the once insane, biological puppet.

After Vorzaks death, the rest of his soldiers had their memories erased and a large scale investigation snuffed out the final remains of the loyalist faction, devoted to preserve the ways of the Old Dazok Empire. With this, they also found that the stolen Naturewalker had been dissected by Vorzaks forces. With the faction finally and completely gone however, Empress Leyra spent every day among her people from then on, helping in the repair of not only the structural and physical, but more importantly the mental damage caused by this large-scale civil war. The saved population from the conquered colonies needed care the most, as they had come beak-to-beak with the atrocities that Vorzak had committed. After another year though, the population had gotten used to coping with this event and things had, for the most part, returned to normal.

Stability and a Realm outside of Reality[]

After having the full year to calm down, the New Dazok empire grew again, building another colony on a previously barren, now partially terraformed planet, within their home-system. They transfered all their currently active Naturewalkers there and dedicated this new planet to creating more. Soon, they had 20 fully equipped Naturewalkers on that planet, all ready to be used.

Empress Leyra, now had the time to resume her research about the dreams she was having, before the war. It took her over 20 days of learning and getting used to what is known among humans as the MILD-technique, a custom researched scarsely by their ancestors, but she eventually had the technique down and started reaching out to this unknown realm from her dreams.

Unbeknowst to her, she had found the Iluvii Realm and after a couple of days of meditating, planning and recieving visions, the Dazoky entered the psionic realm. Unfortunatly, they caught the attention of Goddess Mana'Tras, who, noticing the so far less important and isolated Eracleya Galaxy, set out a plan to use the Dazoky to conquer and shape this galaxy to her preference. Unfortunatly for the goddess, Leyra managed to call out for help in the Iluvii Realm, unknowingly bringing Mana'Tras' actions to Singul'Arens attention, who caught her red-handed and stopped the goddess.

It was through this event, that the Dazoky got in contact with the Civatrons and later the Krassio as a whole. Although differences were difficult to resolve at first, considering their vastly different cultures, eventually the New Dazok Empire was accepted to become indirect members of the Singularim Pact, although their influence in it is minimal and many believe that the Dazoky are simply in a patronized status, brought upon them by the Pact. However, even though the Dazoky society could've recieved an enormous amount of advancements in all aspects, the avians race decided to remain true to themselves for the moment, although it wasn't long, until some Dazoky desired to travel to Chandras.

Culture and Society[]


Members of the Dazok species have developed an almost seemless affinity for nature. Most of the citizens of the empire are expert farmers and gardeners. Thanks to the very long individual seasons, they have so far almost always gotten a rich harvest from their fields. Because of the high quality of their ingredients, Dazoky produce highly nutritious, very tasty and healthy food, along with both sturdy and comfortable clothing. They would be famous for this, if more galactic societies would know about their presence. Despite their predatorial origins, they still are omnivores and have turned more and more towards vegetarian nutrition, especially after their discovery of psionic essence in their fauna.

In their agriculture, nothing is thrown away or wasted and even a Dazoks own escrements are gathered and utilized as natural fertilizers.

As they have abbandoned the usage of currency, Dazoky trade only food and basic goods with other empires, if their relationship isn't strong enough. However, if an empire would prove them to be absolutly trust-worthy, they would be willing to exchange even technology and usually well-kept secrets.


Dazoky believe in a living, sapient, self-aware universe and worship a formless, benevolent force called Cybia. To them this goddess encaptulates all organic beings, binding everything in a universal bond of of balance and peace.

Dazoky believe that happiness is the primal desire of everyones higher self and thus many strive to spend their lives doing things that they enjoy fully, as long as reason and empathy is considered and applied.

Their affinity for nature, agriculture, farming and gardening, as well as love for most animals makes them very attached to their home-world. While Dazoky are peaceful and cautious most of the time, if their home-world were to be threatened, they would turn into raging fighting-machines and some would prefer to fight until the bitter end, if it ment their race and home-world would survive.

Despite this, in the event of warfare, most of Dazoky technology and tactics are centered around preservation of forces and nullification of loss of life. They prefer to engage in combat exclusivly if they can be sure that they will suffer little to no casualties.

Dazoky are also mildy cannibalistic, but they limit themselves to eat only recently deceased people. Having been rooted in their culture since their ancient predator-times, this is one of the very few traditions and customs that survived the Fall of the Old Dazok Empire, but in contrast to their ancestors, who did it to humiliate people, the people of the New Dazok Empire do it to honor their loved ones. As such, they will eat only those they deem worthy of having their meat and energy preserved and reutilized, letting criminals carcasses rot in an deep pit instead, out of reach from even being eaten by larger animals, as they believe their negative emotions and energies to be preserved in their flesh.

The only involuntary exception in this custom was the death of Vorzak, who was torn apart in an outburst of rage. Yet, what remained of his corpse shared the same fate as the bodies of his soldiers.


Dazoky live in a matriachial monarchy, which is always ruled by a female empress. If the current empress has given life to a male chick, she'll either continue to lay new eggs until she'll get a daughter, or she'll choose a proper heir from the population.

Despite this, the ruling place of the empress holds not as much as power as one would assume and she is required by laws, established by the current empress Leyra, to keep her population informed about any important matters she does, make sure that the population has everything they need and participate in public events as often as possible; in short, she should remain as close to the population as possible.

In fact, even the Warden (police force of the Dazoky) hold less power than the population and are restricted by Leyras laws to enact force only when it's 100% necessary. In recent times, Warden are employed less and less and the female warriors have more time to spend with their own families.

The definitive laws established by Leyra, are simple and easy to follow. Most of them guide the people towards agriculture and mutual cooperation. Bureaucracy became unnecessary because of this.


Despite the females being the ruling force, males aren't viewed as inferior or disrespected simply for being males, although they are closely monitored in their early years. The roles in the New Dazok Empire are clearly distinct and it is very uncommon to find one gender frequently work jobs of the opposing gender (eg. females are almost never employed as foot-soldiers in the military, while it is rare to find males in the government).

The day-to-day life of a Dazok citizen consists of mostly taking care of the family's needs, although if an adundance of free time is present, most Dazoky will go out and help other families in their work, if necessary. Otherwise, Dazoky citizens enjoy a lot of free time, which is usually spent in meditation, study and physical or psionic activities and playful exercises.

As expected from the rest of their society, females are usually the driving force inside a family. When a child hatches, they usually spend their first three cybianian years in care of their parents, enough time for them to reach almost adult size and to be educated well.

Dazoky usually dress up in varying layers of robes, skirts and cloaks, depending on the season. Their clothes are simple, yet very sturdy, warm and extremely comfortable to wear. Despite most of their clothes being unisex, females prefer their cloaks to have a large hood, to shelter their heads against rain and ill weather, while Males like to wear wide-trimmed hats, to protect their skulls and eyes from excessive sun-light.

Quotes from the Dazok[]

"Trust is better than control!" - Popular slogan of the Protectores of Cybia, in the early days of their rebellion.

"What we define as time is the futile attempt of the mind, to grasp something that does not exist." - Undefined

"Emotions are like water, they are to be in a constant flow, otherwise they poison you. They are not be suppressed, like some of those called 'scientists' do, or acted upon, like our so-called 'civilized' bretheren love to do. Emotions have to be in a flow and need to be let go, when the time is right." - Undefined

"When people imagine the world around them, they do so with their hearts. The mind cannot create, it can only analize what is already there. All type of creation comes from the heart." - Feh'Jasa

"What drives us to act, is not our willpower, but our imagination. One can have all the willpower in the universe, but that will mean nothing, without imagination and the vision to direct it." - Feh'Jasa

"The concept of 'cause and effect' is nothing but an illusion, invented by our dictatorial ancestors to chain us to the supposed importance of history. 'We are as we are because of This and This.' Yet all this does is projecting the past into the future, which is the ultimate cause of history repeating itself endlessly." - Leyras mother

Quotes from other people[]

None, so far.


  • Dazok is TheDazoks main species in both fiction and the game itself.
  • Dazoky started originally as reptiles, but were changed to birds at an undefined point, long before TheDazok joined the wiki.