The D'annaoí are an aquatic, cetacean race native to the world of Annaío in the Inner Rim, however recent studies have shown that that are in fact closely related to the Mortalitas. They are very peaceful and they life live to the full, always on the look out for fun. They are famous across the galaxy for their shipbuilding, which takes place in the huge shipyards of Annaío.

After the Adelphi War, the D'annaío were so kind, as to offer the Adelphi citizenship on their worlds. This was the start of a great alliance that became famous. Currently, the D'annaío are helping the Adelphi construct their space fleet yet again, after its destruction, while also serving aboard them alongside their allies. The alliance between the D'Annaío and the Adelphi was so strong that the Delfoí Republic, a unified nation within the URC, with its own senator and space fleet. However, when the Empire rose, the Delfoí Republic fell.

The D'annaío are diverse and so they held many positions in the URC's society, for example, they became common teachers for young children, as they are good hearted and kind. However, when the Empire rose, their sheer size meant that they were often placed in occupations of great difficulty, meaning that many joined the Republic Remnant.


Early History Edit


A D'annaoí fighting against a Mortalitas underwater.

Early information regarding the origin of the D'annaoí are rare, with many believing that they evolved as a subspecies of the Mortalitas on Moreuse. Indeed, DNA testing from both species seem to indicate that they share a common ancestry. It is believed that a great war erupted between the two species, resulting in a D'annaoí migration. Regardless of this, the D'annaoí are believed to have settled down on their present homeworld of Annaoí over nine hundred thousand years ago, making them an ancient spacefaring species. The first recoreded D'annaoí that truly made an impact on Cyrannian politics was the Dark Lord of the Nagith Empire, Naleoro, who embodied much of the emotions and personalities that are rare among his peaceloving species.

Despite Naleoro's involvement in that civilization, few other D'annaoí joined him, placing their faith in the Pyrían Republic. After thousands of years of membership, the Pyrían Republic collapsed after a long and bloody conflict with the Nagith, spelling the ends of both civilizations. In the dark age that followed, the D'annaoí mostly kept to themselves, though they still retained their famous hospitality toward other races. When the Federation of United Worlds was formed, the D'annaoí gladly became members.

Republic Era Edit

When the United Republic of Cyrannus was formed, the D'annaoí became members in the new union, placing the honourable and kind Fila in the rank of Senator. During this time, the D'annaoí welcomed the Adelphi with open arms into their space, eventually forming the Delfoí Republic, a nation within the United Republic. A meeting was called on a remote planet in the Cyrannus Galaxy, the temperate utopia, Delfoí, a planet with a deep mythical relationship with the races of the galaxy. Attending the meeting were Senator Fila, of the D'annaoí, Prime Minister Linna of the Adelphi and President Apollo, together all three agreed that the Delfoí Republic should be formed. Thus, a great union was formed.

Battle of Orbispira 06

Senator Fila on the right watches the beginning of the Empire.

However, while the D'annaoí would remain in the Republic's fold into the Great Cyrannus War, the arrival of Tyrómairon and the formation of the Galactic Empire of Cyrannus puzzled the ancient D'annaoí. In the aftermath of this event, the Delfoí Republic was disbanded.

Imperial Era Edit

In the Dark Times, the D'annaoí elders began to distrust the Emperor and his new policies. Hearing that the Mon Nahdar planned on rebelling against the Empire, the D'annaoí sent them designs of their Star Cruisers, which were used to defend the planet Nahdar against an Imperial invasion. Ultimately however, the Empire was victorious.

Society and CultureEdit

The D'annaoí have a peaceloving and hospitable culture, loving nothing more than being with friends and family. Of course, the D'annaoí also have a great deal of morally challenged individuals, the most famous example being Neleoro, the infamous leader of the Nagith Empire. Despite preferring to be left alone by larger powers, the D'annaoí are second only to the Libertus in creating large inter-governmental alliances, being instrumental in the formation of both the Federation of United Worlds and the United Republic of Cyrannus.


  • Name - Naleoro
  • Age - Dead; Thousands of years old when killed
  • Affiliation - Nagith Empire

Circa 39,200 BTC, it is believed that Naleoro claimed to have had a vision from higher powers, telling him it was his destiny to create the Nagith Empire, a civilization that would spread truth, order and prosperity for all races under the dark banner under the ones whose names cannot be spoken, otherwise known as the Mornûnendur, though the truth behind these claims has yet to be revealed. Complying with these orders, Naleoro began planning to conquer star systems one by one until the galaxy fell under the influence of his dark gods.

Naleoro led his people to war with his greatest enemy, the Pyrían Republic in the Great Nagith Wars, which eventually ended. Naleoro eventually grew very old, and his successor, a Diaita by the name of Nya'ca'zh killed the old man in his sleep.

- Galactic Empire of Cyrannus

Senator Fila is an honorable member of the Imperial senate. He was born on the water planet Annaoí, the homeworld of his people, in the year 49 BTC. In his young days in politics, he was elected on the Annaío Council and served on the council during good times and bad. After the devastating Adelphi War, Fila was one of the ones that decided that the Adelphi were more then welcome to inhabit the D'annaoí's colonies and homeworlds. He grew to become great friends with Prime Minister Linna and Senator Toaia of the Adelphi.

He was a great supporter of the Republic and its democratic ways, and enjoys meeting with new species and civilizations. However, when the Galactic Empire of Cyrannus, he felt that it was his duty to protect his people. When not busy with the Senate, Fila often explores the galaxy looking for new friends, much to the dismay of those who care about his safety.

Fila dislikes violence above all else and often tries to convey his peaceful views to his more violent peers in the senate. He was a friend to President Apollo and nearly always supported him, when the newly appointed Emperor claimed he was a traitor, Fila wasn't convinced.

Biology and AppearanceEdit

Biologically similar to the Mortalitas, the D'annaoí are best at home swimming in the sea, however they can also feel quite at home walking on dry land. Despite this, the D'annaoí often fill their starships with water, making them feel much more at home. Apart from this, the D'annaoí are often found with red or orange scales and despite having an imposing height of up to four metres, they still exude an air of wisdom and friendship.


Allies Edit

Green faceWe are eternally united!

  • Adelphi - Our greatest friends in the galaxy.
  • Mon Nahdar - We... support you.
  • Libertus - You share similar goals to our species's bulk.

Neutral Edit

Blue faceHmm...

Enemies Edit

Red faceBah!


I sympathise with them. In the future, they'll know the ideals of democracy again!

- Apollo

Let the Mon Nahdar serve as an example if you ever plan on doing something similar.

- Tyranus

The D'annaoí are such a disgusting species.

- Zillum

Any friends of those bluskins are enemies of mine.

- Mar-Júun


Trivia Edit

  • The D'annaoí are one of Cyrannian's favourite species.

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