About the Dassonrimn[]


Evolutionary history[]

Though the leaders of Dassonrimn society would have you believe that there's no such thing as "evolution", the Dassonrimn evolved on the planet Dasson. The Dassonrimn are species of carnivorous hunters, and highly effective ones at that. They would live in a wide variety of places on land, be it within forests, on the plains or near the shore. They resided at nest sites and would regularly move and hunt in packs. Dassonrimn have tough skulls, which is just as well considering that they'd kill their prey by bludgeoning them with club-like protrusions on the sides of their heads, as well at holding them with a powerful clamping bite.

Dassonrimn are effective jumpers, though the land around Dasson for the most part is either flat or the hills have shallow slopes, so as such the reason is unknown (though they'll say it's a gift from Spode). The wildlife on Dasson featured a wide range of herbivores, small to large, and predators, of which the Dassonrimn were the apex sort. Giant epics would also roam the planet, but they weren't much of a threat as the Dassonrimn could run very quickly from the scene. Also, rogue creatures lived on the planet, and these powerful loners were frequently befriended by the otherwise belligerent primal Dassonrimn. The tough skin of the Dassonrimn made them very difficult to kill.

Other biological information[]

The Dassonrimn are warm blooded, scaly, and they lay eggs from which their young hatch. The young Dassonrimn stay in the nest for about a week whilst subsisting on their substantial yolk sacks before joining the adults to learn their hunting skills. Like a lot of predators, they are "blessed" with excellent eyesight, olfactory senses and hearing.


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Space Stage[]

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In-game trait cards[]

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