Cytons are dragon-like creatures with powerful jaws and claws. In the creature stage, they would only attack other creatures even though they had fairly good social ablities.

Cell Stage[]

The first Cyton cells were formed by molecular buildup on a comet. The comet was caught in the gravitational field of the planet Cytaina-4, and the comet crashed shooting the Cyton cells everywhere. The Cyton cells were very simple at this time 1 jaw, 2 eyes, and 1 flagella. Though, after billions of years of eating and evolving, they formed spikes, jets, cilia, and poison sacks. They're favorite foods were the Duckys, Juniors, and Minnos.

Creature Stage[]

They soon clambered onto land looking very insect-like. They had already become bipedal though. In this stage they found their mortal enemies, the Frogtaurs. The Cytons fought the Frogtaurs viciously, though no one won this war. In this stage the Cyton's brains and form evolved. Their spikes evolved into arms and horns, their jaws became reptillian mouths, their cilia became wings, and their poison sacks moved up to their shoulders (and also became spiked). They also formed hard protective shells on their backs and abdomens (which still are on them today)

Tribal Stage[]

After 2 migrations, the first Chieftain discovered fire (and clothing). But soon after, the Frogtaurs became sentient. Once again they waged a war with thier new found weapons (The Cytons used Stone Axes). a few centuries after they gained sentience, the Frogtaurs had almost crushed the Cytons. But around this time new tribes were forming. The Cytons allied with these tribes (Changing them from an aggressive tribe to an industrious tribe)and forced the Frogtaurs into submission. The Frogtaurs fled under Cytaina-4 and the Cytons thought they were over with them.

Civilization Stage[]

After the Tribal Frogtaur War, the Cytons found themselves to be more civilized. They tour down their village and surrected a city in its place. The Cytons technology flourished. They created housing, entertainment, factories (for spice), and vehicles. They started this stage economically but soon became religious. By the way, the Frogtaurs had created their own civilizations underground and had actually better technology then the Cytons. A few hundered years after civilization, the Cytons watched in awe as the first Frogtaur spaceship blasted up to the surface and up into the air.

Space Stage & Today[]

The Cytons vowed to find the Frogtaurs up in space. They created their first spaceship and flew off into the heavens. (They entered the Space Stage as Knights). They found the Frogtaurs crashed ship on a planet in their solar system and the Frogtaurs first colony and drones in a system close by. (They were actually decoys to trick the Cytons). The Cytons created space fleets, weapons, and other tools as well. But a few years later many empires around them started attacking them for no reason. Their Stealth Ships found that the Frogtaurs had bribed every empire (except 1) to exterminate the Cytons. They waged a great war. When the Cytons were on the brink of extinction, they fled their home planet with their new wormhole key. They placed their new home on a planet called Palmo close to the Galactic Core. Here they found how to beat the Frogtaurs. They found an empire called the Grox. A part organic, part-machine race. The Grox agreed to help them and together they wiped out the Frogtaurs. The Cytons also took the Staff of Life while they were at it. With the Staff of Life they destroyed the Grox. When there was finally peace, they moved back to their original home planet, Cytaina-4 where they still live (although even more advanced today.)(They also had poor eyesight and have implants for eyes now.)

The Cytons really have allied the Grox and do have the Staff of Life in Spore.

Cyton Picture Gallery[]

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